Heidi Heald The Queen Of The Blog Thingy To Retire From Carnival.

After 11 years of service to CARNIVAL Heidi Heald will be leaving the CARNIVAL SPLENDOR at the end of this present cruise. She will be preparing for her new career as a mother. She will be really missed by CARNIVAL and all the friend she has made on all of the different ships she has sailed.

Over the last 19 months she has become a big part of the family of Bloggers that have been reading the Blog Thingy of her husband, John Heald. We were all waiting and praying for the day the magic stick announced that “The Thingy”, as John calls the baby to be, was in the oven.

Heidi you will be missed at the 2009 Bloggers Cruise on the CARNIVAL FANTASY but we very much understand. All the Bloggers can hope for is that CARNIVAL will set up a live satellite feed between you and the ship.

So as you walk down the gangway for the last time as a CARNIVAL employee we all say

Bon Voyage





  1. The Queen of the Blog Thingy will make a wonderful mother, best wishes to Heidi and John.

  2. Heidi, Congratulations on your retirement and the start of the new career as the Mother of the Heald baby. It is a full time job, with no retirement, but plenty of benefits. Everyday will be different and you will enjoy every day.
    I’m so proud that we got to cruise with you and meet you on the BC.
    Best Wishes
    Don and Countess Carolyn

  3. Lance & Ilda

    Dear Heidi,

    It has been our distinct pleasure to have met you on the first ever blogger’s cruise. We wish you a life of love, happiness and prosperity. May your new baby bring joy and adventure to you and John. We will miss you in New Orleans but we know that you have waited so long for this moment. Enjoy it to the fullest and take comfort in knowing that there is a whole online community of virtual aunts and uncles just salivating for any news concerning our collective “Niece or Nephew!”

    All kidding aside, we wish you all the best Heidi.


    Lance & Ilda Gunberg

  4. Sharon Bowie

    You are a true queen-of the blog, the house and most important you are John’s Queen.
    I can’t believe it was just under two months ago we talked about you getting pregnant and all the things that had been tried.
    What a perfect time to be retiring even though you will be missed by all. Please keep us up to date with your new life and the little thingy’s sex if you find out, all us Aunts and Uncles will be waiting to know.
    We will miss you on the BC but hopefully you will be there via satellite.
    The very best to you in your new role as a Mum.
    Love and hugs,

  5. Marlene

    Sweet Heidi: Wishing you the best as you retire from Carnival and looking forward to all the news about your new adventure with baby Heald. Will be looking forward to reading all the blogs from his proud Papa that will keep us uptodate and entertained. There’s no experience of joy as motherhood and I know you will be an excellent mother. You will be missed aboard ship.

    Blessings Heidi and John.


  6. Princess Elaine

    Dearest Heidi,
    As you retire from Carnival and move on to the next chapter of your life, I wish for you, John and Baby Heald health, happiness and prosperity.
    It was a pleasure to have met you. We all know that behind any good man, is the strong, wonderful woman that keeps him afloat. You are that and MUCH more.
    Blessings to all of you.


  7. Princess Susan

    Words can not explain how happy we are for your new job as a mother! It will be sad for you to leave Carnival, but your world is about to change for the better! Enjoy every minute of it, because it will pass very fast and then it will seem like just a dream!
    I will miss the Heidi blogs, so please find time every once in a while to say hi.
    May God watch over you, John, and especially that very special baby.
    And in the very famous words of Nanni, may I say “Mucho Hugos” to you!
    Princess Susan

  8. Heidi,
    Coongratulatiooons on EVERYTHING!! I aam so sorry that you are not going to be able to make it to the blooger cruise. I was so looking forward to finally meeting you!Have a fantastic pregnancy, enjoy it. Let eveyone do everything for you while you can!!!! Because after the baby comes it will be the Baby, baby, baby! Love to you and John. Sue M

  9. Linda (Mom of DJ)

    That is the most beautiful picture!!!!

    We will miss you at the Blogger’s Cruise…but we are so thrilled about this new Chapter in you and John’s lives.

    I am so glad we got to meet on the Imagination.

    Here is a wish for MUCH happiness and joy in the future…

    Linda (Mom of John’s friend DJ)

  10. Catmama044

    As you enter this new chapter in your life, may you be blessed with much happiness. I do hope you will continue to do a few “Mummy Guest Blogs” complete with pictures. Take care.

    Love and hugs,

  11. all the best to the family but i SO wish they would call it something other than the thingy… sigh.

    smiles, bee

  12. Linda Hernacki

    Congratulations Heidi and all best wishes, hope you have a very uneventful pregnancy, and a smooth childbirth. John will be a great support I am sure. Enjoy your time off because it will all come to an end on May 15th. Have fun decorating the nursery too. I am so happy there is a little Thingy growing in your tummy for you and John to enjoy, love and nurture, I sure wish you would call it something else though. Thingy sounds so crude. How about your “Little bit of Sunshine”? Love and Hugs, Linda & Mike

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