I am writing this letter to inform you that the practice of removing cruise directors from your individual cruise ships to other ships in the fleet has upset us very much.  Having had recently booked this cruise for our grand-children’s spring break, we had expected to be enjoying yet another cruise with John Heald.  Now our 26th cruise with Carnival will be taken with a very sour taste in our mouths over this recent development.  Had we known in advance of this re-scheduling we would not have booked the trip.  Many loyal cruisers have been put-off by this development as well and with the economy as it is many will be choosing to spend their vacation dollars elsewhere! 
Tom & Jane Rachford




  1. Linda (Mom of DJ)

    Tom and Jane:

    I think Carnival has yet to truly appreciate the fact that guests book cruises to see John.

    It is not just any ole CD that they are fooling with…it is the Senior CD that Carnival is building a Public Relations Platform on. Carnival needs to realize that.

    Princess Linda

    • Deborah Griffin

      I am very dissatified with the guest solutions department. 2 other couples and I booked a trip out of Galveston under a special promotion. When we got to the ship we looked at our invoices and I was charged $320 more than the other 2 couples. I asked the ship to see about why that was. They said they would fax all the invoices in and find out. We were gone all week and still didn’t have an answer. I called when I got home and got the run around. Finally a guy named Brian help, he said he would call me back in a couple of days. I finally called back on the 4th day. No Brian, but I spoke to Angela. She said they would give me a credit toward a future cruise. I told her that it wasn’t acceptable due to me being disabled and not having anything to do on the ship, or couldn’t get off the ship and had no excursions for the disabled. She put me in touch with Kaitlyn her supervisor. She also said NO REFUND, just credit for another cruise. I explained to her that it was a one time thing I had always wanted to do, and would never be able to do it again. Still she didn’t care either. Just No Refund. Now I am waiting for her supervisor to call me back within 48 hrs. Something tells me that $320 refund will not bankrupt that company. Please could I hear back from someone as to who I could talk to about this. Thank you.

      • Deborah,

        I’m not a Carnival employee but I call tell you there are many reasons this can happen. Did you all book on the same day? Did you all book the same category? Were they past Carnival cruisers? Did you all use the same fare plan, “Early Saver” is much cheaper but has restrictions?
        Did you book a handicap cabin? Did they get some other discount, senior, military ect? If any of these were different the fare changes.
        But I sure all you talked to told you all this.

        BIG Ed

  2. wes and liz marchant,manchester england

    Sorry Folks as much as we enjoy having John as our CD if outside actions affect schedules then put up with it. After 7 Carnival cruises John has been the only CD that has had an affect on our cruise, but of he is’nt there put up with it and enjoy yourselves, the sun is still the same and the alcohol is still the same and give your support to who ever your CD is

  3. actually i dream to have a Carnival Cruise in the next few years, i am still trying to earn more money to afford it“:

  4. grace moniz

    i have posted on this site and what the hell i never got a reply so people do not waste your time. i think they think this is a joke. why should they care they already have our money.

    • Grace,

      This is not a Carnival site. It is my personal blog. I don’t work for Carnival but I do cruise only on Carnival ships because I love what I get for my money. My “Open Letters” to Carnival are just that. Letters I post hoping someone from Carnival MIGHT just see them. I don’t even know if any Carnival personal actually every read my blog.

      BIG Ed

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