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My wife and I are avid CARNIVAL cruiser but since we don’t fly all our cruises are from stateside. So we both enjoy John Heald’s blog.  Most of  our cruise have been at the end of January so the we are on-board for our anniversary on the 29th. This also gets us away from the snow and cold of Michigan winters. From reading John’s blog “thingy”, as he calls it, and it’s many comments I see there are others following the ship and counting down days till their cruise.


2014 Carnival Sunshine (BTBTB)

2014 Carnival Sunshine (BTBTB)

2014 Carnival Sunshine (BTBTB)

2013 Carnival Sunshine

2013 Carnival Breeze (BTB)

2013 Carnival Breeze (BTB)

2012 Carnival Magic

2011 Carnival Pride

2011 Carnival Glory

2010 Carnival Dream
















33 responses to “About Us

  1. Hey, nice cabin 1066! Can’t wait to be onboard too!

  2. Msqpon - Jo Myerly

    Where is the blog? Am I missing something?


  3. Big Ed

    YES! you must click on “HOME” at the top to go to the MAIN pages.

  4. Lauren


    Can you send me your email so I can send you a pic of myself to add to the album of John’s bloggers (the comments section won’t let me copy and paste)?


  5. cruisenow

    Hey Big Ed!!! From one fellow cruise enthuasist to another…happy sailing!!! My blog is a http://www.cruisesource.us

    Your blog is filled with fun reads and great links, NICE Work! Rich

  6. bob jenkins

    Big Ed, this is from one of the travel writers (the bearded one) who was on the Freedom with John, Heidi, you and the several thousand — or so it seemed — devotees of his thingy.
    Ed, I am mentioning you in my story this coming Sunday in the St. Petersburg Times, but I need to add where you live. Also, if you could tell me how many folks took part in the surprise birthday party …


    Bob Jenkins

  7. Tom and Jane

    hello ed
    whats the password to sign on to your crew,,
    we want to be added,,,,,
    tom & jane

  8. Cindy Bruce

    Hi Ed,

    I am one of John’s Bloggers. I cruised with him last May, when we took the Mediterranean Cruise with him. How do I submit a picture for your bloggers book?

  9. John's sister

    Hey Ed – I promise I will get in touch real soon – I am just in Disney for the weekend for my sons birthday.

    Hong kong Disney is about the size of a postage stamp compared to the US and we have the joys of the buffet breakfasts of donuts marshmellows and m&m’s which set the kids up for an eventful first ride on Space Mountain !!! So, will write properly soon. Xxx


    Suzanne, I’m so glad you posted a comment. Now we will get your unedited replies to John’s stories. Tell Luke Happy Birthday from My Crew. Hope you enjoy Disney.

    BIG ED

  10. Susan B

    Big Ed,

    Now we are really going to get the scoop on John thanks to Suzanne! This is going to be fun!!!
    I’m so glad to add Suzanne to our “evil krewe”. We must think up a good title for her!

    Princess Susan

  11. CruisinSue

    How cool, Ed Now that John’s sister is one of us, there can be lots of evil…LMAO Keep us posted on all the evil plannings and I am sure everyone will agree to help in plans. Thanks for all you do!!

    Gloria aka Sue

  12. Princess Barb

    Good Morning Ed & Pat,
    Glad to see John’s sister is joining our evil krewe. I think she may enjoy this!

    Maybe she can join our “Royal Court” ? What do you say princess’? She deserves a title after putting up with John… ;-))
    Princess Barb

  13. CherylK

    Big Ed:

    I will be on the Splendor for the B2B South America so I will miss this bloggers cruise too. Can you add me to your Crew anyway and keep me up on what’s happening? I have read all your postings this last year and know that you and your crew are as avid fans of John and Heidi as I am.


  14. wes and liz marchant,manchester england

    Hi Ed,
    Have been reading your blog almost as long as we have been reading John’s.
    We have never made a bloggers cruise but are on the Dreams inaugrual in September so we may have something similar.
    Saw all your photos and others from the Nolo trip including the bed spread, you guys looked as though you had a great time.
    We hope Carnival are going to keep some kind of link into europe in 2010 and 11 when Magic is due to come online.
    Bets wishes

  15. Sarah Thornberry

    Hi Ed,

    I’ve just come across your blog and I thought it was a really good read.
    We’ve created a travel-related item that I feel someone like you might be quite interested in. Essentially, it’s a quiz that’s been made just for a bit of fun, and it’s about adventurers and is generally just a fun thing to go with all things travel. I’d be really grateful if you could take a look at it and maybe put it up on your blog if you enjoy it, and I think it would even add some more value to your blog as a whole. It would be really helping me out if you could do this for me. You can find the quiz at http://www.tripbase.com/quiz/whichadventurer/, thanks!

    Thank you so much,

  16. Bhudda2

    i just found your web page and see you are from my home state of Michigan. I would like to communicate with you abour the bloggers cruise. We also have been on Carnival, 5 time, also in Januarys. We might be neighbors and dont even know it. I am always running into people from Michigan when we cruise and its always cool talking to someone from home. We are retired and libe in the small village of Pewamo right between St. Johns and Ionia.

  17. Since you are evidently tuned into all things Carnival do you have any information on whether the Dream will be stopping in or boycotting Belize in the next few weeks?

  18. Here is a good place to ask. I know the were chatting about it yesterday so you may find your answer by reading back.

  19. Roy & Donna Druckenmiller

    Hi Ed,
    We will be on BC4 and wonder where to get info on activities? Do You know?

    Roy & Donna

  20. Kathy Wilson

    Hi Ed – How do I join your crew???

    • Kathy, just watch for a BC5 roll Call on the top of the blog once John gives the official word. Then I will contact you after you post your info.

      BIG Ed

  21. 4shee (chuck and Lin)

    Ed: Met you on BC4 and would like to join the crew. Let me know how. Thanks Chuck

    • Chuck, just watch for a BC5 roll Call on the top of the blog once John gives the official word. Then I will contact you after you post your info.

      BIG Ed

  22. Catherine Thomas

    Can we join as well or is it just for certain people?

    • Catherine,

      Once you book the bloggers cruise just come back and leave your name and info in a comment under the BC5 ROLL CALL on the top of the page.

      BIG Ed

  23. Bob McAdoo

    Hi Big Ed, We’ve been a member of Captn Len’s group and saw your group videos on BC6. I’m Platinum and the wife and I just booked BC7, cabin 6162, any chance we can join your Evil Crew? Please emal: macntpa2@yahoo.com. Thanks, Bob and Jane.

  24. Faye Hearne

    Hi, would to join your Evil Crew for January 31, 2015 Breeze cruise.

  25. Faye Hearne

    Here I am. Traveling with John Biles on the blogger’s cruise. He told me you would sign me up with your group.

  26. Kathleen & Jack Wagner

    Are you still around Ed? We haven’t heard from you in ages…..

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