John Heald and the Carnival Splendor


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One response to “John Heald and the Carnival Splendor

  1. retirementman

    Good beautiful morning Big Ed. It’s been awhile since I’ve talked to you. I hope all is well. Mr. Heald is really doing well with his blog it’s amazing how many times I’ve seen your name in it. After reading that Mr. Heald may send most of his time in Europe, I realize that I may never meet this wondserful man. Ok well, that’s life. I’m really looking forward to my next cruise in January 25, 2009 on the Valor. I here that this ship is great. Thanks for all the prayers for my grandson, Cole. He was back in the hospital for a week where the doctors really had no idea what was wrong with him. They thought each day was another thing wrong with him. I guess prayer was all that he needed. Well I have to go now. I’m golfing today. Ciao for now.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo
    Amherstburg, Ontario

    Just in case you have forgotten me.

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