Big Ed’s EVIL CREW does the Carnival Dream

Evil Crew on the Carnival Dream

 Big Ed’s Evil Crew On the Carnival Dream. We had a great time with John as we presented him with many gifts. Some of the gifts were EVIL from “Farts R Us”. But when we gave John $1000.00 to be used for Kye’s Education Fund John was speechless.

Now it wouldn’t be a Bloggers Cruise without an Evil Crew cake. Since we have to read all John’s toilet humour on his blog we came up with this Toilet Cake with the help of Ken Bryne Maitre D and the Chef of the Carnival Dream. All you see is edible even the floaters in the bowl. Thank You guys for that cake.

Toilet Cake

Toilet Cake Floaters

Now to wait for John to announce when and where the next Bloggers Cruise will be.



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2 responses to “Big Ed’s EVIL CREW does the Carnival Dream

  1. arief rachman 435001.

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