Watch as Carnival Cruise Lines CEO and President, Gerry Cahill, Along with Carnival Senior Cruise Director, John Heald, try out the new water slides on the brand new Carnival Dream.

John Heald and I will be racing down these same water slides while on the Carnival Dream for Bloggers Cruise 3. The cruise will leave Port Canaveral on December 3, 2009. So if you want to see the BIGGEST onboard tidal wave you better call a make your reservation NOW. My Carnival Personal Vacation Planner (PVP) Armando Anton will be glad to assist you. 1-800-819-3902 Ext. 85892. Let him know BIG ED sent you.  


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  1. retirementman

    Hi Big Ed. I love the thought of going down those slides. If John can do it, I know darn well I can.

    Side note: Sarge is winning his battle against the big C. Bee said this morning that the spot on his liver is now gone and the mass has gotten even smaller today after his last pet scan. Prayers do work. He’s weak at the moment but he will get stronger with the help of Bee I’m sure.

    I hope you are feeling well and you have a birthday coming up don’t you? I just had one and I turned to 60 years of age. Wow!


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