Our Lady Of The Blog Thingy

This photo “Our Lady Of The Blog Thingy” was taken while John Heald was in Denmark checking out the shore excursions for the CARNIVAL SPLENDOR. If you look closely at the glass John is blowing you will see what looks like a person in a red robe. This image was given the name “OUR LADY OF THE BLOG THINGY” on John’s blog thingy by terri910

To read more about this picture go to John’s Blog and these two posts.






5 responses to ““OUR LADY OF THE BLOG THINGY”

  1. Linda (Mom of DJ)

    I hope he kept it….he could probably sell it on Ebay and have instant riches!!!

    I mean if a corn flake that looks like a State can get big bucks…this is a sure thing!!!

    Linda (Lady In Waiting)


    It’s not the glass it’s the picture. The red is from John’s jacket and is only going to show like that in that picture.

    BIG ED

  2. Very cool! I love it when things like that happen with photographs 🙂

  3. Andrea in TX

    Hi, Big Ed and all your krewe! (Not so evil, eh?)
    Now that I’m back from my first cruise and scheduled to sail with you next Feb for the 2nd Blogger’s cruise I wanted to find out about joining your group.

    I found John’s Blog thingy through Cruise Critic. I also had some emailing with Lance before I left and he gave me an email address to join you guys. Sorry to say that I must have deleted the email with the address.

    I so enjoy reading your comments on John’s blog and now I must know where to research to find out about this April Fools joke you played on John!
    I will keep reading, or you can reach me at the email address above.
    Thanks Ed, you crack me up!!
    Andrea in TX

  4. musingsofjustjon

    I am going to begin praying to Our Lady of the Blog Thingy for an upgrade from my 6D guarantee cabin on the Bloggers2NOLA cruise – anything above that is a suite. 🙂


  5. It’s amazing. The lady in the red robe is a wonder. I think the photographer should be praised for being there at the right time. Thanks for sharing the image.

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