Bloggers Cruise 4 Survey

Were and when would you like BC4.

You can also leave a comment below with your ideas.




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23 responses to “Bloggers Cruise 4 Survey

  1. Always love winter cruises to get away from Michigan snow. Like any of the newer ships leaving from any gulf or east cost port.

  2. Princess Lori

    We currently have a cruise out of NYC scheduled for June 6th. It’s just a short 4 day – but, we have included extra time to see NYC as we have never been before.

    I answered the survey questions, but…again I’m afraid I will be in the boo-hoo boat. With us leaving this week on the Miracle and then in June on the Glory (sorry Carnival Miracle and Carnival Glory), I’m sure that won’t fit into John’s schedule and I don’t think my budget can afford a third cruise this year.

    Have fun everyone!

  3. Ann Wilson

    I like fall cruises, but I’d like it before the holiday season. Also, I’m still a little nervous going to the Caribbean in the fall. It was 5 years ago when all of the hurricanes hit. I don’t know about the frequency of a big hurricane season. Maybe some of you in Floriday could help out with this information!

  4. The Bears - Princess Barb

    I personally, love the Spirit Class ships and would love to see a cruise from the west coast. We have been to the Caribbean many times and I’d like to see the more of Mexican Riveriera.

  5. Princess Susan

    I love winter cruises for the same reason as Big Ed…TO GET OUT OF THIS SNOW!!! Also, fall cruises could get a bit rocky with the weather (hurricanes). But that’s just me…but I am sooo on the next one…I have three roommates now I try to room with…Jen, Sue, and a friend of mine, Ann. Ann has cruised with Carnival (because of me) and loved it. Just went through a divorce after 23 years, and I have know her since I was 8 years old.

  6. Sharon

    Spring or fall would be great. If it is from the middle to end of October will not be able to go. I plan to retire on my birthday Oct. 22 this year so need to be at work to get things settled. Starting in November, I am there.
    I agree with some others, would love to see the Mexican Riviera and the Splendor is a wonderful ship.
    Shy away from the Gulf in fall.

  7. Kaperino ( Kathie)

    Would love to see the group as it truly was a sad miss this December for us. Unfortunately we have not even absorbed the photo’s or comments on your journey. we have booked two cruises this year. One from Port Canaveral on May 15th I believe. The other is out of Tampa in October. That is a lot for us to achieve! Ports of call include Aruba, Curacao, Grand Turk, DR..
    May: Isla Roatan,Belize,Cozumel,Costa Maya….

    I am a happy girl when I am dreaming! 🙂


    • Zannett


      This sounds like a great time of year and a great itinerary! BC3 was great, but I would prefer fall (maybe even Halloweenish), as those 2 weeks away made preparing for Christmas a little stressful. All that being said, I’d jump on a cruise ship today if I could.

  8. Cruzin2some

    Big Ed,
    The west coast with an eight day winter cruise gets you to Acapulco, Ixtapa / Zihuatenejo and Manzanillo Mexico or a seven day to Puerta Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas. If you choose the Summer time then an Alaska cruise would be fabulous, or a twelve day to Hawaii. All great cruises and since all of these are either on the Spirit or the Splendor you have a really great ship.
    The Cruzin2some
    James & NAncy Enslow

  9. Scar

    the 4-day on the Paradise would be a wonderful cruise.. 🙂 Catalina and.. well.. Ensenada… not so much.. but still.. 🙂

  10. Linda Hernacki

    Dec. 5th, 2010 Carnival Miracle out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. going to Grand Turk, La Romana,Dom. Republic, Aruba and Curacao – we are booked on this cruise, and would LOVE it to be a BC4. TWO NEW ports-Aruba & Curacao-sounds great, doesn’t it?

  11. kiciaski

    We think a great time would be the last week in August before John comes back as a CD and leaving from Florida doing an Eastern itinerary.

  12. Deborah Rosato

    I would love to have a bloggers cruise out of a port where I didn’t have to fly. East coast gets my vote – Let’s do the Pride!! You can’t go wrong with Kirk, Jamie and John!!

  13. Lisa K

    I agree that being away that week in December between Tgiving and Christmas made the holidays a little more hectic. I would prefer prior to Tgiving.

    I’m with Deborah…can’t beat the Spirit class…and can’t beat going out of Bmore on the Pride for us. 🙂 John will be on the Pride in Sept and Oct, won’t he?

  14. Colleen

    I know it’s limited when it’s being offered but I would also vote for the new Miracle itinerary. The 2 new ports would definitely be a nice change of pace!


    Hey Ed,
    Winter cruise on a Spirit Class going to the Gulf area works for us. Carnival Miracle doing the Southern route for the 8 days would be perfect.

    Grand Turk, DR, Aruba and Curacao would be heaven.
    We leave for the Carnival DREAM in two weeks for the Jan. 30th sailing. Can’t wait. Finally get to sail with John after nine cruises with Carnival.
    I’m going to sneak a Cuban stogie from Canada to him for his birthday. But don’t tell him. SHHHhhhhhhh!
    All the best to you and all of the other bloggers.
    Hope to meet you all on a future Bloggers cruise.

    Brad and Donna Hodgson
    Stratford, ON

    GO COWBOYS!!!!!

    • Brad, have a great cruise> I know you will love the Carnival Dream, we did. As for not telling John, I think you just did. This poll is for him to use.

      BIG Ed

  16. Bobbi

    I vote for the Carnival Conquest as this is a port we can drive too. I love this ship! Cruising with John on the Carnival Dream 2/27/10, can’t wait!!

  17. MattInSoCal

    Show us West Coasters some love! John has never been out here. BC4 on the Spirit September 7 on the once-a-year only cruise through Glacier Bay! Then John could stay on board for Hawaii, and maybe even catch one on the Mexican Riviera itinerary. That would pretty much fill in his missing ports on Carnival before his transfer to Europe.

    ~ MattInSoCal

  18. Kathy M.

    I have to agree with MattinSoCal, I think it is time that John showed those of us on the West Coast (who cannot travel to the East Coast due to Medical problems) the same courtesy he has shown the East Coast fans all of these years.

    To be honest though, I feel that it will never happen and for that reason I will no longer address the issue with John.

    • Kathy, I would say keep pushing for it. John mentions in the blog that he would like to do a west coaster. So get all your friends to long in here and show there is interest for it.

      BIG Ed

  19. Hi everybody,
    I haven’t chatted with you all in a while, bu tI still miss and ❤ you all. I am with Deborah(Rosato) and Lisa, a cruise from NYC or Baltimore for the BC4. In the late fall early winter, I think that would be very doable for me. What about you PS, I would still love to be your roomie if I come to BC4 without the family(which is the probably going to be the case). Woohoo, and muchos hugggos…loveto you all,
    Sue(from Narrowsburg) Muller

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