Pat, the Evil Crew, all the Bloggers and I wish you a very Happy First Birthday. We all Love you very much. 

Aunt Pat and Uncle BIG Ed




61 responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYE

  1. Janette & Mike White


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a Very Special Girl!!!

    You are a very lucky little girl to have such a special Mommy and Daddy – and because of that you have lots and lots of “blogger” buddies and friends all over the world.

    Hoping your first birthday is the BEST !!

    Janette & Mike White

  2. Marlene Dovell

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYE: Wish I could be there to celebrate with you. Hope you have a wonderful day and have fun with your friends, family and presents….I don’t want to forget the birthday cake – eat a fistful for me

    A big birthday hug.

    • Mummy,

      We want pictures of that first fistful of cake. Don’t forget one of Kye’s face all covered in the cake. Those are must take pictures for any mommy.

  3. Princess Susan Budds

    Happy Birthday Kye! You have no idea how many people would love to be at your birthday party! You are such a special little girl! Have fun today and make a huge mess as you enjoy your birthday cake!

    We all love you!

  4. hug71


    Happy 1st Birthday. So many people wish they could be there to celebrate with you but we know you will have a wonderful day. You have been so blessed with so many people who love you and will look out for you your whole life. Enjoy!!!

    Jennifer Hug

  5. Maribeth Kring

    Happy Birthday Kye!

    I hope your birthday is as special as you are!! Tell Daddy you get extra Bouncy Bouncy songs on your birthday!

    Maribeth Kring

  6. RonRN

    Happy Birthday Kye. Have fun and really, really enjoy that first birthday cake.

  7. Jane and Tom

    Happy Birthday, Kye !!! We’d love to be with you & give you a big hug.
    “The stalkers”

  8. Ann Wilson

    Kye – I hope you have a very special 1st birthday! You are such a sweet and happy little girl – that for your birthday have mummy and daddy give you a whirl!

    Happy 1st Birthday!!

    Auntie Ann

  9. Princess Lori

    Happy Birthday, Kye. I hope you enjoy a very special first birthday.


    “Aunt Lori”

  10. Owen & Shannon Squries


    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Ms Kye, Happy Birthday to you!!! Sung in my bestest off-key voice ever!!! John you’ll be parking yourself in front of Skype or some video email thing I know… Treasure the day AND LAUGH!!! Memories forever…


    Shannon & Owen

  11. The Bears


    Though we have never met you, we have a very special connection through your Daddy and Mum and our love for cruising. We wish very much that we could celebrate with you and maybe one day we can (hint for your Daddy to schedule a BC for one of your next Birthdays, just think of all the wonderful gifts you would recieve!!!).

    We are sending all our love and wishes for all good things as you grow into a beautiful young lady. And wish you a Very, Very Happy First Birthday!!!

    “The Bears”
    Princess Barb & Carl

  12. Connie and Carlos

    A very happy first birthday to you, Kye.

    Connie and Carlos

  13. kathie(kaperino)

    We send special wishes for a special day…Kye, the love you have is being sent your way from all over the world! this message is from Georgia, in the USA.

    Heidi and John delight in your celebration as this first Birthday marks we hope so very many more to come!

    thoughts will be with you and your family on this Happy day!

    Kathie and Dan

  14. Penny Bradford

    Happy Birthday to sweet baby Kye.
    May all your Dreams come true.

    Auntie Penny

  15. Dorothy


    Happy 1st birthday little angel. Have fun on this special day.

    Dorothy Gaddis
    Gene Gaddis

  16. wow, has it been a year already, the kid takes after her mama……

  17. cruisinggrandma


    This is from one of your many foster Grandmothers.

    Carol-Ann Johnston

  18. Feliz Cumpleaños Kye!! Many blessings
    We love you!!
    Your puertorrican family
    Los Margarida

  19. Sallie

    Happy 1st birthday Kye.

    I cannot believe it has been a whole year since we all (Including your Daddy.) were sitting on pins and needles awaiting your arrival.

    Here’s wishing you a wonderful birthday.

    Love and huge hugs,
    Princess Sallie & Sparky (aka Michael)

  20. Beautiful Kye
    We cannot believe it has been a full year since you have blessed your Mommy and Daddys life (and all us Aunties and Uncles). Enjoy your first birthday and may Mommy take plenty of pictures for Daddy. You have grown soo much in a year. Hope to see you in person one day.

    Lots of Love and {{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}
    The Tuckers from Florida
    Arnold & Elizabeth

  21. Deborah Rosato


    I’m sending much love, hugs and kisses….
    From one of your many Aunties.

    Lot’s of Love to you and your Mommy and Daddy on this special day.

    Deborah (Debs)

  22. kiciaski

    Happy Birthday Kye!

    You may not remember your first birthday but there are a lot of friends out here that will help you remember.

    Hope you will be on the Carnival Magic for your second birthday.

    George and Linda

  23. Rus & Nina Franklin


    Your birth was prayed for, anticipated, and reveled over by such a huge selection of Aunties and Uncles. And now, you are 1 year old. Amazing how time flies. Happy birthday, Little One.

    Our baby girl, Tracy, will be traveling with your daddy on her birthday in October. Of course, she’s a little older, but I think your daddy can keep her happy.

    Best wishes for a wonderful life, Kye. Happy Birthday.

    Uncle Rus & Auntie Nina

  24. NYSchauer



    May you have a grand 1st birthday, especially be sure to have a big taste of your birthday cake.
    Freeze a piece of cake for Daddy so he can have some when he gets home.


  25. princesselaine82

    Happy Birthday Kye!
    Make sure to try and put your whole face in your cake. That’s the best way to eat it!
    You are a very lucky girl to have such special parents.

  26. Vivian and Mitchell Sellers

    Happy First “ONE” “1” Birthday Kye!

    Have a fun-filled today and each day, filled with love from your family and friends.

    With Love,
    The Sellers Family, NC 2010

  27. KimG

    Happiest of birthdays, Kye, such a special little girl, loved by so many from around the world. You are the twinkle in your daddy’s eye, and the breath that your mum breathes. Your hugs and kisses keep them both going!

  28. Happy 1st birthday Kye you are a special girl
    with so many aunts and uncles

  29. Lynn and Mike Sagara

    Happy birthday to a very special young lady. Enjoy your first birthday cake. Your Aunt Lynn and Uncle Mike from Tucson AZ

  30. Stacey

    Happy birthday, Kye! I hope you have a wonderful day, little lady. And know how much your mom and dad love you, and all your fans here on daddy’s blog. And know that although dad isn’t with you as much as either of you would like, he thinks about you and mom every minute of every day.

    Best wishes for another year of love and happiness,

  31. Dee

    A very special Happy Birthday to a very special little girl. May you have many many more wonderful birthdays!

  32. Michele Maragni

    Kye, HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, 1st BIRTHDAY!!!!! for a very “SWEET” & “SPECIAL” little girl, with the face of an ANGEL, we hope to meet you one day sweetie! with much Love, Hugs & Kisses! Michele & Mom(Eleanor) XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  33. Elaine



    It is indeed a very special day… It’s my birthday too but more important, its your Grandpa’s birthday…

    Pretty much the entire Carnival Family wishes you nothing but the best…

    And many many many more…

  34. Mary & Randy

    Happy 1st Birthday Kye!!

    Sure wish we could be with you on your special day! Hope you have a wonderful time with Mommy & Daddy! Eat lots of cake and open lots of presents!

    John & Heidi enjoy your little Princess! I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Children are such a treasure and times goes by much too quickly.

    Much love to all of you,

    Mary & Randy (TheChads)

    PS Pictures please!!

  35. Margie Tracy

    Happy 1st Birthday Kye. I got to meet you on your last day on the Dream visiting your Daddy. You are on happy smiling little girl. You have the nicest Mommy and Daddy. Dive into your cake and have the most wonderful of all birthdays. Love to Mommy too.

  36. Wagner Family

    Happy 1st Birthday Kye!!!!

    Love the Wagner Family

  37. geepygirl

    Happy Birthday Kye,

    I know today will be special with mommy and grandparents but daddy will be thinking of you too. have fun playing in your cake.

  38. Jan "Peaches" Silvius

    Happy 1st Birthday Kye! Would love to give you a big hug, and you know that your Dad would give anything in the world to be with you. You are much loved, and a cutie on top of that….

    Peaches in Rowlett TX

  39. texaskit

    Happy 1st birthday to a beautiful girl.

  40. joyce geraci

    Happy Birthday, to a very special girl from another of her many aunties.
    Bless you Kye!
    auntie joyce

  41. Suzann

    Kye – Happy 1st Birthday, you don’t know how lucky you are to have two great parents.



  42. Carolyn Bickel

    HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, KYE!!! Have fun at your party. You are a very special little girl, who is loved by many, but mostly by your mommy and daddy, who misses you so much. Tell mommy to post pictures here, so we can see how much fun you had celebrating. May God always watch over you and keep you safe.

    Hugs, Carolyn

  43. Mary Fairbanks

    Happy first birthday, Kye
    I met your mommy and daddy many years ago.
    They are very special people and love you more than anything else in the world.
    I hope to meet you someday on a Carnival cruise.
    Have a very special and wonderful birthday.
    Love from
    Auntie Mary

  44. Happy Birthday, Kye

    Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream on your face…Just the perfect way to party on Your First Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday Sweet Angel…

    Uncle Donnie and Aunt Sharon

  45. Julie Mendenhall ( jrmende63)

    Happy First Birthday little Lady! You are a beautiful child and your mum and dad are so Blessed to have each other and you.
    Another one of your Aunties from America, Julie

  46. Maria & Juan Santana

    ¡Muchas felicidades Kye on your 1st Birthday!

    The Santanas of Miami Beach

  47. Ray & Deb McTeague

    A very Happy Birthday wish for Kye’s 1st big day!!!

    All the Best,
    Ray & Deb

  48. Kathryn Kitts

    A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very special little girl!!!! May all of them always be as special as the first one!!!! Kye you have a very special mommy and daddy and family!!!!!!
    Happy 1st Birthday Kye!!!!

  49. Shenika

    Happy 1st birthday Kye!

    You are blessed with great parents that are kind enough to share you with all of us.

    All the best,

  50. Linda Hernacki

    Happy 1st Birthday KYE, I hope you grow up to have your mom’s beautiful smile and blonde hair, and your dad’s sense of humor and love of people! You are a very lucky little girl to have 2 great parents! Love, Uncle Mikey and Auntie Linda

  51. Kye:

    Little angel, sorry I am late for your 1st. Birthday.
    My wishes for you are the same though, I wish you a lifetime of happiness and good health. I also hope you, mommy and daddy will be together soon.
    Looking forward to Birthday pictures, and, to one day meeting with you in person.
    Best wishes and congratulations to mum Heidi and dad John for producing such a lovely child.

    Fondest regards,


  52. mehyder

    Happy First Birthday. You have some very special parents. Best Wishes.
    Mary Hyder

  53. cindy56

    Happy 1st Birthday, Kye! I know your daddy wants to be there more than anything else in the world. You have a wonderful mommy & daddy and are a very lucky girl!

    Best Wishes to the Heald family

    Cindy 🙂

  54. retirementman

    ” Happy Belated Birthday Kye ” from Paul & MaryLou Pietrangelo in Canada. Your daddy is a fantastic person and I know he really loves you.
    Best wishes to John, Heidi and the birthday girl, Kye.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  55. Aly


    You are such a beautiful little girl and lucky to have a wonderful father. Hope you had a wonderful birthday.


  56. Alex G.

    Happy first birthday, Kye! I hope you all have a great day and may God bless you all! Best wishes to all of you!

    Alex G.

  57. Marsha Breen

    Happy Birthday sweet pea!!!

  58. Lynda Ulrich

    Sorry I’m late, but I was on the Carnival Elation in the Panama Canal.
    We’ll be sailing with you in September on the Carnival Splendor. Hope to see you then.

    With love, Lynda

  59. Leanne Banks

    Happy 1st Birthday, Kye!

    I hope your day is fun and beautiful. You are very lucky to have two parents who love you so much and will show you the world.

    We wish you love, luck, and laughter…always!

    The Banks Family

  60. Linda ( Mom of DJ )

    Something tells me that Kye is going to be Carnival’s youngest Milestone member!!

    Happy 1st Birthday, Kye.

    Already has 3 cruises under her belt before she turned one year old!!


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