300 Days To The 2009 Bloggers Cruise

Well we made it this far. It’s now only 300 days to the 2009 John Heald Bloggers Cruise on the CARNIVAL FANTASY out of the Port of New Orleans on February 7,2009.

As stated by John Heald on his Blog;

Let’s chat about the Bloggers Cruise. Today I have been e-mailing the office regarding this great adventure in February next year. We now have opened communications with the Port Authority and have a list of charities that wish to be part of what we do. We now have to choose which one and then we will start planning what we can do to help. Meanwhile we are also working on Hotel information and again thanks to the Port of New Orleans we should be able to have some great rates and a large conference room to hold the pre-cruise events. I will keep you all up to date but things are now moving along very quickly.

So along with the cruise and the pre-cruise activities this will be even better they the 2008 Bloggers Cruise. So just go to CARNIVAL.COM and book your cruise. Hope to see you there.



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4 responses to “300 Days To The 2009 Bloggers Cruise

  1. Big Ed
    Our prayers are with Jim, we hope all goes well for him.
    Your words were so true about donating the money
    to the crews family.
    Your posts are great keep them up


    Thank You for the kind words.

  2. Hi Big Ed:

    First, I want to say, I ‘m a big believer in prayer, and I will put you brother in law Jim on our church prayer list
    here at St. Paul’s. Wish we could contact the Pope while
    he’s here in NY about putting in a special word with God.
    My thoughts and prayers are w. you all.

    Anyway, I know about putting my blog addressin, as I have now done…I kind of figured it out, even though I’m
    not very computer savvy! Still can’t figure out why my webmail server all of a sudden stopped accepting Nannette’s emails. My hubby suggested that maybe she is not typing in the correct address? Not sure…
    Hey ED, maybe you can tell me how to post a (jpg) pic.
    on John’s Blog? Pls reply if you can.
    Sue frm Narrowsburg

    PS Thanks for the invite to join the Evil crew (Krew?)
    I am certainly thinking about it, and I will If I can make it to the Bloggerscruise ’09, still not sure if I can yet.


    Thank you for the prayers. Your link now works I left you a comment on your blog about the pictures. Sure hope to see you on the Bloggers cruise it’s going to be more fun then the first one.

  3. Julie Gantt

    Hi Ed,

    I will certainly pray for your brother-in-law. I experienced a small miracle this morning when I prayed to find some important paper work I had misplaced and had been looking for for weeks, and within seconds of asking for help in finding it I put my hands on it. It may seem insignificant, but it was powerful for me and a reminder that God is always with us.

    I’ve had my room for the blogger’s cruise booked and paid for for quite a while now. I need to sign up for the evil krew, but keep forgetting to look up my room number to post when I sign up for the krew. I am at work right now so I can’t look it up.

    Looking forward to seeing you and Pat next year!

    Julie Gantt

  4. Thank you for the prayers for Jim they are really needed right now.

    Look for an Email from me soon about the KREWE.

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