New Orleans, Carnival Fantasy and one Wonderful Bloggers Cruise

The Quilt on our cabin bed

The Quilt on our cabin bed

I’ve started to write this post five times already to thank the whole Evil Krewe for all they did to make this the best ever cruise for all. Then I would hear “you got mail” and I would go read another email from someone going through a list thanking everyone for all the different things they did and I would see I missed someone. Then came the wonderful words from Lance and I knew I would not get away with just doing a cut and paste of his well said words.

But I must thank Barb and the Evil Krewe for that beautiful quilt that had both Pat and I in tears at the Tea for John. Later that day I saw our cabin steward and asked him to put the quilt on our bed that night. So when we returned from formal night Pat walked into our cabin to see the quilt on our bed. She then began to cry all over again. (see picture at the top of post).

So I will just say a very heartfelt Thank You to all that made this Blogger Cruise  one we will never forget. So to help us not forget I will put all the links to all the pictures that where sent to me. That will keep them all in one place and easy to find.

Pictures From;

Added 2/18 Elaine

Added 2/17 AJ Eckerts

Mike Brown



Mike Sagara





Big Ed’s

Norman’s Gallery 

John’s Tea Party

From Pat and I kisses and big huggos to all. We love you and thank you for all you did to make this the best cruise for all of the Evil Crew.



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13 responses to “New Orleans, Carnival Fantasy and one Wonderful Bloggers Cruise

  1. Hey Ed,

    How was the bloggers cruise?

  2. Lance & Ilda

    Dear Ed and Pat,

    We had the time of our lives!! It was so special in so many ways. I wish others could experience cruising like this! Thank you for everything, especially posting all of the photo links. It will be much easier to add to our album now! The quilt looks amazing.


    Lance & Ilda.

  3. Judy and Andre

    Hi Ed; The quilt is beautiful. Andre and I arrived safely back in Sarasota and our son, daughter-in-law and grandson arrived today for 10 days.
    We had a great time on the cruise – it was such fun.
    Maybe I’ll have to see about BC3!!

    Judy and Andre

  4. Michael

    Dear Ed and Pat.

    After a relatively smooth return home and all of the post-cruise activities, I find that we are again in the same boat. I don’t know if backspacing actually crumples up the words that I find not good enough to express how grateful I am for the two of you for putting our group together. At first thought I saw you as the CEO of Krewe Synergy…’crumpled’, along with several other bad ideas. In the end, the best I could come up with, because of John’s love of all things French and Kevin’s talents was…are you ready for this?…Pot-au-Feu! A pot-au-feu—a pot always left on the fire—could be a continuous affair with new ingredients added as some is used. Comfy food. Chef Ed putting in a pinch here and a cup there and Chef Pat giving it a stir every so often to keep it simmering. Your Stewe…er…Krewe of simple ingredients and complex flavors made for the best meal Sallie and I have ever enjoyed on a Carnival cruise.

    Falling back to the tried and true ‘KISS’ principle…Thank you.

  5. Kathie

    Ed and Pat,

    The quilt is lovely. Barb made this a wonderful heirloom for the Heald’s and Konefe’s! Widh I could have been there for the presentation. It was hard watching you in the water without us!

    Kathie (Kap)

  6. Linda Hernacki

    Thank you so much for putting all the photos from the bloggers cruise on your website, couldn’t be there but loved seeing them all! Linda

  7. PrincessElaine

    Hi Ed,
    You didn’t put up the link to my pictures. Don’t you love me anymore? Sniff, sniff. LOL

  8. PrincessElaine

    Thank you!!

  9. I would have enjoyed the cruise with you but I have to tell you the Destiny has the nicest staff on the high seas.

  10. so happy to hear it was a wonderful cruise! i’ll go look at all the photos now…

    smiles, bee

  11. The Bears - Princess Barb & Carl

    Ed and Pat,
    I am so glad you are enjoying the quilt. And Ed, having the room steward putting it on the bed the first night, was so sweet. I felt so proud when you asked me to come and see how it looked.

    Thank you both for making our cruise extra special!

  12. Linda (Mom of DJ)

    Ed and Pat:

    That is the BEST picture!!!!!

    I am so glad that the lovely and talented Princess Barb and handsome and talented Sir Lancelot were able to make this “magic” happen!!!

    Princess Linda
    Squire DJ

  13. Kevin hoffman

    Hello, i’m not sure where to get this information so I though I would start here. My cousin and Grandpa went on the Fantasy out of New Orleans about 8 months ago. On the cruise they went to one of the comedy shows. Now I don’t know the name of the comedian, but my Grandpa wheeled up to the stage, got out of his wheelchair, and got on stage and started telling jokes to the audience. Defenitely a memorable experience. My Grandpa passed away on Easter Sunday. It would mean a lot to my family if we could get a copy of that show. What he did that day sums up his whole life. He loved to make people laugh. He has made me laugh my whole life!

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