Open letter to Micky Arison, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Carnival Corporation & PLC.



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Mr. Arison, 

I just had one heck of a great idea. After reading John Heald’s  posts on his blog for the last few weeks I realized just how much he hates to fly, but he still does fly. But what about all those of us that will not fly no matter what. I think the Carnival CORPORATION should get into the across cruise line scheduling/booking business. If Cunard’s transatlantic crossings and all the other sisters had there schedules timed so a person could take a Cunard transatlantic from New York to Southampton then transfer on to lets say the Carnival  Splendor for it’s 12 day cruise of Europe then get back on a Cunard ship to return to New York I think that would sell if sold as a complere package. A Cunard round trip is guess what 12 days just like the Splendor’s so you wouldn’t even need a hotel stay. The same thing could be done on this end for Europeans coming to New York. When they get to New York they could then do a roundtrip cruise out of New York to either the Caribbean or New England/Canada then return on a Cunard ship to Europe.    

 With a  CORPORATION advertising staff pushing this it could work. How about “CRUISE THE CARNIVAL FAMILY” or “CARNIVAL WE ARE A FAMILY” I even got a tune for that one. I can just see a commercial featuring the best of the whole family.








  1. Susan B

    Big Ed,
    I LOVE this idea! I hate to fly also. I would so book this if it was offered! I wish Carnival would take this suggestion and at least give it some thought!! I will never book what I call a one-way cruise for the fact that I need a scooter, so I drive to all the ports. If the package would end up where it started, it would make it so much easier on me.
    Please Mr. Arison, give this some thought!
    Princess Susan


    Susan, thank you for that input. Because we don’t fly and only drive to the ports all our cruises have to be round tripers. It’s a long walk back to your car if you go on a one-way cruise.

    BIG ED

  2. Shirley

    Big Ed, I don’t mind flying. I have flown to seven of eight of my past cruises and am flying to Ecuador tomorrow for my ninth. But I would still love the B2B2B cruises packaged together as you described.

    I do hope to do a European cruise someday and I like visiting foreign cities with the assistance of someone who knows the area. I don’t speak any foreign language so I want the comfort of escorted shore excursions to see some of the places John has been describing. I also have a sister who is a non-flyer and who would like to visit Europe.

    My sister-in-law who has been on three Carnival cruises with me in the past five years had even talked of trying to put together a similar itinerary. So I’m sure she and my brother would also be very interested.

    So yes, Ed, this is a brilliant idea even for those of us who do fly. And Carnival Corp should give you a free ride on this one for coming up with the brilliant idea.


    Shirley, I’m glad to see even fliers like this idea. This is the only way I would ever be able to see Europe. I sure hope Mr. Arison sees your suggestion. You have a safe flight and my both you and your luggage arrive together for your cruise.

  3. Big Ed,

    This is a fantastic idea. My In-laws often book multiple cruises, repositioning cruises, etc…The “Carnival Family cruise package sounds like something they would love. Once my husband and I retire and are able to spend more time, it is something I would love to do. I would do anything to get out of a 20-plus hour flight.


    Shelly, I could just see John doing a 20 hour flight on Air France. There are so many different ways this idea could go.

  4. tom & jane

    hey ed

    how about blog 2010,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    on the new DREAM,,,it will be based in florida,,,

  5. tom & jane

    Port Canaveral

  6. Sally

    I also have an idea. Mr. Arison , since you are in Trinidad today for the FCAA conference….have you seriously ever considered Trinidad as a home port for Carnival for the lower Caribbean and Latin America? For lots of Europeans it takes away the US immigration issues. There are lots of direct flights from the UK, South America and US there. It is out of hurricane belt. It is the last island in the Caribbean and at the tip of Venezuela so very strategically located. It is rich in culture offering the 2nd best carnival after Brazil, lots of steel pan, calypso etc. There are beautiful beaches and lots of little islands ( down the islands) that one can have day excursion to. It is a little
    “gulf” state , very wealthy full of oil , natural gas etc. Stable government…it is booming right now with lots of construction of new hotels, infrastructure, rail etc. etc. I even thought of a particular part of a site that would be ideal for Carnival to develop the Carnival water park ( like the Wadi Park in Dubai) so there is lots of activities for all. Give it a thought……!

  7. Walter Rosich

    From: Walter & Judi Rosich

    Former Carnival Cruise Customers
    Cruise Dates: December 24 thru 31, 2016
    Ship: Vista Stateroom Havana 6461

    To: Mr. Gerry Cahill President and Chief Executive Officer
    Carnival Cruise Line or Mickey Arison

    Subject: Substandard Quality for a Cruise Line “Carnival”

    Dear Sir

    My wife and I recently took a cruise on a Carnival Cruise Ship Vista. It took us all year to save our hard earned money for what we thought was going to be a good cruise. Unfortunately that did not happen. The following is a detailed review of the cruise onboard the Carnival Cruise Vista and has been already posted on the Cruise Critic website. This review will also be posted on Face Book. We have taken enough cruises on several different cruise lines to know what a good value for your money is and what isn’t. You can choose to read this rather detailed report card of your cruise line (this problem is probably systemic with your organization) and use it to your advantage to make improvements or you can just ignore it. But if you choose to ignore it know this, the Carnival Cruise line under your leadership will probably never be regarded as one of the top (not even close) premier cruise lines. I have been blogging since this cruise and I have come across former customers that have referred your cruise line as the ghetto cruise line (with god as my witness). I don’t mind paying good money for a cruise as long as we get a positive experience in return. But we feel we were ripped off. And the cruise seemed more like a Diamonds International Jewelry scam more than anything you guys have some serious ethics issues. This was all we heard throughout the cruise Jewelry, it was ridiculous.

    Note*** This was our “Honeymoon”

    Why a New Cruise Ship Does Not Necessarily mean it’s a Better Cruise Ship
    Carnival Cruise Ship; Vista (in service several months)
    Walter & Judith Cruise dates; December 24 through 31, 2016
    What went wrong
    1) Day one, receiving luggage at stateroom. On our way to the muster station for the initial safety briefing, I found my mares travel bag with all our dive gear $$ just sitting there at the other end of the long hallway. That immediately gave me a negative feeling as to the competence of this Carnival Cruise Crew.
    2) Two maintenance men knocked on the door (same day) and stated there was a problem with the shower they had to fix, I sent them away, the shower had no defect what so ever. Note* three days into the crews when we docked at Belize and my wife and I had returned and were resting, another maintenance man knocked on the door and said someone reported something wrong with the shower, at this point I got this gut feeling this was a crew member taking advantage that passengers were on the island to case the joint. Don’t know if they have room access keys, but I sent him away. Why in the hell are we paying a lot of money for this cruise to being constantly interrupted for maintenance, seriously?

    3) The Christmas Day “Dinner Disaster” It was Christmas day, we were dressed elegantly, we went to check-in for dinner, to our dismay there was complete “Chaos” with the seating. There were two ladies each with their laptop trying to seat the passengers for dinner, you should have seen their faces; it was something you did not want to see on Christmas day and on your cruise vacation, they had faces of massive confusion and were completely overwhelmed, they were lost and did not know what to do. They were sticking the passengers anywhere where there was food served. It wasn’t until two and a half hours later that my wife and I were finally seated at a table next to pissed-off and unhappy passengers. Then the waiters decided to help the situation by dancing disco & twerking on chairs, which obviously was a sign that it would be a while before being served and I was right. This is “PATHETIC” for a cruise line, for an organization that does this for a living.

    4) Food on board ship: Note* this following statement is coming from a retired Navy Veteran who spent many years (sea-duty) eating onboard U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers.
    The food gets a D- most of your eating would be buffet style (to save on time for when you had plans to go to shore) at a place called the Market Place on the lido deck. The food quality at the market place was well, let me put it this way, the Golden Coral (national buffet food chain)had better quality food, I’m serious! That is really sad for the money you pay for this cruise. They were slow to clean the tables at the Market Place, one morning I had to clean a table myself before my wife and I sat down for breakfast.

    Food at the sit down dinners (Horizon Restaurant) the menu was the same every night, and if you wanted to order a lobster tail and a good steak (surf & Turf) they charged you an extra $20. I had ordered a two shrimp cocktails as an appetizer for my wife and me. When they brought the
    Shrimp cocktail I could not believe my eyes, these were frozen out of a bag, and these were so small about the size of a quarter, I get bigger shrimp at Walmart! On my last cruise (Royal Caribbean) the shrimp cocktail appetizer’s I ordered had 6 huge shrimp. We felt ripped off with Carnival.

    5) Entertainment: left a lot to be desired, let’s see, a DJ playing music at on venue, a comedy hour at another venue, the piano bar (was nice), three musicians playing (good for cocktail hour that’s it). They did have good Latin music, live band oh and they had “BINGO” WOW! I paid just under 5,000 dollars for the cruise (not including the two beach excursions) to play Bingo.
    I kept looking for Las Vegas type shows, like what they have on board the Royal Caribbean but there was nothing that even came close. I was looking for a dance music venue, so we could dance the night away, not happening onboard the Carnival Vista.

    6) Shore Excursions: On of the two shore excursions (paid for separately) we went on one was on Roatan Island, half day Beach excursion $200, (rip off). The ship had problems docking, it took over two hours to finalize docking, these were two hours they cut from our half day at the beach in order to keep their cruise schedule, and I blame this on the Carnival Crew for not having their act together. The Roatan Beach excursion was very nice, the guys on the island were great and the drive to the beach was very nice

    The second shore excursion was a two tank dive at the Cayman Islands. This was a very enjoyable two tank dive with Don Foster dive shop. This was enjoyable because Carnival Cruise did not manage (screw-up)the excursion.

    7) Hot Tubs: as a Savanna Stateroom paid guest you have the privilege of a reserved area that has two hot tubs and a pool area with cabanas. One morning my wife and entered the hot tub and smelled a very strong odor of turpentine/kerosene coming from the hot tub area. I bent down to smell the water and the water smelled the same. We notified the crew member wiping down the floor and he looked at me with a face of utter confusion, like a deer in the headlights, the zombie look. I had to go and complain to the bartender poolside.
    A senior maintenance person arrived (about half hour later) and did not know how to react, he stated” they are doing work on the library on the deck below, it must be the smell coming up from below. I did not for a minute believe him. My wife’s bathing suite smelled of this turpentine/kerosene. The senior crew member stated, it’s impossible for the smell to be coming from the water. Let me tell you this smell was “TOXIC” and we all had to leave. This is inconsiderate and just plain greed on behalf of Carnival Cruise Lines to put in jeopardy the wellbeing, “Safety” and the discomfort of customers that have worked hard all year in order to pay for a cruise. Other passengers were also stated their complaints.

    Where was the Quality Control during this cruise?
    During the cruise as I noticed crew short comings here and there
    I continued to ask myself, who in the hell is keeping an eye on this crew?
    Throughout the cruise I heard steady complaints from other passengers.

    Plainly put: Carnival Cruise Sucks. If it were up to me I would dock this ship (Vista) and send everyone back to cruise ship training school, or whatever process your organization uses to train crews. Maybe it’s the Carnival Cruise training process that is at fault and needs an overhaul.
    Maybe you should contract Royal Caribbean Training organization to train your crews.

    Mitigation of Nonconformance’s
    Immediate containment: Top down advisement from the captain/Cruise Line top officials down to crew to get their act together. Note* pay attention to “human factors” involved.

    Root Cause: Use the 5 why’s to get to the actual root cause for this cruise lines inferior performance. And use a fish bone cause & effect diagram for each of the 5 why’s.

    Correction: begin an immediate internal audit system tailored to each department to improve performance and quality.

    Corrective Action: Implement on board quality inspectors to observe crew performance and “ask customers during the cruise how they are doing there is no better time to get an accurate pulse on actual cruise performance than during the cruise and “document” the crews performance and passenger complaints and suggestions. Remember most the passengers after the cruise will not take the time to write a review, if they think you suck, they will simply use another cruise line next time just as I will.

    Corrective Controls Implemented to prevent reoccurrence of Nonconformance’s: This data collected is actually reviewed by a Quality Control board and nonconformance’s effectively mitigated. Preventive controls implemented to be verified to ensure they are effective.

    On Positive side:
    The stateroom was very nice, and the process for getting passengers on the cruise ship is
    outstanding too bad it was all downhill from that point on.

    My Final Words

    I work too hard for my money and cannot risk any future investments (cruise tickets) on an inferior cruise line such as Carnival Cruise that cannot seem to get their act together. My wife and I are pretty much disgusted with Carnival Cruise and cannot believe that an organization that does this for a living can fall so short of being a Quality Cruise line., We will “not” use Carnival Cruise lines again we feel this is an inferior cruise line as compared to Royal Caribbean and most other top notch cruise lines. I will post this very detailed review on Face book and every online cruise related website/blog.
    Where is or what is your “Mission Statement” every top notch organization has one and if your organization does have one guess what, it is not enforced or instilled in everyone in your organization. What is the “Culture” at Carnival Cruise lines? Ask yourselves these questions from the Owner to the stockholders to the crew member mopping the floors.

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