From my hotel on Miami Beach I can see the Carnival Freedom nearing port. We will be leaving here to get on the ship as early as I can. Got to get on the ship before the paparazzi and MY EVIL CREW. They will be trying to get photos of the first meeting and that first BIG hug of John and I. They have vowed to get it on cell phone cams and send it out to those bloggers that could not be on the Bloggers cruise. They will never find me I’ve seen in movies were they have fat suites to make actors look fat. Well I went out and got a skinny suit so they will never guess who I am. IF I get Internet on the ship I will try to post often. So tell Roberto to give me some Internet minutes.




17 responses to “OUR SHIP IS COMING IN

  1. good morning big ed, we haven’t met but i will see you soon……

  2. Kevin

    Did we skip sleep last night ED


  3. retirementman

    Hurray. The time has come. You and your wife have a tremendous cruise and think about me at least once, a little bit. My thoughts are with you all. Say hi to Mr. Heald, Heidi and the bloggers from me. Ciao.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  4. ED You didnt sleep I know……
    This is your day ENJOY!!!!
    Let the Paparazzi do their work for us. If I were there I would have join the hugging. Group hug!!!

  5. Linda Hernacki

    Yes, ask for FREE internet time, you deserve it! For all you have done to get this bloggers cruise ready and post lots of blogger info. and pictures too! Heard from Nanette that she got to talk to you and Elaine, I am sooooooo jealous, wish we were there! Linda & Mike P.S. Give John a BIG hug from me and tell him I will definitely see him on the 2009 bloggers cruise, can’t wait to hear when that will be.

  6. mehyder

    Bon Voyage. Have a grand time. Can’t wait to hear how you do as assistant cruise director.

  7. Kim

    Ed – I hope you and Pat have a fantastic time on both cruises (but especially this week on the bloggers cruise)! Try not to be too rough on John! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  8. lookingforwardtothenearlysmokefreecarnivalfreedom

    Big Ed –

    Don’t let John talk you out of doing any of your planned evil deeds.

    Post often – I have to cruise vicariously through my fellow bloggers.


  9. Catmama044

    Hope all is going well. I’m sure the rain will pass and the evil deeds will swing into high gear. Say hello to everyone from me. Hope my things were received. Can’t wait to see more pictures!!!

  10. Gloria

    Hi Ed–You and the Mrs have a great time on the cruise! I’m so glad you decided to go and I know you are too! Don’t get wet! Gloria

  11. Big Ed
    Great job with putting together John’s birthday
    party, saw the picture of the cake and it was great.
    We are sailing on the Freedom on Feb. 23rd and will see John and Heidi then.
    Enjoy the rest of your cruise

  12. Linda Hernacki

    Hi Big Ed, So glad you and Nanette got to meet, she is a terrific lady, sounds like the bloggers cruise was a huge success, can’t wait to see the pix. Oh well I won’t be on the 2nd bloggers cruise either since it leaves out of New Orleans and I won’t fly, and it is too far to drive. Hope the 3rd bloggers cruise is out of Florida someday! The birthday party you guys organized for John was great! You all did a fantastic job! Can’t wait till you return home to write you blog and we can see the pictures. Happy Anniversary to you and Pat today. You by the way are so right about Laurie Pandzik, she is a GEM! I love her! We booked our next cruise thru her on 4/20 on the Liberty. Linda

  13. retirementman


    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  14. Gloria

    Happy Anniversary Big Ed and Pat. You did a great job organizing the surprise for John! I’ve enjoyed reading about it and hope that you’re still having fun. I’m looking forward to hearing your “side” of things from the Bloggers Cruise! Take Care, Gloria

  15. Tom and Jane

    Big Ed:

    It was so nice to meet you and Pat and all the other bloggers, and we want to send you a big THANKS for the fun. We’ve been soooo jealous of you & Pat as you’re still on the Freedom and we’re back to our normal “fixing supper, cleaning house, etc., etc. We’re already thinking about the 2009 cruise and hopefully, this time, we’ll check out the “wearing of the thongs”. Hopefully someone will have a picture and will post it on John’s website.
    Again, thanks for all the work you did to make this cruise a fantastic one, and until next February 2009:
    Jane & Tom

  16. Linda Hernacki

    Hey Ed, you must be home by now, hope you and Pat had a nice anniversary. Can’t wait to see all the pictures you took during the btb cruises, especially during the bloggers cruise. Welcome home, and thanks again for hooking me up with Laurie Pandzik – she is a great Carnival cruise planner. You have lots of Johns blogs to catch up with. He is in Miami now attending meetings, just coming off the Imagination, and he and Heidi said they had the best cruise ever being PASSENGERS! They deserved being pampered for a week! Although I know you and the Evil Crew did a fine job of pampering him for his birthday too! You MUST join facebook, a lot of us bloggers have, and it’s fun! You will find John, Nanette, Kevin, myself and others on it. Linda

  17. Hi Ed,

    It was good to finally meet you and all the members of the evil crew during the blogger’s cruise. Carnival has a few other blogs and we’re looking for some guest bloggers for the Splendid Things in Life blog. Please let me know if you’re interested in writing a review of your trip. We love photos and videos as well. And, of course the invitation is open to anyone else that’s sailed on a fun ship. Just email me at: sleavitt@carnival.com if you’re interested.


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