See the Carnival Fantasy when in New Orleans


If you want to see the Carnival Fantasy when it’s at the port of New Orleans just click on this link . Then click on New Orleans on the left. It will be in port on the days marked with a red X. This is the port and the ship for the 2009 Bloggers Cruise. See you there.


June 2008
1 2 3 4 X 6 7
8 X 10 11 12 13 X
15 16 17 18 X 20 21
22 X 24 25 26 27 X
29 30  


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4 responses to “See the Carnival Fantasy when in New Orleans

  1. musingsofjustjon

    Big Ed –

    I know that I am looking forward to this cruise – I think it will be a great time for all involved.

    See you soon.


  2. InMN253


    Thanks for posting that link. Since I can’t be on a cruise ship right now, at least I can look at them!



    Pat it has been one on the links on the right side all along. All I’m doing here is I’m going to keep showing the dates the Fantasy is in port. I like going to the link to watch the ships leave Miami and Ft Lauderdale on the weekends.

  3. I’m really looking forward to the 2009 cruise and meeting all the “Evil Crew.” But — how in the world do I get my name removed from the e-mail list? I’ve tried Facebook, etc. and yet today I had 60 e-mails. I’ll be away for a week or more and my computor my give up the ghost! Seriously how do I get off everyones’ list?

  4. Linda (Mom of DJ)

    Thanks!! That is so cool. It is like we are “with them in spirit” .

    I can yell HEY ROBERT to my friend who is Carnival Rep there!!!

    Linda (Lady In Waiting)
    (and waiting and waiting and waiting)

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