The Journey to the SPLENDOR Begins



 John Heald starts his journey to the Carnival Splendor.

As John and Heidi leave the CARNIVAL FREEDOM to start their journey to the launch of the CARNIVAL SPLENDORwe get ready for a new chapter in his blog at . From the very start he has kept us laughing every day with his post on his blog. He has taken us from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean. The bloggers enjoyed the first ever Bloggers Cruise with them. So now as he heads for the CARNIVAL SPLENDOR and Europe we await reading about all the great ports and adventurers of the worlds greatest Cruise Director John Heald. The date has been set for the second Bloggers Cruise on the CARNIVAL FANTASY February 7, 2009 leaving from New Orleans. So let the planning and the laughing begin.



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8 responses to “The Journey to the SPLENDOR Begins

  1. jimni

    Big Ed please add Ann and Cheryl to your bloggers cruise list. I am not sure how to do it. Thanks.

  2. musingsofjustjon

    Planning begin – I thought you began planning the shenannigans the day you got back from Bloggers1!!

    What, have you been on vacation?

    See you in New Orleans – Bloggers Unite.


    The planning for the 2009 BC on the Carnival Fantasy is well on the way. This post is about John leaving the Freedom to go start up the Splendor.

    BIG ED

  3. musingsofjustjon

    >>This post is about John leaving the Freedom to go start up the Splendor.

    Sorry – confused what your last sentence was talking about.

    I am looking forward to the pre-blogger’s information. It would be good to get involved in a community event before the cruise, although some of us may be suffering on the cruise itself from the work.



    My crew will try to plan something for those not able to work at the special event if there is nothing planed by John for them.

  4. Linda Hernacki

    Well, today I booked a Thanksgiving week cruise on the Splendor, it is an 8 day cruise, Princess Bee Empress of the Seas and Prince Charlie also booked for that week, and there might be more bloggers joining us. We are meeting Nanni in P.R., and hopefully we can all get together. We are hoping John is still on the ship then, he told me a few weeks ago he would be there till December! Can’t wait. We leave 3 weeks from today on the Liberty. I am so anxious to get on a cruise ship again. Wish we could cruise every month! Linda


    Linda, I’m sure you will enjoy your visit with Nanni, I sure did.

  5. retirementman

    Good morning Big Ed. I’m totally with you about this new journey that Mr. Heald will begin soon. I plan on experiencing the highs and the lows during his time on the Splendor. I apologize to the fact that I will be unable to be with you and your crew in New Orleans on the Fantasy. With your words in your blog and Mr. Heald’s I will feel like I’m there. Ciao my friend.



    Paul, to bad you wont be joining us it will be even better then the last Bloggers Cruise.

  6. Catmama044

    I am looking forward to hearing all about my friends on BC2. I’m excited for all of you. Linda, Nanni is wonderful. I think she is one of those people you just fall instantly in love with. Have fun!


  7. Linda Hernacki

    Big Ed, You need to get as much DIRT as you can from John’s sister Suzanne, and I have an excellent plan for you, on the 2nd bloggers cruise do a “This is your Life, John” and bring out all the dirt! Would be even better if you could get Suzanne on that cruise! I am sure Heidi can give you some dirt too. You already have plenty on him I am sure! Good Luck! Linda

  8. musingsofjustjon

    Big Ed –

    Glad to have you visiting my blog, but can we please leave the comments about personal grooming off the page 🙂

    Seriously, I will shave my legs if you will shave yours 🙂

    Give some thought to the idea of the three of us (John, you and I) doing a trio act on the B2NO cruise. Let’s see – Dolly Parton, Raquel Welch and Twiggy. You can play Twiggy.


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