The Winners of the first Big Ed Huggo


This is not the picture of the winning huggo because the camera was still in the bag. As Pat and I were unloading the car at the Carnival Freedom terminal when Randy and Mary Chadurjian came up to us saying “you must be Big Ed” and the hugging began. To top it off I got their name right. It is pronounced Chatter-gin. Those huggos where the start of the best cruise Pat and I have ever been on.




5 responses to “The Winners of the first Big Ed Huggo

  1. Lisa and Elaine

    Welcome home! You both have been missed! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!
    And I just want to go on record, one last time, now that you’re home…I AM NOT STUPID!

  2. Lauren

    Please put up a link with all the Bloggers Cruise photos!

  3. Nanette

    Im glad I got my huggo !!!

  4. TheChads

    Hi Ed & Pat,

    You have no idea how happy we were that our Captain and his wonderful wife were the first people that we saw as we embarked on the beginning of our first cruise, the best cruise ever!! As I was dragging my luggage behind me from where the taxi driver had dropped us off (at the wrong terminal) I spotted you taking your luggage out of the trunk and i started jumping up and down and said to Randy, “There’s Big Ed, There’s Big Ed!” We couldn’t have ever planned it that way. It was such a great, great honor to get the very first Big Ed Huggo from you! I will remember that day for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for taking us under your wing and giving us so much well needed info on cruising. More than that thank you for giving us so many unforgetable memories on the first ever Bloggers Cruise. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to be on the reunion cruise in 2009, so I sure hope this will be a yearly tradition, because we definitely want to cruise again with everyone especially our great Captain!!

    Much Love, Mary & Randy Chadurjian


    The unloading area huggo was not where I thought the first huggo would be. I could see myself standing in line with somebody tapping me on the shoulder or spinning me around then TRYING to wrap their arms around me. But here I get huggo as soon as I arrive at the terminal. There may be many more hoggos but I will remember that one forever, THE FIRST. Sorry your not YET planning on being on the 2009 BC. The Evil planning has started so who knows what we will do this year. Keep in touch with the FAMILY.

    BIG ED

  5. retirementman

    Good evening Big Ed. When do I get my huggo? I want one from Nanni too. LOL. It looks like Bee had a great time on the Valor. I’ll be on it next Jan 25th. Maybe you can be there also. Ciao my friend.


    Amherstburg, Ontario, just along the Detroit River
    down from Windsor.

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