50,000 hits, I would’ve never thought it

I’m so proud today. My little blog has just hit 50,000 hits. I never in my life thought people would come to it 50,000 times. So I can just imagine how John Heald feels as his blog nears 2,000,000 slaps on his thingy. Here is the very first post I put on my blog. 
March 21, 2007…11:16 am


If your looking for a great blog on cruising go to “JOHN HEALD” “Tales for the ship” he’s the cruise director on the CARNIVAL FREEDOM. He writes about the different ports on call and fun things that happened that day.
Since that very first post till this very day almost all my post have been about John Heald, Carnival or cruising on Carnival. So John I thank you for giving me the chance to have this, to me, a very proud day. A day that without John’s blog thingy would have never happened. Before John Heald’s Blog blog was just a word I heard on TV. Now I read them and in my small way try to write one. But I’m not the only person who through John became Bloggers. John I THANK YOU for this and that you consider  me your Mate I also THANK YOU. 



2 responses to “50,000 hits, I would’ve never thought it

  1. retirementman

    By reading Mr. Heald’s blog, I have had the opportunity of knowing and writing to the famous Big Ed. I’m proud to say that I have had the opportunity of emailing you, Nanette, Linda and the beautiful and entertaining empress bee. My life has opened up with knowing all of you. I’m a better person today knowing all of my blogging friends and you Big Ed, you were the very first new blogger other then Mr. Heald. Thank you and go for 100,00 hits. Ciao my friend.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  2. Linda (Mom of DJ)

    Here’s to all the joy you bring with every hit!!!

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