Myleene Klass to Susan Boyle

Myleene Klass is the Godmother of the Carnival Splendor. Is it possible that Susan Boyle could be named Godmother of the new Carnival Dream . Susan Boyle singing “I Dreamed a Dream” would be just perfect for the Carnival Dream’s Godmother to sing at the ships Christening. 

Myleene Klass
Myleene Klass





8 responses to “Myleene Klass to Susan Boyle

  1. Sarah Thornberry

    Hi Ed,

    Not sure if you remember me, but I spoke to you a while ago about a travel-related quiz? This month we’ve made a really useful calculator and essentially it’s a CO2 Emissions Calculator that’s been made to help people out with being a bit more green and socially responsible when it comes to flying. If you could take a look at this calculator and maybe put it up on your blog, that would be awesome as I feel that it would add a lot of value to your blog, not to mention being really helpful for your readers! You can find the calculator at http://www.XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, thanks again!

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  2. Vikki


    Hoping you can help me out on something …, we have some friends that will be traveling on their first cruise in a few weeks. It also happens to be their anniversary, I would like to send them a gift basket to be delivered to their room ~ do you know how I would go about getting this done?

    I appreciate any help you can give.
    Vikki and Mat

    • Vikki, that’s an easy one. I do it all the time to put roses and things in our cabin for my wife. Just go to then on the blue line on the top click on MY CRUISE. Then in the drop down click on SHOP GIFTS AND SERVICES. Here you will find everything you can order. If you have any trouble doing it on line there will be a 1-800 number to do it by phone. Since you might not have there booking number this is the way you may have to go. They may ask some questions to verify you actualy know these people.

  3. retirementman

    Hi Big ED. It’s been awhile since I’ve commented to you. Since my wife and I have planned a cruise new year, January 23rd on the Dream, I totally think that Susan Boyle would be a great choice as the Dream’s Godmother. Unfortunately they will never choose her not she can’t sing, but because they want some beautiful woman that has a beautiful face and body. Susan doesn’t have the beauty but only her voice and the song she can sing and that song I agree would fit to this ship
    Hope you and your wife are doing well my friend.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  4. suemuller

    Hey Ed,

    We want SUSAN BOYLE TO BE THE GODMOTHER OF THE DREAM and to sing “I DREAMED A DREAM” at the DREAM’S CHRISTENING!!! We need to let Carnival know this! How about writing another one of your open letters and we could all sign it and get as many other bloogers and Carnival fans to sign it! What do you think?
    Love ya and Ciao,

  5. Linda Hernacki

    Yes, Sue has a good idea, she and I am sure will be the first to sign it. Susan Boyle IS a beautiful woman, remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and unfortunately I have to disagree with you Paul! AND, Carnival shouldn’t be picking a Godmother based on what someone looks like but by what that someone can add to the ceremony and Susan Boyle most definitely can add a lot – her beautiful voice and soul. She is a true beauty in my eyes! Lets start that petition ASAP! Linda

  6. DEAN

    Some Carnival Heads are thinking the Inaugural
    Ceremony and the naming of the GODMOTHER
    of the new Carnival Dream is going to be in the
    greatest City in the World NEW YORK CITY.
    Before BC3

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