John’s Thingy Is One Year Old


John, Happy 1st Anniversary. One year ago today you started this blog. A blog that you thought would be short lived. But here you are one year and almost 2,000,000 slaps latter and your still at it and your still  growing (the blog not you, well maybe both).
A few days latter, after following your blog and reading comments by others about Willy Banger,I had to reply. I posted my first comment on your blog thingy using my name “Ed Konefe”. Here is that first comment of mine.
Hi John, I just found out you got me. I’ve been telling all my friends about “Willy Banger” since our January 2006 cruise on the Liberty. Now reading the blogs I see he’s been around on other cruises with you. Like I said you got me then and I hope you will get me some how on our January 2008 cruise on the FREEDOM. Hope you will still be there, your a great CD._____________________The next day I posted another comment this time using the name “Big Ed”. Little did I know at that time what I had just started.  
John, I have never seen so many confused people as I’ve seen in these blogs. It was January 2006 that Mr. Willy Banger and his wife, Anita, were on the cruise. I know I was there too. I think some of them must have thought their Sail and Sign statement they got on the last day was a copy of WAR AND PEACE because it was so thick. I hope they all recover before we have more Willy Banger sightings.Ed Konefe________________________

From this we then started our banter back and forth. Over the year you have bestowed many titles on me. One that I will always cherish more then the rest. You called me your “Mate” a name you use very highly when your referring to your best friend Alan, “My Mate”.

Who would have ever thought that before your thingy was one year old you would have this many slaps on it, had a theme cruise named after it, (and held successfully) a second one already in the planning, you win the Seatrade Insider “Sea-Going Employee of the Year 2007″ in part because of it and your thingy getting links to your blog posted on  the web sites of both CUNARD and the CARNIVAL corporation. All this and more in it’s very first year.

To you, John, and your thingy we raise a glass of our favorite beverage to toast you.

Hip Hip Hooray

Hip Hip Hooray

Captain ED

of the Evil Crew



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4 responses to “John’s Thingy Is One Year Old

  1. I read Big Ed’s comments and have done so for almost a year now. How do I join his site and maybe even become a member ot the Evil Crew? Jeri


    I sent you an Email telling you how.

    BIG ED

  2. Linda (Mom of DJ)


    I got all hooked up. Thanks so much. I am just reading for now and trying to catch up. There is a lot to catch up on….this Crew is the best!!!!

  3. catmama044

    Big Ed…between you, John and all of the Evil Crew, you have made the last year amazing! I just posted a quick note on John’s “Anniversary” page. Thanks for all you do to keep the crew a family.


  4. retirementman

    Good evening Big Ed. I often wondered about your evil crew. Nanette always talks about you guys. I wondered if a Canadian blogger, a guy who lives just across the Detroit River down from Windsor, can be a member of your great group. I just wondered how can a person join and if there were any particular things that you needed to do. Ciao.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

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