2009 Bloggers Cruise My Evil Crew Roll Call

Well the great 2008 Bloggers Cruise is over and it’s time to start planning for the 2009 BC. It will be February 7, 2009 on the CARNIVAL FANTASY leaving from New Orleans. It is a 5 day cruise so Pat and I have booked the 4 day cruise following it to make a nice 9 day back to back (BTB) cruise. 

So add your name and info to My Evil Crew Roll Call below.

Blog name                       Real names                    Cabin #          BTB

Big ED                       Ed & Pat Konefe                    V4                 Yes

Peanuts                 Jack & Joan Fredendall           U89                No

Peanuts                 Christopher Fredendall         U178                No

Peanuts                 Joe and Lori Lozano               U189                No 

Lance                     Lance & Ilda Gunberg            M114               No

Tom & Jane          Tom & Jane Rachford              TBA                No

Lisa K                    Lisa & George Kilmartin             V5                No

Susan B            Robert & Susan Budds                   R134              No

Peachy               Frank & Helen Kean                      R136              No

Kevin                       Kevin McVeigh                          M126             No

Carolyn & Don     Don & Carolyn Thomason            V40               No

Mike Brown           Mike & Loretta Brown                 V2                 No

Kay Duckworth     Jim & Kay Duckworth                  TBA              No

The Bears                Carl & Barb Harmon                     V6                No

Lori                            Joe & Lori Lozano                        U189            No

InMN253                 Ken & Pat Kern                              E10              No

Sallie                         Michael & Sallie Holland                TBA             No

Divetrash                 Laura Tyrell                                     TBA             No

Elaine                        Elaine Scott-Thompson                   TBA            No

Bettyboop ++      Arnold & Elizabeth Tucker                  TBA            No

John from Arkansas       John & Anna May                      E144         No

Marlene                           Marlene Dovell                            TBA           No

CruisinSue                     Larry & Gloria Frey                      TBA           ?

Uncle Doug                    Doug & Donna Gandy                    TBA           ?   

Mike & Lynn Sagara    Mike & Lynn Sagara                      TBA           NO  

Snoozeman                    Ray McDonald                                E-181         Yes

John & Cindy                John & Cindy Geskey                     R-129         No

Stephanie and Paul     Paul & Stephanie Eckert & AJ        TBA            No

Randell & Debbie         Randell & Debbie Wilson                  R-90          No

Kevin & Heidi-Beth     Kevin & Heidi-Beth Doherty            TBA           No

Linda (Mom of DJ)         David, Linda and DJ Powell           E247            ?

Jeri R Green                    Larry and Jeri Green                      TBA             ?

Slickabrina                       Colleen & Charlotte Grady              TBA            NO

Elaina                                Elaina and Keith Land                      TBA           NO

jimni                                 Ann McKee & Cheryl Smith              TBA           NO

CindyInPA                       Kevin & Cindy Billet                           M130        NO

Andrea in TX                    Andrea S                                           TBA           NO

Bob Means                       Bob & Emily Means                            TBA           YES

Julie Gantt                        Julie Gantt & Catherine S.                  E201         NO

Dana VanSant                   Dana & Debbie VanSant                     TBA          NO

Wagz                               Jack and Kathy Wagner                   TBA        NO        





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35 responses to “2009 Bloggers Cruise My Evil Crew Roll Call

  1. Mike Brown

    Hey Big Ed,

    Got to see you many times on the Bloggers Cruise but you had such a following that we never got to actually chat! How do we join the Evil Crew? We have taken the first steps to be part of the crew in 2009…my wife and I are in cabin V4 for the 2009 cruise…we’ll be neighbors…let us know what we need to do to become part of the crew! Take care!

    Mike and Loretta Brown

  2. Peanuts

    BIG ED,

    Please add our names to the 2009 Bloggers Cruise.
    Blog Name: Peanuts
    Real Names: Jack and Joan Fredendall
    Cabin #U89
    BTB: No

  3. lanceandildamissingtheevilcrew

    Big Ed!

    We are proud to be members of the upcoming 2009 Evil Blogger’s Crew!

    Blog Name: lanceandildamissingtheevilcrew

    Real names: Lance & Ilda Gunberg

    Cabin: M114
    BTB: No


    Sorry Lance all you get is LANCE for blog name


  4. Tom and Jane

    Yep, we’ll be there in Feb. 2009, so put us on the list:
    Blog Name – Tom & Jane
    Real name – Tom & Jane Rachford
    Cabin # TBA
    Back to Back – Sorry, no.

  5. Lisa K

    Hi Big Ed,

    George and I are happy to report we’re booked for next year’s festivities. And, we’ll DEFINITELY be in New Orleans before the boat sails this time. 🙂

    Blog Name – Lisa K
    Real name – Lisa and George Kilmartin
    Cabin # V5
    Back to Back – no

  6. Susan B

    Princess Susan and Mr. Cheap/Wonderful (depending on my mood) is in Cabin R134.
    And Frank & Helen Kean (better known as mom and dad) are in Cabin R136.

    I am hoping to talk Mr. Cheap/Wonderful into a btb…so far it’s a no….but Valentine’s Day is our anniversary…so there’s still hope.

  7. Kevin

    I’ll be there
    Cabin M126
    Dining 6:15
    Blog Name and Real Name : Kevin
    Back to Back _ Only if your paying 🙂

    Talk to you soon mate the planing must get rolling soon

  8. Kay Duckworth

    Add Jim and Kay to your evil crew. We missed the first one but are already signed up for this one and can hardly wait for the fun to begin.

  9. The Bears - Barb & Carl

    Hi Ed,
    You can add our names to the 2009 Bloggers Cruise.
    Blog Name: The Bears
    Real Names: Carl & Barb Harmon
    Cabin #V6
    BTB: No

  10. Lori

    Blog Name: Lori
    Real Names: Lori and Joe Lozano
    Cabin: U189
    BTB: No

  11. InMN253

    Hi, Ed.

    We’re booked.

    Blog Name: InMN253
    Real Names: Pat and Ken Kern
    Cabin: E10
    BTB: I wish (That’s a “no.”)

  12. cruzinsal

    Big Ed, would you please add me (Sallie) and my Michael to your Evil Crew. We will be sailing with you but we do not have our cabin # yet.


  13. Lisa and Elaine

    This was gonna be a surprise, but I can’t wait any longer…
    DiveTrash (Laura Tyrell) and Elaine Scott-Thompson will be on the cruise…sharing a room…stand back, ya’ll!
    Room TBA.
    Unfortunately, Lisa will be unable to join us this time.

  14. 2009bloggerscruiseherewecome

    Big Ed –

    I have booked, through Cruisemates, a 6D guarantee cabin, for a cruise on February 7th, 2009 on the Carnival Fantasy. Does this reservation qualify me to be a member of the Evil Crew?


  15. Hi Big Ed!
    Sign Up 2 More Blooming Bloggers!
    For the Evil Crew Matey!
    of New Orleans Feb 7 2009
    Arnold & Elizabeth Tucker
    360 DAys and Counting
    Cabin TBA @ a later Date.

    CAn you help us get our picture to post with the blog posts?Thanks.


    Log into your wordpress blog
    click on Dashboard
    click on users
    click on profile — you will find it in here

    BIG ED

  16. CruisinSue

    We will be on the 2009 Blogger’s cruise:

    Blog name: CruisinSue

    Real Name: Gloria and Larry Frey

    Cabin: TBA

    BTB: Possible, not sure yet

    Can’t wait to meet all of you!!

  17. Uncle Doug

    We are also booked on the 2009 NOLA bloggers cruise with the Cruise Critic group. Its Doug & Donna with a TBA, do decision yet on a BTB.

  18. Lynn and Mike Sagara

    We have booked the 2009 NOLA bloggers cruise. We are not sure of the cabin number. Mike lost the card. So we will add that later. Lynn and Mike

  19. snoozeman

    ‘Big’ Ed

    I’d like to join the “EVILs” especially since I too think we should make it a b2b. I’m booked through the CruiseMates crew.

    Blog name Real name Cabin # BTB
    Snoozeman Ray McDonald E-181 Yes

    My blog: http://snoozemanscruiseblog.blogspot.com/


  20. John & Cindy

    Big Ed –

    We’ve been reading john’s bloggs for about a year now in anticipation of our 12 day med cruise last July where john was the cruise director and are lifetime fans now. we could not make this year’s bloggers cruise but already have 2 cabins for v2.0. We’d love to join your “evil” crew so sign us up too.

    real name: John & Cindy Geskey
    cabin# R129

  21. aj eckert

    Big Ed,

    AJ asked me to write in so here I am. We would love to join the Evil Crew.

    blog name…Stephanie and Paul (AJ’s parents)
    blog name for AJ…AJ Eckert
    real names…Stephanie, Paul & AJ
    cabin TBA
    no to BTB

    Thank you so much. We love your Blog…when I pulled it up today and saw that picture I laughed out loud…it is the same one John had pulled up on his morning show..he was trying to say it was Paul. Thanks for the great reminder of such a great trip. We will talk to you soon.


  22. Hey Ed,

    Well we made it

    Blog name Kevin & Heidi-Beth
    Real name Kevin and Heidi-Doherty (and David and Joey)
    Cabin ??????????????????????????
    BTB Maybe later, when it is just the two of us.

    Of course, this is all contingent upon the economy, as my job relies soley upon the homebuilding industry. But as of right now, we are booked. Let us know how to join the “evil crew”, although, Heidi-Beth may take issue with you over the name. I will let the two of you work that out.

    Till next time


  23. Hey Ed,

    Well we made it

    Blog name Kevin & Heidi-Beth
    Real name Kevin and Heidi-Doherty (and David and Joey)
    Cabin ??????????????????????????
    BTB Maybe later, when it is just the two of us.

    Of course, this is all contingent upon the economy, as my job relies soley upon the homebuilding industry. But as of right now, we are booked. Let us know how to join the “evil crew”, although, Heidi-Beth may take issue with you over the name. I will let the two of you work that out.

    Till next time



    Kevin, Heidi and Beth as John would say. Welocome all three of you to My Evil Crew. Watch for an Email from me.

    BIG ED

  24. Linda (Mom of DJ)

    We are coming (mainly to meet you and Mrs. Pat )!!! Please add us ….

    Linda (Mom of DJ) David Linda and DJ E247
    BTB ????

  25. Big Ed, Thanks for the information regarding the Evil Crew. Would you please add our names to the list as we have already booked the 2009 Bloggers cruise? Larry and Jeri Green

  26. Slickabrina

    Blog Name – Slickabrina
    Real name – Colleen & Charlotte Grady
    Cabin – TBD
    Back to Back – Depends if I have a winning Powerball ticket :o)

  27. Slickabrina

    Oh yea…can I join the Evil Crew? Kind of got a little “submit a comment” happy after typing our info in. LOL

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!

  28. Hi
    Would love to join the evil crew!!!!!!!!!!!! Me, my husband and my parents are all booked on 2009 Bloggers Cruise and would love to get added to the list.

  29. Elaina

    I got so excited I forgot to include my info!!! Sorry about that! 🙂

    Blog name: Elaina
    Real Name: Elaina and Keith Land
    Cabin: TBD
    B2B: no


  30. Jake Silverberg

    Hello, BIG ED
    It is Jake from JOHNHEALDSBLOG.
    I am 11 years od and LOVE CARNIVAL.
    I have always heard about BIG ED’S EVIL CREW but never seen your blog.
    my favorite class is conquest , then destiny, then ,fantasy,then spirit,then holiday.
    John is a great guy, and its very fun to be apart of these blogs.

  31. Charlotte

    Hi All – I am traveling with Slickabrina and would like to join the crew!

    Blog Name – Charlotte
    Real name – Charlotte Grady
    Cabin – TBD
    Back to Back – No

  32. jimni

    Blog Name: jimni
    Real Names: Ann McKee and Cheryl Smith (Jim is unable to go on this one)
    Cabin: TBA
    BTB: No (have a beautiful new grandson that will need my attention so mom and dad can support him)

    I cannot wait to meet everyone.

  33. Hi Big Ed,

    My husband and I were on the 2008 Bloggers Cruise and loved it as always. We were married on the Miracle in 2004 and have been cruising every year since, normally in May because we got married May 12th so like you we always went on our anniversary. However, that changed when we took the Bloggers cruise this year and immediatly booked the 2009 while onboard the Freedom.
    We are both kind of quiet people but LOVE to have fun. We are looking forward to 2009 and hoping this will not be our last cruise 😦
    You see, I have a “Special Needs” son who is 15 and cannont walk, talk or do anything for himself, he has nursing through my husbands job at this time but their contract in up in Feb 2010 so all depends on that. We hope and pray for the best! Below is our information if you’d like to add us to your crew. Thanks! I am still waiting to hear back from Stephanie as to what is up in New Orleans before I book our Airfare, she said it should be coming soon.

    Blog Name: CindyInPA
    Real Names: Kevin & Cindy Billet
    Cabin #M130

    Have a blessed day!
    Cindy & Kevin

  34. Andrea in TX

    Hi Big Ed,
    Thanks for the email. I booked through the TA on the Cruise Critic thread a while back, but hope I can still join your evil crew…
    Blog name: Andrea in TX
    Real name: Andrea S
    Cabin: TBA (fingers still crossed)
    BTB: In total agreement with Kevin, if you’re paying… ha!… then I would somehow find a way to go… tee hee. There’s always the lottery too, right? :o)
    Otherwise, it’ll just be the one cruise for now…

    Thanks for all you do!

  35. Mark

    Big Ed!

    Welcome aboard….. Please add me to Evil Blogger’s Crew for the BC2 ……2009 !

    Blog Name: Mark / The Flying Dutchman 🙂

    Real name: Mark H

    Cabin: U169

    BTB: Nope

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