John Heald is home on the Carnival Splendor

The Carnival Splendor is one step closer to being a reality. John Heald the senior Cruise Director for Carnival Cruise Lines is now on the ship. He will be working for the next month getting the ship ready for all that will be cruising on her to have the best cruise they were ever on.

If you follow John’s  blog for the next month you will see the final steps to the birth of another beautiful Carnival cruise ship. In a post on his blog on June 2, 2008there is a fine interview of the designer of the Carnival Splendor, Joe Farcus. So take the time to read about what went into the designing of the Splendor.




5 responses to “John Heald is home on the Carnival Splendor

  1. can’t wait to see the splendor! we are going with linda hernake over thanksgiving. don’t know if john will be on it or not, probably not, he will probably not do the transatlantic again and this is the cruise after that. either way, it will be fun…

    all the best to the krew!

    smiles, bee

  2. Good evening Big Ed. Isn’t it great now that Mr. Heald is ready to board the Splendor soon. I can’t wait till his blog onboard the ship. Are you ready for your next cruise? Ciao for now.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  3. Linda Hernacki

    I HOPE and PRAY that John and Heidi will still be on the Splendor the week of Thanksgiving, when we sail with Empress Bee and Prince Charlie and stop off in P.R. to meet Nanni. PLEASE John be there! I didn’t think this was the cruise after the transatlantic though, I thought there were a few 2 and 3 day cruises before ours? Linda Hernacki

  4. I cant wait to see the Splendour and now that John is onboard, thats one step closer to seeing this great ship sailing. I hope John is onboard when I finally get to cruise on her which wont be until next year, sigh.

    Ed Im enjoying your blogs…just keep them coming and I will be reading the progress from you on this great new ship for Carnival (my favorite cruise line).

    Fellow cruiser and reviewer at

  5. Linda (Mom of DJ)

    I hope John is still on when we sail her on Nov. 17th. We are doing the 4 day and then get on the Freedom for 8 days!!


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