Carnival Magic’s ThirstyFrog Red Private Label Draught Beer Being Rolled Out to Other ‘Fun Ships’

ThirstyFrog Red
ThirstyFrog Red — Carnival Cruise Lines’ private label draught beer that debuted in Carnival Magic’s Caribbean-themed RedFrog Pub in May — has proven to be such a hit that it’s being rolled out to other ships in the fleet.
Currently, 15 “Fun Ships” offer the tasty amber-colored brew in select bars and lounges with three others expected to receive kegs of ThirstyFrog Red over the next few weeks. 
Since being introduced two months ago, guests have been lining up to savor ThirstyFrog Red’s rich taste and delicate aroma, with toasted notes resulting from the fine caramel and black malts used during the brewing process. 
The brew is served ice-cold on tap in the line’s signature ThirstyFrog Red pint glasses, which are also available for sale on board.

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One response to “Carnival Magic’s ThirstyFrog Red Private Label Draught Beer Being Rolled Out to Other ‘Fun Ships’

  1. Well I just got off the Carnival Pride. They had THIRSTY FROG onboard. I had to try it to see if everyone was right about it. Well I can truely say it’s a great beer. It was my beer of choice for the rest of the cruise. I think it would sell well on the open market. Plus the advertisement for it could make great Carnival commercials for the Carnival ships.

    Something like this. Show guest on the Carnival Magic having FUN in the RED FROG PUB drinking THIRSTY FROG. One of them says “Carnival should sell this on land too”. Scene goes to a pub on land with a patron saying “I’m glad Carnival is selling THIRSTY FROG all over the place now”.

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