Royal Caribbean Shame On You

Paid cheerleaders: Does Royal Caribbean’s viral campaign cross the line?

Talk about a royal mess.

In early 2007, Royal Caribbean developed a marketing strategy that used online bulletin boards to spread the cruise line’s gospel, so to speak. The company created a program, dubbed “Royal Champions,” that enlisted rabid Royal Caribbean fans who happened to be frequent posters on Internet cruise bulletin boards like Cruise Critic.

Did its program cross the line?

To read the whole story by Anita Dunham-Potter go to:




4 responses to “Royal Caribbean Shame On You

  1. oh man, that stinks. really stinks. climb this rccl!

    smiles, bee

  2. The Flying Dutchman

    Those underhanded conniving manipulative greedy bastages….

    Typical dirty pool !!!

  3. Linda (Mom of DJ)

    The funniest thing is that RCCL folks on Cruise Critic were always the first ones to slam Carnival folks for being cheerleaders.

    Boy do they have egg on their faces.

  4. Sharon

    I throughly enjoyed my RCL’s amazing how another marketing is reported on so negatively by Canrival fans..Carnival does the same thing and nobody says a word!

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