Open Letter to Mr. Gerry Cahill President and CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines

Dear Mr. Cahill,

 I just had what I think is a great idea . It involves how to get  school aged children booked more evenly throughout the year. Thus avoiding the ups and downs in Children program staffing during the year.  A lot of schools now have programs that parents on their home computers can check on their child’s progress in school daily and even get assignments for students that are off sick. What if Carnival during the school year set up an education package for school aged guests . A program like this could even let grandparents take their grandchildren on cruise with them.

Carnival Education Package could include things like;
Internet time to either email or fax homework assignments to their teachers.
Specially designated “Educational Value” shore excursions of historical or scientific nature that the students can report on to their class about what they learned in the different ports.

A form that could be presented to the students teacher before the cruise explaining the program and getting his/her approval of the students time off from school if taking part in the Carnival Education Package.

Carnival could also present a certificate signed by you to the student stating that they participated in the Carnival Education Program.



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  1. Interesting idea Ed, Carnival should appricate folks like you.

  2. Linda (Mom of DJ)


    The only reason we still cruise with Carnival is that I can sail with school is in session and avoid the kids!!!!

    Princess Linda

  3. On June 14th I went on acruise (th Legend) and fell down the stairs gettin on the tender for an excursion. There were no handrails for me to grab to prevent this fall. Since then ,Carnival will take no responsibility. Obviously, this was negligence on their part. The rest of the cruise was over for me, I could do nothing. I expected Carnival to give us another cruise since they did not take the steps need to protect their passengers. By the way I am 61yrs. old.

    Sorry to here about your fall. This is not a Carnival blog. It is a blog by me about John Heald and Carnival. So I suggest you write to Carnival as this my not be viewed here by anyone at Carnival.

    As you said you fell getting on the tender because there was no handrails. I’m sure Carnival would like to know how you put handrails between two ships bobbing in the water. If you have an idea let them know when you write them. Everytime I got on a tender there was a person from the tender standing there to take my hand and help me down the steps. When I got off the tender there is a Carnival person there to take my hand.

  4. springs

    Dear Mr. Cahill: at this time the Carnival Triumph is docked at the Maine State Pier in Portland about 1/3 of a mile from my home. Unfortunately, the ship is playing very loud music which is what I have to listen to even with the windows closed. I called Carnival and talked with several employees about this problem. I was told that there was no Carnival ship in Portland, Maine today, and was even told by one employee that Carnival never sends cruise ships to Portland!
    I’m not asking that the ship not play music, but rather, please turn down the volume. Thanks.

  5. Doug Lehman

    “Doug Lehman”
    Add sender to Contacts
    “Deb Lehman”

    — On Mon, 10/12/09, Doug Lehman wrote:

    From: Doug Lehman
    Subject: Re: Scooter Rentals……… info
    To: ” Justin (CCL)Rickert”
    Date: Monday, October 12, 2009, 6:36 PM

    Hey Justin,

    Thanks for the info on the mobility scooters. I contacted all of them for now. The prices seem extreme to me but I am sure they are getting a $25 pickup and delivery fee each time. So take away $50 and it is still too high. They are wanting $175 -$225 . My wife got one for $75 in Vegas and that was $25 less than the previous time.
    Here is a suggestion for your next conference meeting at Carnival – Seriously. Carnival could have say 10-15 mobility carts for rent on each cruise ship ready and available for their customers and make the rental fee $75 rather than make their return customers “jump through a bunch of hoops” to get this service provided. Carnival could most likely buy these in bulk for what……….$375 a piece. They would be paid for after 5 or 6 rentals. They would make back easily 10 – 15 times the money on their investment and throw them away or donate them to charity and take the write off. I am giving you this info first to see if you can possibly get some “Brownie Points” for customer suggestion then I will send info to CEO Carnival Cruises see if it interest him. I know that in today’s market businesses are always looking for ways to improve profits as well as customer satisfaction and special services well – Here ya’ are.
    There are a lot of potential cruisers that would gladly spend money where they maybe feel that they can not or are not able to go on a cruise because of their health restriction situation. They are as deserving as the rest that do not have health related issues.
    Thanks in advance for taking the time to help us with our situation my wife already speaks highly of you so no problem there. Again …….Thanks…Doug Lehman /aka future guests on Carnival Sensation Cruise Nov 1-5, 2009

    PS: The last entry that you sent me seems to be obsolete: Randle Medical Supply 1-800-753-1222 so you might want to update your info sheet but try them see if you get the same results…Doug

    — On Mon, 10/12/09, Rickert, Justin (CCL) wrote:

    From: Rickert, Justin (CCL)
    Subject: Scooter Rentals
    To: “‘'”
    Date: Monday, October 12, 2009, 1:36 PM

    Below are the companies that we use for the rentals of wheelchair and scooters. Please be sure to inquire about the weight of the scooter, as currently you are not in a wheelchair accessible balcony and the scooters are not able to be parked in the hallway overnight. You may need to lift the front and back to put it into your room!

  6. Jill Fraser

    Hi Gerry,I have 14 people coming on your cruise so far with 6 more getting ready to book for my daughter senior trip.Unfortunatly 1 of the kids dad lost his joband he can no longer come so all I want to do is switch a name but you guys are telling me its going to cost me 250.oo .I don’t have alot of money but want to make this an amazing trip for my daughter.Its not like we are cancelling our trip we just need to change the name I have talked to a couple diffrent different people and noone can help me they say they will give me a credit to use on a diffrent cruise but with my daughter getting ready to go to collage this will be our only cruise for awhile maybe in a few years my husband will actually get to go on a cruise by ourself.I want to be able to tell people what a wonderful experience we had but so far this hasn’t been the best.Please let me know what your response is I work at Costco and know my boss Jim Senigal would find me a way around this hes the best hopefully your as wonderful as him.My # 503-816-6514.Look forward to hearing from you noone would give me your # or a way to get hold of you I found you on google Jill Fraser

  7. Dear Mr. Cahill,
    My husband and I have scrimped and safed to take out next cruise. We paid West coast to the sum of 3995.00 plus we put down 999.00 as a down payment, then we paid all the payments now they say that they have canceled our cruise. because of $68.00 bill that we did not recieve, but they did accept out $299.00 extent payment with no problem. I would like to know if you are in the right area to help seeing’s how everyone I have tried to talk to has sent me to another agent. I have ask to talk to a supervisor, but evedently you don’t have and of those either. I’m really upset be cause the harder I try to solve this the worst it gets
    CAN YOU HELP or we dead in the water. If I were
    rich if would be different. I would really like a response the works of me.


    Judy and Darrell Creamer account #68532

  8. nathan keller

    Carnival Cruise was the worst vacation ever. I just got back from what should have been a nice little 7 day get away from Galveston to Grand Caymans, Montego Bay, and Cozumel. My husband, myself and our 20 month old twins. I knew going into it that they did not have child care for under 2 all the time, but they did offer some hours and there was “open” playroom time for the under 2’s.
    It started off bad straight away. We finally get to our room and there is a queen bed and bunk beds. Now it did have on my reservation that I needed 2 (TWO) cribs. Well of course the cribs were not in the room when we got there, but understandably so, there was no room!!!
    I have been on Carnival before and I’m well aware of the size of the rooms, but I had never been on the Conquest and I did opt to upgrade for a larger room with balcony, (which I had never done before). I of course called Carnival before booking to really understand the rooms and if they would fit us. Of course they said “yes, of course, no prob. plenty of room”… and we get there and no room. They actually said maybe we could put the babies in the bunk beds and put pillows around them!!!! REALLY, 20 month olds would be out that stateroom in 5 seconds flat!. Then the bring in the 2 cribs and put 1 next to our bed and one at the foot of the bed. (remember there are also bunk beds in the room). So now we can’t move, we have to walk on the bed to get to the other side, and that nice upgrade to a balcony does us no good because the crib blocks the door so it can’t be used. After expressing this is not going to work they tell us time and time again that they are full and there is nothing they can do. We wasted the whole 1st day dealing with this issue. With 2 very tired toddlers it was not a good start. By about 8pm they found us another room and moved us. And could not understand why we were so upset they did “fix “the problem. HELLO, we only wasted our 1st day dealing with this crap. They least they could of done was credit us back for our 1st day a true waste! But nope, nothing for our inconvenience! My husband said, “if this was a hotel I would of left , but we’re stuck on this ship”, and the wonderful idiot of a guest service manager said “well you can get off at the 1st stop in Jamaica”.. WHAT??!!?? Really. All of our bags and 2 toddlers just get off in another country, GREAT response!!
    So on to the other issues.
    Again knowing since our twins did not make the 2 yr cut off for the camp we were told that for a fee we could leave them there sometimes and still enjoy our vacation. There is “family time” in the playroom for the smaller toddlers from 12-2pm. OK another GREAT rule. Did Carnival call every daycare and ask “when do the toddlers take naps?” and then just pick that time. I have yet to meet a toddler that is not napping from 12-2pm. BUT we wanted them to have playtime so we pushed their naps (not easy and I don’t recommend, but they needed to be able to play (if just for a short time) in a safe run free environment. What they failed to say was that the 4 of the 7 days there is NO “family playtime” and on the inshore days when we could drop them off (for a fee of course) we had to pick them up by 12. Well we got in to Mexico at 10am, not sure how they thought we would go enjoy Mexico if we dropped them off at 10am and it takes 30 mins to debark and 30mins to reboard and we had to pick them up at 12!! Again GREAT planning Carnival.
    They say that they are “family friendly” and next to Disney they are the best kids cruising line out there..yadad,yada.. and they unlike others allow 2 year olds in camps… so I did think they would be more family friendly. To my shock I was surprised that the only baby changing station I could find was on the 12deck that the very front of the boat. Which is super helpfully when the food is on the lower decks at the very end of the boat.
    On the other hand because the services we’re so terrible we ended up saving a tons of money. The $400 I would of spend in the salon, the $60 at the point restaurant, the countless drinks at the bar at $7 a pop, and the pro $500 at the casino we would of spent. I would of rather spend that money and had a good time, but we made it threw and with all the issues and problems that came up the only thing that made us say “we will NEVER cruise with carnival again” is the way the management handled us. Really you’re in a SERVICE industry, why is the customer service so lacking??? The complete “we did our job (even though a day late) so screw you” attitude will catch up with Carnival. And I’m sure my family’s cruising 2 times a year will not even put a dent in the Carnival cash flow, I will be more than happy to keep sharing my experience OVER and OVER and OVER again. I love the internet, I will be posting this email for a very long time.

    • My wife and I whenever we see families with toddlers on a cruise we say ” why would anyone bring toddlers on a cruise” for the reasons you mention. How do the parents expect to enjoy the cruise not being able to do all the things people take a cruise to do.

      I hope you posting this letter will warn those with toddlers to think twice before going on a cruise unless someone else is going with them to share watching the toddlers. Allowing all to have some free time to enjoy the ship.

      Plus since you have cruised before and said “I’m well aware of the size of the rooms” what did you think they would do remodel a cabin to hold the 2 cribs.

      BIG ED

      • susan

        wow, that was the most ignorant response I have EVER read…..

      • mikes

        We’re taken our twins at 7mo, 13mo, 2YO and 2.5YO. It’s a different cruise, but much better than being at home.

        However, we’ve been on Conquest with 2 cribs in the room. It leaves very little space but does work. The balcony complicates issues because a balcony room is NOT larger (the extra square footage is the balcony itself) and they need to keep the door clear, but it is workable.

    • Bill Jones

      nobody cares… have a nice day

    • Dear NAthan,

      I am so with you, we just went on our family vacation on the carnival Dream. Well it is no dream, more like a nightmare and I will never travel on carnival again. It is worth spending a little more money and getting the service and care that is deserved. I agree with you that carnivals reputation will catch up with them and it will be too late.

      A very unhappy cruiser

      • I don’t know about others, but as for my 51 cruises (36 on Carnival), I have never once, no never once been unhappy with the cruise, (250 sea days).I have found the crew and senior officers, to be more friendly than any of the other cruise lines I have been on (Dolphin,Celebrity,Holland,Princess,NCL,Premier,Sun,Majesty and Royal Caribbean). Carnival beats them in all catagories,(Room, price, friendliness, and food & entertainment is about the same on all. Friendliness and price is the most important to me, especially that of the Senior Officers, even when I didn’t have so many cruises on Carnival––Leonard Cole.

      • Leonard,

        you must never have been on Disney because they are the best for service, food and entertainment, but they also have a high price. Royal, we have been on 3 times and the kids love it and we have never had bad service. This was our 2 carnival cruise and the kids and us were very disappointed with everything. I thought the dining staff was awful but you are right the senior officers were nice. Otherwise there was not much to brag about carnival cruise line

      • Ken

        Carnival has the worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. Our one and only cruise was a disaster. Sending us out on the Destiny with half of a propeller system was unacceptable. I still love it every time I hear of a cruise mishap, because, it is always Carnival. I cannot believe people actually pay to be abused. Lucky for Lenonard…every single person I have spoken with (I share my story every time I get a chance…and it was over 2 years ago) has had similar experiences with Carnival. NOBODY I have spoken with will ever cruise Carnival again. So to the ‘Very Unhappy Customer’…give it up and share you story and Carnival responses with every person you can find. THAT is the only way to have an impact. And, althoug my Facebook page ‘Carnival Does Not Care’ is somewhat out of date, maybe we need to make a push to make it well known across the country. A place where people can share their stories….?

  9. KC Cruiser

    You may want to think again before booking kids on Carnival.

    We just cruised on the Carnival Destiny. We had a port change 3 days prior to our sailing. Too late to do anything about it.

    What is worse, Carnival has been having issues with the Destiny since September, 2009. Most recently they had to divert a sailing ‘in progress’ on 1/18/2010.

    You would’ve thought they could notify the passengers on a cruise sailing on 1/30/2010 long before 1/27/2010.

    They don’t care, though. To them, they feel no responsibility. Carnival thinks it is okay to withhold information from its passengers until the very last minute. Of course, that is to trap them in their travel plans.

    Do you know how much it was going to cost me to change just my airline reservations?

    Stay off of Carnival! Seriously, read the reviews on Carnival’s own website. There are words used such as ‘fraud’…not that I am using that term…I would call it more of a ‘bait-and-switch’.

    Responsible notification would’ve provided other opportunities.

  10. Hello there,
    The idea of having on-board wheelchair and scooter rentals or loaner for guests is a nice idea. They could let you know when they booked the cruise if they were going to need one. Until then, we are thrilled to continue renting these items to your guests when sailing from the Long Beach, CA area or going to Disneyland in Anaheim.

  11. Mark & minerva kowalski

    Dear Carnival,
    In May 2010, my wife and I were aboard the Pride out of Baltimore. It was my 19th cruise since 1970 six of which have been on Carnival ships. I don’t do this very often but I want to let you know that out of all my cruises this has been my favorite. We live almost 2 hours from the port and it was the easiest embarkation and disembark in all my cruises. I have never been on any ship that has been so organized and customer service friendly from the Captain to the cruise director to every staff member. We have cruised every year for the past 12 some of which have been with family and friends. The Pride’s staff went above and beyond more than other ships we have been on. We are looking into cruising again in December with a big group on the Pride. I was also happy to learn that you will be sailing another ship out of Baltimore this year to Bermuda. I know you usually hear complaints so I thought that I would take the time to acknowledge a job well done. Kirk is one of the top 2 cruise directors I have seen in 40 years of cruising and usually when I dine I very rarely see the maitre d, until the last day. Our maitre d’ was on 2 other ships with us and he remembered us. His name was Rowan and he made a point to stop at our table once or twice and evening to make sure that we were happy. We are so looking forward to our next Carnival cruise. We sailed to Hawaii for 15 days last March on Celebrity and other than visiting the islands the staff, activities and shows couldn’t compare to the Carnival Pride. I want to thank your team again and we are looking forward to our next cruise.~~
    Sincerely Mark & Minerva Kowalski

  12. olga

    Hi, my name is Olga my husband and three children will be sailing on your Carnival line on Oct. 8th. We are very excited to be a part of this 5 day adventure as we saved up for 2 years to be able to go on this trip. My husband is a disabled law enforcement officer and our lifetime wish after 22 year is to renew our wedding vows. Unfortunately it is not something that is within our budget.please help us make our dream come true it will just be us and our 3 kids traveling. my husband has a machine in his heart after we return he is getting his machine replaced. PLEASE HELP US ALL WE WANT IS TO RENEW OUR VOWS ON OUR WONDERFULL CARNIVAL BOAT. MY NUMBER IS 786 399 7779 OR 305 200 6284 MY NAME IS OLGA SERAFIN WE WILL BE TRAQVELING ON IMAGINATION ON OCTOBER 18 OUR 22 ANIVERSARY IS OCT 23 I ASK GOD THAT IT IS NOT OUR LAST PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HELP US

    • Calling out Sapingas

      stop begging, it’s pathetic…If you google this crazy losers number you will see she’s full of crap and trying to scam everyone she can…I wish it would’ve been your last anniversary . but unfortunately it wasn’t ..Loser , they tried scamming me for concert tix

  13. olga


  14. Gerry Cahill

    Dear Mr. Cahill,

    My wife and I really enjoyed our very first cruise last year on your Legend Cruise ship out of Tampa. So much so, we booked another cruise this year on the Triumph out of New Orleans. I did not bother with cruise insurance since it was only a five day cruise and both my wife and I were very excited to go on another Carnival Cruise. We have been counting the days and marking them on the calendar. Two weeks ago my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. We still hoped that we could take care of the illness thru a mastectomy and still enjoy our cruise. After our visit with the oncologist today, 10/5/10, we have learned that my wife will need Kemotherapy and can not make the November 27 sailing. I called Carnival as soon as I got home today and asked if we could re-schedule our cruise. This would give Carnival 53 days to sell our cabin and keep my wife and I loyal Carnival fans. It would, most importantly give my wife something positive to live for. We were told that we would be charged 200 per person cancedllation fee and there were no credits given, but we could write Carnival and plead our case as a hardship (Which believe me it is) With only 53 days left I could not get a letter and all the documentation together in 3 days and shipped to Miami. Could you find it in your heart to help us? We have been under a great deal of strain and my wife has a very tough road ahead of her dealing with her own servival. All we are asking is a credit so we can sail when she has completed her therapy.

    Truly Yours,

    Richard & Deborah Jacob
    Res # 94SM35

  15. Mary Snyder

    Dear Mr. Cahill,

    We have been cruising with Carnival for the past 15 years. We have been on 10 cruises and are considering a 11th with Carnival but my issue at hand is the customer service that I received for my last cruise. My twin sons have been cruising for the past 10 years and this past cruise my son at the last minute was told by his employer that he could not have time off. We in turn did not ask for a refund but your customer rep kept insisting that she could not refund our money and I kept trying to explain to her that I that I did not want a refund and then I asked to speak to her supervisor and during this entire time it was an battle. Once I talked to the supervisor and explained that I just wanted to make sure that my son would still get credit for the cruise since he was working towards his VIP status and she said that it would not. I told her that I did not understand why it would not and she told me that it was not fair to Carnival because someone else could have taken that spot and I told her that no because my son would still be in the room and I said no my other son is still in the room and she said very rudely that there was nothing that she could do. This is not the first time we have had problems with customer service. The last time was when something happen to the computers and some of the data was lost and we were told to get our status we would need to have proof of all the cruises that we went on. We did have some sort of proof a card for one person or another etc but she said that we would need to have one for each member of the family well we did get most of it strengthen out we are still missing 1 cruise but that was better then all of us having different amounts. She said that there is a problem that needs to be worked on is if more then one person has the same birth date she said that it will cancel the other one out that does not work well with multiple births such as twins. Please let me know if my son will be able to use this as one of his cruises since he did pay in full and did not receive a refund.



  16. ART P



    During September of 2010, I went with my family to celebrate the first birthday of our baby, aboard Carnival Victory. During the travel, almost everything was fine, until we arrived to San Juan, Puerto Rico, because we were informed of the itinerary (an also was mentioned on my contract celebrated with Carnival, through a travel agency in Mexico), that we were arriving at 7 am, so we bought a plane ticket with AA, departing at 9:30 to Miami (September 12, 2010). It means we had 2.5 hours to leave to ship and go to the airport. We informed that to the ship staff since the firts day, in order to speed up the disembark and also the previous day, we went to Guest Information, but nobody pay attention to our request, saying it was our problem, thay can do nothing about it, and that it was very difficult. People from Serbia, South Africa and Ururguay treated us with bad attitude. Finally when we arrived, we went again trying to obtain a positive response, buy again we did not receive a solution. Only we received a tag for our luggage in order to have “express treatment” but we had to wait more than 1 hour at the auditorium, with nobody taking care of our situation, so finally we left the ship until 8:40 am and we went to the airport, arriving at 9 am, missing our flight. We had to wait 4 more flights to Miami (because we were on waiting list), until finally departed at 3 pm (5.5 horus later), so we missed time, money and reservations because a bad attitude of the staff onboard. I think it is duty of the personnel, because we informed that since the beginning, and all of the days the itinerary was on ime, except that day and nobody showed the right attitude to helr us with that speacil situation. I think that Karl, had to deal with these situations instead of organizing last minute bingo games. I would like to receive and explanation and a solution to my problem because we missed money, because of this situation and also complained with our travel agency (Palacio de Hierro), that is one of best in Mexico, that it is starting the prmotion of your trips in this region.
    Thanks in advance.

  18. elaine townsend

    Dear Mr. Cahill: I recently booked a cruise on one of your ships. I was told by e-mail that my final payment was due on Feb. 7. I had a family emergency, and contacted your cruise line to inform them of the situation. I told them I would make the final payment on March 17 for my cruise. No-one would work with me to insure that my room would be held. My booking number is 74zl42. I put 1500.00 down on this reservation. Your cruise line canceled my booking and only credited me for 900.00. I was told that the 1500.oo would go to my booking, but your agents are telling me that only 600.00 will. I do not want to cancel this cruise, or lose this booking or suite. The suite number is 7294. Please do every thing you can to help me fulfill this cruise. It means alot to me. Please respond as promptly as you can. The ship is the carnival Freedom leaving port on April 23 from Fort Lauderdale. My home phone is 484-266-0683. Please respond asap. I cannot get anywhere with the agents you have working for you. Thank you, Elaine Townsend

    • Elaine Townsend

      Dear Sir,
      The above has not been resolved with Carnival. I am very upset that they cancelled my cruise and I promised to pay on the 15th of March. No one would work with me and be supportative. I want my cruise to stay booked The booking number is 74ZL42 Rooom 7294 GS suite. I am not sticking Carnival I definitely plan this cruise. I am just waiting for my bonus on March 15th and will call in my payment. The cruise agent I spoke to was horrible to me and treated me like I didn’t matter at all. I am looking forward to going on the Carnival Freedom on April 23-May 1st. I hope you can help me. I am taking my daughter as a surprise. This is my 2nd email to you asking for your help. Sincerely Elaine

  19. grace moniz

    I just got back from a cruise on the freedom for 8 days. Had a great time but when it was time to get luggage at the pickup i had 1 piece missing and when i found it the handle was all broken and my tags gone and it was thrown in a pile of other luggage damaged, now i had one of your employees pushing a woman through the luggage part and he saw the luggage all damaged and just called a porter to pick it up, when i got home and called they said he should of given me a form to fill out and they cannot do anything for me, this was a new set of luggage that i figured would last me my lifetime but now i cannot use it and no way to get help. this luggage was not cheap luggage and the piece they broke was not even heavy. they just throw the things all over, and i was upset that the employee that works for you did not tell me what i could do, and i said to him they broke my suitcase, he just said nothing. this is not fair and i saved 2 years to go on this cruise. Please have them take better care because people pay alot of money to go on a cruise and when you have a problem and the attitude is they can’t help you is very sad. Now i have luggage that i cannot use because there is no way to get it fixed. i hope you take the time to read all of these, because people take the time to write. i have never had this problem before, grace moniz

  20. ayu

    please give me ajob in your cruise.because so hard to get a job in your cruise.plaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.i p[romise you to be a hard worker

  21. richard

    Hello my name is Richard Charlot. On 8-3-11, I paid for two tickets for a four night cruise with Carnival Imagination. I paid $1,149.34 for me and my girlfriend Romaine Banton. My cruise line booking number was 682kR4. On 8-15-11 at 12:00pm, I wasn’t able to board because my girlfriend did not bring her Alien Registration card. I later found out that I could not get a refund. What made matters worse, I also found out that I could not get a credit to go another time on the cruise. I have never been on a cruise before and this was definitely not a good first impression. I lost all my hard earn money which I’ve been saving for 3 months. All I am asking for, is a credit to book another cruise with in a year. If there is anything u can do about this, I would appreciate it.

  22. Shannon Lee

    Although I enjoyed my trip immensely. This is what I came home to. Please asssist me on the next step.

    After enjoying a wonderful cruise on Carnival Cruise Line dated October 16th through the 23rd The PRIDE, I was horrified to find a piece of my luggage missing when I went to retrieve it from customs. I cannot believe that there is no accountability with the Carnival cruise ship and customs on retrieving a personal belonging in the care of others (the agency and the cruise lines). There is no identifier on the bags other than a strip label having your name and address that can easily be torn from the bag, leaving it exposed to theft. I have lost my bag containing belongings I can never replace as well as precious articles from a deceased relative (Grandmother valuable necklace and earrings to name a few-mistakenly place in bag). The bag contained my entire gift purchased in ports and on the ship for my family and friends, priceless photos I bought onboard. I was told to give the customs 24 hours and call them to see if my bag was returned only to find out that the paper work I filled out had not gotten send to the necessary people handling lost and found items in Miami Florida. I was then told to call on Friday October 28, 2011 which I did they explained to me and my husband I need to contact the travel agency that booked my trip and see if I had insurance on the luggage that was lost due to others negligence or and policy not in place to retrieve personal items. Anyone can easily take a bag not belonging to them. They are free to anyone’s disposal. This can be done purely by error. However, if the individual is not an honest person, or just does not want the hassle of returning the item. Then to bad for the poor sole this happens to. I have taken several Carnival Cruises in the pass and would like to continue to do so. But at this time I am very unhappy with this process and do believe many changes should occur.

    The most glaring one being you must identify the item you are taking by some kind of ticket tag like is followed in the airline business.

    Please let me know what options I have in either helping me to find my bag or compensating me for my loss.

    I have had several sleepless nights not knowing whether I will see my bag and its contents again. This is very disturbing

  23. Gerry, 32 Carnival cruises-33rd on Dream 12/10/11, On Liberty cruise 9/20/11, the logo pin given to Platiinum guest only had Carnival on it, and not the name of the ship sailed on. Why?? Go back to the old pin so a person will know which ship it was for!! Also, for Milestone guests(25+ cruises) a few more perks would be nice, such as Royal Caribbean, the more cruises, the more perks. Milestone members are certainly faithful to
    Carnival and surely deserve it. A good discount for every 25th cruise, off only the base price, is nice, but how many cruisers reach 25-50-75-100. I only know one, Mama Dorothy Schroeder at 100+. I, at 75, probably will never hit my 50, even at 3 cruises a year. Hope so, but doubt it. No other gripes. Very happy with Carnival, will stay faithful. Leonard Cole

  24. Dear Mr. Cahill,

    Was very disapointed with the 11-14-2011 cruise on the Carnival Magic.
    Poor service 2 1/2 hrs for dinner causing missed shows
    Poor quality/taste of food (cost cutting?)
    routed to undesireable ports with out prior knowledge (Progresso)
    duplicate billing/debits to card account
    only $25 given as ship credit
    7 prior cruises with Carnival “do not believe there will be another”
    Did not hear ANY postive comments from other customers regarding this cruise
    Gary Cook/Jackie Cook/Sharon Duncan

    • Is this a black hole, or willl any comments be offered by Carnival ?

      • As you can see on the top this is a private blog. This post is an open letter to Gary Cahill is just my hope that it just might be read by him or other Carnival people.

    • Gary,
      We went on the Dream and it was a nightmare instead. You are right the service was poor and the food quality was bad. We took had dinner take over 2 hours and that was without dessert. Poor, Poor, Poor customer service and don’t bother calling Guest Care because they don’t care.

  25. lisa wilson and allan wilson

    i know you dont care but just want to let you know this was the worst cruise i have ever taken!! all the food on this cruise was worse than eating at a resturant with a “F” score from the health department – if this had been my first ever cruise i would never ever go on a cruise for the rest of my life but since i have cruised on other lines i knew it was just your line – SHAME ON YOU!!! you have no respect for the quality of your food all you care about is makeing money and not getting return business – if all i wanted to do is walk around a ship with nothing to do and eat crap to sustain myself i would have sat in front of a trashcan on the strip in las vegas!! this was supposed to be a VACATION get away and enjoy ourselves trip – well that didnt happen!!! THANKS CARNIVAL YOU LIVED UP TO YOUR NAME “A CARNIVAL” THATS WHAT I FELT LIKE I WAS AT

  26. Alan

    Cahill needs to go. We all miss Dickerson

  27. YES-YES_ Cahill should go. Need a man with the integrity,moral values, and one who will be for the average cruiser more and also do more for the milestone mambers (25+ cruises). They are faithful to Carnival people. Bob Dickinson was one of those moral persons. Miss him so

  28. Don’t seem to do much good to write anything. Even at 34 cruises, I have never heard from Carnival, Cahill, or John Heald.


  30. Patrick Bernard

    Mr. Gerald Cahill
    President & CEO
    Carnival Cruise Lines


    Knowing that Princess Cruises is part of the Carnival conglomerate, it’s a big shame to see the original Pacific Princess, featured in the ’70s TV series “the Love Boat” will soon be scrapped. The least your company could’ve done would be to keep and maintain that icon as a floating hotel or maritime museum, for all the success it catapulted the cruise industry into. If it weren’t for “the Love Boat,” where would the cruise industry be today?

    Sincerely yours,
    Girly Gay

  31. Ronda Davis

    Carnival cruise lines
    Just would like you to know I have sailed with you since 2006. I have told everyone how great your service is along with your soft sleeping arrangements and Food. I havent since found a miami vice as good as yours. My parents were also on the newly wed game. The way you let the customers get involved is awesome.
    I have probably sent you a total of 9 new customers since because of my experience with you. Carnival Cruise is by far the best vacation experience ever. Thats why I am returning June 30th 2012.
    Thanks for everything,
    past guest

    • What is said is very true. I know, I’ve been of 35 Carnival cruises, 3-4 per year and Mr. Cahill knows me. cruisercole& (Leonard Cole)

    • Tina Hancock

      Whatever you do do not go on the Carnival Destiny, it is horrible, the crew and staff are rude, and act as if they hate their job! Horrible experience. Cruised May 28, 2012…..horrible

  32. Very true 49 cruises (35 on Carnival)

  33. Tina Hancock

    Mr. Gerald Cahill
    President & CEO
    Carnival Cruise Lines

    On May 28, 2012 me and about 27 other guests which included first time cruisers and we had built up Carnival as a dream. To our disappointment it was the worst cruise/vacation I have ever been on and will highly think twice before I ever book another cruise through Carnival. I have written to guest services and made phone calls to customer service with complaints. I cruised on the Carnival Destiny out of Miami, Fl. The staff was extremely rude, was not courteous and they say the ship is going to be taken off for a make over, well first of all you need to hire new employees. After finding out what the housekeeping made, no wonder you do not have any US citizens working, because no one would work for that wage. It is pitiful that they are the least recognized when they should be the foremost recognized because they are the ones who care, who make you feel comfortable and make you feel as though you are welcome. I think each person out of our group spent well over $2500 for the costs of the cruise and it was not worth $100 in my opinion. I had rather spent 5 days at home cleaning my house that is how pathetic it was. Couples on the Leido Deck making obscene gesters/vulger and not one crew member said one word to them or ask them to take it to their room. Thank God I did not have kids on the ship. Total disaster of a cruise!

  34. Ken

    The sad part is, Carnival Does Not Care. We were on the ill-fated Destiny clear back in January, 2010. Still have a bitter taste in my mouth. Great for me to see all of the cruise line disasters are happening to Carnival. They deserve it. Sent us out with half a propeller system, and therefore, changed our ports. Too bad this blog doesn’t get back to them. But, heck, even if it did, they would just turn the other way. I started a Facebook group called ‘Carnival Does Not Care’, but I have not updated it recently. We need to generate interest again. The only way to these bullies is through their pocketbook!

    • I agree. Since Bob Dickinson retired, Carnival has gone down. Lets just hope that when the new loyalty program comes out, it will be a good one for all, including milestone guests.

  35. Outstanding story there. What occurred after?
    Take care!

  36. Roger



    On 04/15/2012, my family went on the Carnival Victory and I wanted to purchase FCV vouchers for upcoming cruises.
    As you can verify the Victory does not sell FCVs and the head of the Guest Services desk onboard told me to get them on my next cruise
    and it will work for any cruise I book. So I booked several cruises (8 of them) including the next one which was on the Dream on 08/25/2012
    (which I used one of my previous FCVs). On the Dream, I specifically told the voucher salesperson that I had already booked over 8 cruises
    and wanted to purchase 6 $100 vouchers. The salesperson gave me the FVCs and said to use the vouchers on my booked cruises.
    I then called up Carnival and had a salesperson enter my FVC number for my next cruise on 11/18/2012 on the Conquest which she said
    that the $100 balance would be credited by my FVC with additional onboard credit.

    Now I get an email rejecting my 6 FVCs stating that my vouchers were purchased after I booked the cruises.


    I have be misinformed (possible lied to) by many of Carnival’s employees, even being promised the FCV principal and on-board credit.

    • Don’t waste your time with Carnival, they don’t care. I had a very bad experience and complained to Mr. Cahill and the response I received was we are sorry but that it is. I will never cruise with carnival again. you get what you pay for…crap….

  37. Everyone has their own opinion of Carnival and I have mine. I beleive that about 95% of people who travel on Carnival are happy and satisfied with their cruise in all catagories, especially price. Cabins are larger, inside and outside. I beleive the crew and senior officers will bend over backwards to please a guest who has a complaint, that is all that they can do or should be expected to do. I think Carnival has a higher guest return percentage than any other cruise line. If a person wants perfect attention paid to them, then go on a luxury cruise line (Silver Seas, Seaborn, etc) and pay $1000 or so more, per person, Carnival prices are the lowest of any cruise line and they earn every penny. Bob Dickinson made Carnival and Gerry Cahill is doing a very good job. You can’t please 100% of the guest 100% of the time. Those who gripe and complain about Carnival would do the same on any cruise line. So it is and so it will always be with those very few. I’m happy!!

    • That is great for you!!!! I have been on many different cruise lines and I have to say and will always say that each time that I have been disappointed is on Carnival. They do not bend over backwards to help or please you. My mother fell on the ship and in a wheelchair for the whole cruise and was bruised and in pain the whole cruise. What are they do for her? NOTHING. except we are sorry. So, yes I guess I would pay more just to get what service I deserve and It is not on CARNIVAL. Everyone is allow their own opinion and this is mine.

      • Was Carnival responsible for your mothers fall?? If so, then sue them, if not be thankful that she was not hurt more. If she was in pain, then she would have been in pain no matter what the cruise line. Older people do have a tendancy to fall for various reasons. I am 76 and have fallen many times, never on a ship though. What do you want Carnival to do because your mother fell?? If they were neglectful, thats one thing, if not thats another. Older people have to be more careful on a moving ship. That comes with age and even young people fall.

      • It was Carnivals fault. The tile in the dining room is slippery and The worker told us that they are going to have to take it into dry dock soon because people are falling when it is humid. Yes, she is 70 but still it was there fault because they are aware of the problem and haven’t fixed it yet. She even took out the insurance and they won’t do anything either. It is a big run-around between them both.

      • Leon was right… I would consult an attorney. Hope Carnival has to pay big dollars to you. They deserve all of the bad publicity they receive because they really do not care. Good luck. We really should focus on making my Facebook group active for all of those poor souls unfortunate enough to have wasted their hard earned dollars providing revenue for this absolutely horrible company.

      • It seems like you, Deanna, show up quite often on comments, complaining. I guess Carnival is the only cruise line in the world with some faults. All other ship lines are perfect. my suggestion is quit cruising. I wonder if any other cruise lines get complaints??

      • As a matter of fact..I have been on 5 different cruise lines and I never complained about anything except your favorite..CARNIVAL..

      • Ken Smith

        I agree with Deanna. Carnival’s main problem is they take their customers for granted and do not operate with even an ounce of integrity. We sailed on the broken down Destiny over 2 years ago and it still irritates me to no end. Sent us out on a ship with half a propeller system and changed our ports to accommodate the broken down ship (not enough power/speed to get us to our planned ports). Yes, I know they can change the ports, but this was THEIR issue. We paid full price to be on a fully equipped ship. They treated me like dog crap. Since then, most EVERYBODY I have spoken to that has sailed on Carnival said they would never sail on Carnival again. And, if I hear of somebody talking of a trip, I am very quick to share my story as well as all of the stories I hear. In fact, I created a Facebook Group “Carnival Does Not Care” that I have not maintained. Maybe we really need to focus on building the content and membership. Otherwise, Carnival doesn’t care. Heck, even then, they will probably not worry about it.

  38. Our ports were changed too and the reason we chose this ship was because of the ports. We went to Bahamas twice,,yuck!!!. They won’t give any refund because they state that they have the right to change ports if needed. Everyone on our ship was mad at the quality of port change, it was not comparible to the ones we were to go to. Any other ship I have been on gave you a credit BUT not CARNIVAL.

  39. Ken

    It doesn’t matter anyway. Neither Cahill nor Arison back up their product. Sent us out on the broken down Destiny because they do not care about their customers. Good riddance Carnival…

  40. Howdy just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure
    why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same results.

  41. Gary Cook

    Agree, how can anyone trust the condition of the ships with all the resent problems that could lay to the feet of poor maintenance and inadequate investments in reconditioning the ships. THEY DON’T CARE- TIME TO LET THEM DO WITH OUT OUR BUSINESS!

    • Ken Smith

      Absolutely! Spread the word. Carnival is one of the most horrible corporations I have ever dealt with. And, they continue to put their customers last. Problem is, people still don’t listen. Guess those that do not heed our warning deserve everything they get. Personally, I LOVE it when I hear of yet another mishap. I have told everybody I can what a horrible corporation they are…and it has been 3+ years! I will never stop.

      • I am a diamond member with Carnival, 260+ sea days and all their ships except two and have yet to see any problems. Is that just luck or well run ships. I choose a well run ship line! cruisercole..

  42. Gary Cook

    You must work for them-It is common knowledge their service and quality of food has gone down hill for years-Now the poor maintenance and age of their ships is catching to present a very poorly run company that YES ” it doesn’t care what their customers think”

  43. Diamond members as I will continue to sail Carnival, but they should off to Diamond members more than on shot on the perks of upgrade & free 3rd passenger except for tax on 3rd. One time use after all the big bucks we have spent to reach diamond status, is not much of a perk.

  44. Pingback: Fort Worth Carnival Cruise Lines Ufo |

  45. Jenice Roldan


  46. Walter Rosich

    From: Walter & Judi Rosich

    Former Carnival Cruise Customers
    Cruise Dates: December 24 thru 31, 2016
    Ship: Vista Stateroom Havana 6461

    To: Mr. Gerry Cahill President and Chief Executive Officer
    Carnival Cruise Line or Mickey Arison

    Subject: Substandard Quality for a Cruise Line “Carnival”

    Dear Sir

    My wife and I recently took a cruise on a Carnival Cruise Ship Vista. It took us all year to save our hard earned money for what we thought was going to be a good cruise. Unfortunately that did not happen. The following is a detailed review of the cruise onboard the Carnival Cruise Vista and has been already posted on the Cruise Critic website. This review will also be posted on Face Book. We have taken enough cruises on several different cruise lines to know what a good value for your money is and what isn’t. You can choose to read this rather detailed report card of your cruise line (this problem is probably systemic with your organization) and use it to your advantage to make improvements or you can just ignore it. But if you choose to ignore it know this, the Carnival Cruise line under your leadership will probably never be regarded as one of the top (not even close) premier cruise lines. I have been blogging since this cruise and I have come across former customers that have referred your cruise line as the ghetto cruise line (with god as my witness). I don’t mind paying good money for a cruise as long as we get a positive experience in return. But we feel we were ripped off. And the cruise seemed more like a Diamonds International Jewelry scam more than anything you guys have some serious ethics issues. This was all we heard throughout the cruise Jewelry, it was ridiculous.

    Note*** This was our “Honeymoon”

    Why a New Cruise Ship Does Not Necessarily mean it’s a Better Cruise Ship
    Carnival Cruise Ship; Vista (in service several months)
    Walter & Judith Cruise dates; December 24 through 31, 2016
    What went wrong
    1) Day one, receiving luggage at stateroom. On our way to the muster station for the initial safety briefing, I found my mares travel bag with all our dive gear $$ just sitting there at the other end of the long hallway. That immediately gave me a negative feeling as to the competence of this Carnival Cruise Crew.
    2) Two maintenance men knocked on the door (same day) and stated there was a problem with the shower they had to fix, I sent them away, the shower had no defect what so ever. Note* three days into the crews when we docked at Belize and my wife and I had returned and were resting, another maintenance man knocked on the door and said someone reported something wrong with the shower, at this point I got this gut feeling this was a crew member taking advantage that passengers were on the island to case the joint. Don’t know if they have room access keys, but I sent him away. Why in the hell are we paying a lot of money for this cruise to being constantly interrupted for maintenance, seriously?

    3) The Christmas Day “Dinner Disaster” It was Christmas day, we were dressed elegantly, we went to check-in for dinner, to our dismay there was complete “Chaos” with the seating. There were two ladies each with their laptop trying to seat the passengers for dinner, you should have seen their faces; it was something you did not want to see on Christmas day and on your cruise vacation, they had faces of massive confusion and were completely overwhelmed, they were lost and did not know what to do. They were sticking the passengers anywhere where there was food served. It wasn’t until two and a half hours later that my wife and I were finally seated at a table next to pissed-off and unhappy passengers. Then the waiters decided to help the situation by dancing disco & twerking on chairs, which obviously was a sign that it would be a while before being served and I was right. This is “PATHETIC” for a cruise line, for an organization that does this for a living.

    4) Food on board ship: Note* this following statement is coming from a retired Navy Veteran who spent many years (sea-duty) eating onboard U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers.
    The food gets a D- most of your eating would be buffet style (to save on time for when you had plans to go to shore) at a place called the Market Place on the lido deck. The food quality at the market place was well, let me put it this way, the Golden Coral (national buffet food chain)had better quality food, I’m serious! That is really sad for the money you pay for this cruise. They were slow to clean the tables at the Market Place, one morning I had to clean a table myself before my wife and I sat down for breakfast.
    Food at the sit down dinners (Horizon Restaurant) the menu was the same every night, and if
    you wanted to order a lobster tail and a good steak (surf & Turf) they charged you an extra $20 I
    had ordered a two shrimp cocktails as an appetizer for my wife and me. When they brought the
    Shrimp cocktail I could not believe my eyes, these were frozen out of a bag, and these were so
    small about the size of a quarter, I get bigger shrimp at Walmart! On my last cruise (Royal
    Caribbean) the shrimp cocktail appetizer’s I ordered had 6 huge shrimp. We felt ripped off.

    5) Entertainment: left a lot to be desired, let’s see, a DJ playing music at on venue, a comedy hour at another venue, the piano bar (was nice), three musicians playing (good for cocktail hour that’s it). They did have good Latin music, live band oh and they had “BINGO” WOW! I paid just under 5,000 dollars for the cruise (not including the two beach excursions) to play Bingo.
    I kept looking for Las Vegas type shows, like what they have on board the Royal Caribbean but there was nothing that even came close. I was looking for a dance music venue, so we could dance the night away, not happening onboard the Carnival Vista.

    6) Shore Excursions: On of the two shore excursions (paid for separately) we went on one was on Roatan Island, half day Beach excursion $200, (rip off). The ship had problems docking, it took over two hours to finalize docking, these were two hours they cut from our half day at the beach in order to keep their cruise schedule, and I blame this on the Carnival Crew for not having their act together. The Roatan Beach excursion was very nice, the guys on the island were great and the drive to the beach was very nice

    The second shore excursion was a two tank dive at the Cayman Islands. This was a very enjoyable two tank dive with Don Foster dive shop. This was enjoyable because Carnival Cruise did not manage (screw-up)the excursion.

    7) Hot Tubs: as a Savanna Stateroom paid guest you have the privilege of a reserved area that has two hot tubs and a pool area with cabanas. One morning my wife and entered the hot tub and smelled a very strong odor of turpentine/kerosene coming from the hot tub area. I bent down to smell the water and the water smelled the same. We notified the crew member wiping down the floor and he looked at me with a face of utter confusion, like a deer in the headlights, the zombie look. I had to go and complain to the bartender poolside.
    A senior maintenance person arrived (about half hour later) and did not know how to react, he stated” they are doing work on the library on the deck below, it must be the smell coming up from below. I did not for a minute believe him. My wife’s bathing suite smelled of this turpentine/kerosene. The senior crew member stated, it’s impossible for the smell to be coming from the water. Let me tell you this smell was “TOXIC” and we all had to leave. This is inconsiderate and just plain greed on behalf of Carnival Cruise Lines to put in jeopardy the wellbeing, “Safety” and the discomfort of customers that have worked hard all year in order to pay for a cruise. Other passengers were also stated their complaints.

    Where was the Quality Control during this cruise?
    During the cruise as I noticed crew short comings here and there
    I continued to ask myself, who in the hell is keeping an eye on this crew?
    Throughout the cruise I heard steady complaints from other passengers.

    Plainly put: Carnival Cruise Sucks. If it were up to me I would dock this ship (Vista) and send everyone back to cruise ship training school, or whatever process your organization uses to train crews. Maybe it’s the Carnival Cruise training process that is at fault and needs an overhaul.
    Maybe you should contract Royal Caribbean Training organization to train your crews.

    Mitigation of Nonconformance’s
    Immediate containment: Top down advisement from the captain/Cruise Line top officials down to crew to get their act together. Note* pay attention to “human factors” involved.

    Root Cause: Use the 5 why’s to get to the actual root cause for this cruise lines inferior performance. And use a fish bone cause & effect diagram for each of the 5 why’s.

    Correction: begin an immediate internal audit system tailored to each department to improve performance and quality.

    Corrective Action: Implement on board quality inspectors to observe crew performance and “ask customers during the cruise how they are doing there is no better time to get an accurate pulse on actual cruise performance than during the cruise and “document” the crews performance and passenger complaints and suggestions. Remember most the passengers after the cruise will not take the time to write a review, if they think you suck, they will simply use another cruise line next time just as I will.

    Corrective Controls Implemented to prevent reoccurrence of Nonconformance’s: This data collected is actually reviewed by a Quality Control board and nonconformance’s effectively mitigated. Preventive controls implemented to be verified to ensure they are effective.

    On Positive side: The stateroom was very nice, and the process for getting passengers on the cruise ship is outstanding too bad it was all downhill from that point on.

    My Final Words

    I work too hard for my money and cannot risk any future investments (cruise tickets) on an inferior cruise line such as Carnival Cruise that cannot seem to get their act together. My wife and I are pretty much disgusted with Carnival Cruise and cannot believe that an organization that does this for a living can fall so short of being a Quality Cruise line., We will “not” use Carnival Cruise lines again we feel this is an inferior cruise line as compared to Royal Caribbean and most other top notch cruise lines. I will post this very detailed review on Face book and every online cruise related website/blog.

    What is your “Mission Statement”?? every top notch organization has one and if your organization does have one guess what, it is not enforced or instilled in everyone in your organization. What is the “Culture” at Carnival Cruise lines? Ask yourselves these questions Every Carnival Cruise employee from the Owner to the stockholders to the crew member mopping the floors should be reminded on a daily basis what the Mission Statement of this organization is. This mission statement should be plastered on the walls of every carnival cruise ship and every carnival cruise business building starting with the owner and top executives. Let it be known to your customers that you are committed to giving them a memory of a lifetime when they board your ships.

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