Happy 3rd Anniversary of BC1

Doing the Bloggers Dance

This week is the 3rd Anniversary of

Bloggers Cruise 1

As we count down the days to BC4 on the Carnival Glory with John Heald we may want to look back at some of the pictures of the very first bloggers cruise on the Carnival Freedom. Here is a link to those pictures.

Bloggers Cruise 1

John’s Birthday Party






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3 responses to “Happy 3rd Anniversary of BC1

  1. i had so much fun reviewing that cruise ed, thanks for posting!

    smiles, bee

  2. mehyder

    Big Ed,
    I haven’t had the pleasure of taking a Bloggers Cruise. I just can’t believe how quickly time has flown since the First One. Have tons of fun on BC4 and we can live vicariously through your posts. Take care. Mary

  3. Elaine

    Those memories can never be re-captured, but will always be remembered! ):

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