Merry Christmas To All

The Nativity


Wishing All A Very

Merry Christmas.


BIG Ed And Pat Konefe




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7 responses to “Merry Christmas To All

  1. retirementman

    Merry Christmas to you and your wife and enjoy the birth of our Lord everyday of the year. I remember when I was young and that was many years ago, I was an altar boy at the midnight mass as we were leaving the church it started snowing in large snow flakes . The lights of the church and it’s nativity scene shone with tremendous beauty. You don’t see that much anymore. I’m glad that I still have a memory of that Christmas Eve. Have a beautiful Christmas Big Ed.


  2. Merry Christmas Ed and Pat!

  3. hug71

    I hope you and Pat had a wonderful Christmas and have a wonderful New Year. I loved meeting you on the cruise and hope to one day be part of the Krewe.

    Jen Hug

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