Bloggers Cruise 4 Photos

Here are links to pictures from BC4. Come back to check often I will post them as I get them.

VIDEO OF EVIL CREW BARNEY PARTY WITH JOHN HEALD!/video/video.php?v=10150166150601742

Evil Crew all mixed in  From Barney Party

Ray McTeague Part 1

Ray McTeague Part 2

Sandee Clark


Penny Bradford

Alice J. Elliott


Bobbi Breshears!/album.php?id=557295842&aid=283134

Carol-Ann Johnston


Mike Sagara 

Ron Robinson!/album.php?id=1634153696&aid=95454


Storm’n Norm video



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5 responses to “Bloggers Cruise 4 Photos

  1. Lisa (FLFemale)

    Everyones pictures sure look great. Had a blast on this cruise. Lisa

  2. Maribeth Kring

    Bloggers Cruise 5 Photos????? Did you say 5? hmmm That year went pretty damn fast!

  3. Linda (Mom of DJ)

    Love the pictures…..wish I did not look high as a kite in all of them….LOL

    Guess I was just “high on life” !!!

    I photograph like a frog!!!!!!! (an ugly frog)

    Princess Linda

  4. Annette Puskarich

    Hi- Enjoyed everyone’s photos. Saw this on you tube. John doing karoke.

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