Daytona 500 and Valentines Day 2009 Makes BTB Bloggers Cruise Sound Like A Great Pre Mardi Gras Cruise

I’ve just been looking at a 2009 calender and noticed some very interesting things. If you do a Back To Back the week following the Bloggers Cruise you will be on the Carnival Fantasy for Valentines Day and the Daytona 500. Plus all the other races of speed week.

What better place to be but on a Carnival “FUNSHIP” for Valentines Day. Boy did I luck out I didn’t even realize that when I booked the BTB. Only thing better would be if John Heald stayed on for the BTB.

The Daytona 500 is on the Sunday the 15th. The last full day of the cruise. I don’t know if the Carnival Fantasy is getting the Big screen TV on the Lido deck during it’s renovation but even so there are plenty of places to have a good race party. If were lucky they will even have all the other Speed Week races on the TVs. 

 So all you Lovers and Lovers of NASCAR think about doing a BTB. What better way to rest up after the 2009 Bloggers Cruise.



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2 responses to “Daytona 500 and Valentines Day 2009 Makes BTB Bloggers Cruise Sound Like A Great Pre Mardi Gras Cruise

  1. Tom and Jane

    I heard Big-Ed was footing the bill for us all to cruise on the BTB !!!
    Afterall, we’re all “family”.


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  2. Linda (Mom of DJ)

    DJ is a HUGE Nascar fan.

    We watched the Superbowl in the Imagination (which has gone through the Evolutions drydock) and there was no MUTS at that time. Now that does not mean they won’t add it when the Fantasy goes through that drydock.

    The Superbowl was all over the ship though and it was a great time. They had it on the big screen in the back lounge (not the main lounge because it was formal night) and on several other screens throughout the ship.

    So even if the Fantasy does not have MUTS…there should be able viewing!!!

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