Open letter to MY EVIL CREW

I know I said this before “we started as Bloggers then became friends” but the part I like the best is “we then became a FAMILY”. I never felt so at-ease hugging people I’ve never meet as I did when we all first greeted each other on the 2008 Bloggers Cruise. From the first hugs with The Chads as I unloaded my car at the terminal to the last huggo with Nanette in San Juan,PR. I will remember them all.

The 2008 Bloggers Cruise on the Carnival Freedom was the best cruise Pat and I have ever been on. Yes, John Heald was the cruise director which on it’s own would make for a great cruise. But we will remember this cruise more for all the fun we had with our new family. Right from the birthday party this family planned for John to the support we gave three family members to win their way into the LEGEND SHOW the last night was just awesome. YES! WE ARE FAMILY.

But what does every good FAMILY have that we have never had? A REUNION. Well that will change when we have our first BIG ED’S EVIL CREW FAMILY REUNION in 2009. It may be called the 2009 Bloggers Cruise but we all know it will  really be the FIRST ANNUAL EVIL CREW FAMILY REUNION. So let the planning begin. Till we all meet again on February 7,2009 in New Orleans here is a BIG FAMILY HUGGO.




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6 responses to “Open letter to MY EVIL CREW


    Big Ed, I didn’t get to go in 2008, but I’m booked for next year!! Sure have missed your entertaining comments on John’s Blog.

    Welcome home, until you sail again,
    Diane from Texas

  2. Lisa and Elaine

    A family reunion sounds great! However, I had,(while on-board) and still am having issues with Carnival and I’m not sure I will be sailing with them again. Hopefully within a years time I will have calmed down a bit, as I would LOVE to sail with all the evils again.


    Elaine, send me an Email I’m in the fog here.

    BIG ED

  3. Ahhhhhhh!! Love you Big ED!!
    Another big huggo!!

  4. hi ed! i don’t know what happened to elaine but i would like to know. glad you are back safe and sound and you can take any of my photos you want any time honey!!!

    smiles, bee

  5. Hey Big Ed, have you got room for one more evil crew member ? I’d like to join in if you have
    Carolyn and Don

  6. well maybe I should say 2 Don would tag along too………grin

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