Evil Crew Does Fishlips

Crew at Fishlips

It was a wonderful night at Fishlips in Port Canaveral. Princess Elaine picked out and set up a great place for the Evil Crew to meet before we all leave on The Carnival Dream. There was much hugging as we all arrived and even more hugging all night long. Pictures were being taken on both cell phones and cameras. Some already posted by Owen Squires on facebook. I will post all mine once I get back home. Cell phones were being passed around to talk to those in the Boo Hoo boat (those not able to be with us for this bloggers cruise). Pat even called John who is out at sea on the Carnival Dream on it’s way to Port Canaveral. We all yelled Hi to John. We got to see the Carnival Pride leave port and we were all waving to those on deck. So it was a great start to what will be a great 9 day cruise on the Carnival Dream Thank you my Princess Elaine for putting this all together for the Evil Crew even though you will not be going with us on the cruise. I know how much you wanted to go and how much it will hurt tomorrow as you stand there and wave to us as we leave the port.



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12 responses to “Evil Crew Does Fishlips

  1. i wish princess elaine was going (and me too!)…

    smiles, bee

  2. retirementman

    Have a great cruise my friends and enjoy having fantastic weather. Say hi to John for me.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  3. PrincessElaine

    Ed and all,
    Mark and I were unable to wave good-bye as you left. We got word from a friend on the ship that the Blogger’s welcome aboard party was to be held from 5:oo-6:00 and the ship would not be leaving port until 5:30. We didn’t think anyone would be out on deck to wave bye-bye when you could be inside having free drinks and sharing time with John. So we had a few drinks in honor of you all and of course, in honor of those who were left behind.
    On a more personal note, I had a GREAT time at Fishlips. It’s always fun when there’s a group of us together. We laughed, drank, sang (Sweet Caroline in honor of Princess Laura), and in the end, some of us even cried as we said good-bye.
    I hope everyone had a fantastic time and look forward to the time when we are all together again.
    Much love and kisses,
    Princess Elaine, the quiet and STILL single (no matter what some may think)

  4. kaperino

    Felt soooo good to talk to some of you! The boo hoo boat is all happy for the Krew who sailed!

  5. Lance & Ilda

    Hi all,

    It was great to get a call from Fishlips and talk to Ann, Elaine and Captain Ed. I am Sooooo disappointed I did not get to speak to Sharon, as she was on another cell phone gabbing with a member of the evil crew. Thank you dear Princess Elaine for arranging such a wonderful pre-cruise party. We really wish we could have been there for all the hugs, laughs, smiles, stories and tears. Ilda and I hope that we can ALL be together for another blogger’s cruise in the near future! Love you all… Lance & Ilda

    PS… Can’t wait to see pictures!

  6. Princess Barb

    Hi all,
    “sniff, sniff”, just wanted you to know I miss all of you at Fishlips and on the cruise! “sob, sob” And I am still thinking about you in the nice warm sun and tropical breezes while I am freezing my behind off up her in the midwest! (and please no laughing…. I’m miserable enough here, with my shoulder and not being with you!) Hope you all have a wonderful time and hope that BC4 we can ALL be together! Big Ed…. please give John a hug for me… wait… maybe Pat should do that!
    Love you guys….
    Princess Barb ….the quiet and shy!

  7. Princess Susan

    I’m glad everybody had such a good time! Wish I would have gotten a phone call….I waited at home just in case I would get one. I want to see lots of pictures, especially of the get together with Princess Nanni!!
    Love to all of you
    Princess Susan

  8. Marlene

    It was nice to read about y’alls fun time at Fishlips. Wish I could have been there and do hope we can ALL go on the next BC cruise as Lance and Ilda said. Have a great time and watch out for the BooHoo boat.

    Love and hugs,


  9. Charlotte

    Sounds like everyone had a grand time pre-cruise.
    Those on the Dream will be continuing their wonderful time with John, as we sit in our BooHoo boat. Hopefully the next bloggers cruise we will be on the “official” bloggers ship.
    Safe journey
    Hugs to all.

  10. The Flying Dutchman

    It was a most fantastic time at Fishlips with the bloogers /evil crew. …. SOCIAL !!!!

    Thank you Princess Elaine for dreaming up such a fabulous pre-cruise party.

  11. Mike & Loretta Brown

    Glad to hear you all had a great party at Fishlips and hope you all have a wonderful cruise! We did! Let us know when they set up the next BC! LOL!

    Bon Voyage from the Boo Hoo Crew!

  12. Princess Lori

    Great Blog, Ed. It was wonderful talking to everyone at Fishlips. Sounded like everyone was having a great time. Have a great cruise and I can’t wait to see pictures when y’all get back.



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