Gene Sloan, a travel writer for USA TODAY, wrote on his CRUISE LOG BLOG a post about the size of the new cruise ships.  To read the full post go to his blog at

Pat and I sailed on the Carnival Dream last December and will be sailing again on 2/27/10. We think that the Carnival Dream is the largest ship we would want to sail on. After all the walking we did on the Carnival Dream our legs were killing us.

What do you think is the perfect size for the new ships?




9 responses to “BIGGER IS NOT BETTER

  1. Linda Hernacki

    Hey Ed, we will be seeing you on the Dream the day it leaves, I HOPE! John is arranging for our family to tour the ship, and we will see you 2, along with Heidi, Kye and John. We are coming aboard around 11am with my daughter, husband, son, and his wife (maybe), his friend and wife, and Mike and I. I will finally be able to give you that hug! We sailed on the Dream 12/5 and will again 5/29. We live just 20 minutes from the port. Linda

    • Linda, Will be looking to get that huggo. See you on the Carnival Dream.

      • Bobbi

        Hey I am also a faithful reader of John’s blog. I saw on Facebook that you are cruising the same date as myself and my husband. I look forward to getting to meet another blogger.

        So do you think I should ask John for the best table at dinner, an upgrade to the owners suite, something special sent to my room everyday, etc? Sorry I couldn’t resist 🙂

        Take Care, we will be cruising soon.


  2. Bobbi, Looking forward to seeing you but I’m sure you will see me first, LOL. You can’t miss me.

    • Bobbi


      This is our first time in these ports. I currently don’t have anything planned to do in port. Thought about just winging it and grabbing a taxi or something. With your experience, would you suggest anything that would be not to be missed?

      Thanks in advance.


  3. Bobbi, in Nassau we usually go to the Atlantis casino. But there is so much more over there to do. The other 2 we just shop if we even get off the ship at all. Best thing is to go to the port talks on ship and you will get a good idea what to do and what is the best way to do it. They also run it on the TV in the cabins.

    See you in 15 days.

    • Bobbi


      I was thinking Atlantis, as hubby and I both like to play the slots a bit and would love to see the aquarium. Not like we won’t loose enough in the casinos on board our Carnival Dream. I will attend all the talks with John, he rocks!! Can’t wait to meet him and you.


  4. retirementman

    Hi Big Ed.
    After going on the Dream, I don’t think the ships should be any larger. They’re getting far to large now. The dream was OK but at the Lido I found the lines to long in all areas. Other than that the ship was fantastic. I found the Freedom the best I’ve enjoyed so far as far as size. I’ve just arrange another cruise, an 8 day Southern Caribbean on the Miracle. The Miracle is the same as the Legend, my first ship I cruised on and I enjoyed that one also. I hate the Oasis of the Sea. It’s not a cruise ship to my liking. Have a great cruise my friend and say hi to John for me.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  5. Bobbi


    It was very nice to meet you and the lovely Pat on our Carnival Dream. Sure wish I had seen the sign you posted on John’s window…haha. Tell Pat I totally agree with her on the smoking section in the casino. Oh well, back to the Carnival Conquest in August with a better smoking area in the casino.

    Take Care,


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