I’m here in Miami. No problems on the drive down. Was 86 here when we arrived. Will be getting on the ship early tomorrow to start a week of crazy fun followed be a week of rest. Will post if I get Internet on the ship. If not I will post all my pictures of the cruise when I get back.



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  1. retirementman

    Don’t make me feel bad Big Ed. That’s OK my friend. Have a great time with Mr. Heald, Heidi and all the bloggers. Let me know how things go on the bloggers cruise. I’ll be waiting for my cruise in February. I’m excited for that. Have a fun and enjoyable time with the gang.



    Paul you wont want to read this blog then after the cruise. You will really feel bad then.

    BIG ED

  2. Lauren

    I’m so jealous!!

  3. Let the packing and re-packing begin! I can’t wait! :-D)


  4. Kathie (Kaperino)

    Counting the days! 22 more days and my braces come off!

    Kaperino (Kathie)

  5. 😦 Im in the same position as Paul. 😦
    Everyone knows i want a full report with every detail, photos, phone calls, videos and everything.

  6. WOO HOO! Now just a FEW weeks…that’s even more gooder!

  7. retirementman

    Hey Big Ed. I just received an email from Nanette informing me that Mr. Heald will be the CD on the Freedom when I cruise in February 2nd. You will be with him on the bloggers cruise and I will see him on mine. We both will enjoy our cruises. Have a great cruise Big Ed.



    Paul maybe we will see you as i get off on the 2nd.

  8. Linda Hernacki

    Hey Big Ed, I emailed Laurie Pandzik a few days ago and no response- is she still with Carnival? If so, can you either give me her email or forward this to her? Thanks! I am looking to book the April 20th Liberty 6 day cruise to Grand Cayman, Ocho Rios and Key West, out of Ft. Lauderdale, looking for a balcony room, I am a Platinum member, so I hope to get the highest upgrade possible (possibly Lido deck), mid ship hopefully near an elevator, and my husband is past military (honorably discharged), hope she can help me, with a good fare as I have been checking SeaMiles (which I have 10,000 miles accumulated) and Smart Cruiser with their 12% off incentive and free cruise insurance, so I am looking for the BEST DEAL and since you recommended Laurie so highly I want to give her a shot as well. Thanks Big Ed, won’t be long till your bloggers cruise, I hope John tells us soon about the 2009 Bloggers cruise, poor thing he has been ill, he says next week he will tell us about it. Happy New Year to you and Pat! Linda & Mike Hernacki

  9. elaine64

    Big Ed,
    When Lisa and I get on the ship, we usually tour the whole ship first, get a drink, eat at the buffet and then sit by the pool while we wait for our room. What do you and Pat usually do? I’m sure we will all be the first in line to get on the ship..maybe we’ll see each other in the terminal. But I’d like to meet you both before the the Blogger’s party. Any ideas?


    Elaine, We do plan on getting on the ship ASAP. We used to go right to our cabin and bribe the cabin steward to clean our room next if it was not done but you can’t do that now. They keep you out of the floors now till 1:00pm. I plan on maybe staying in the lobby and welcoming my crew.

    BIG ED

  10. elaine64

    We’ll make sure we look for you as we tour the ship, if we don’t see you in the terminal first!


    Elaine, I don’t think you can miss me, LOL. I will be wearing a I LIKE JOHN”S THINGY t-shirt


  11. elaine64

    How funny…I’ll be wearing the same shirt! Of course mine says “Lisa and Elaine” on the back!

  12. see you in the lobby!

    smiles, bee

  13. retirementman

    Big Ed,
    I hope that the new year brings for you and your crew a very happy, healthy and positive 2008.
    Enjoy the bloggers cruise, the food, the casino and especially the time spent with Mr. Heald.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  14. Carol Schoenberger

    I’m so jealous of you guys. But wait until next year!

    Don’t forget – details of everything!

    Happy New Year to you and Pat.


  15. Catmama044

    Happy New Year to all! I agree with Carol – details and pictures of everything! Maybe I will see you when we disembark – and you imbark.



    Lori, I hope to be one of the first one the ship. You wont miss me I’ll be the one in the I LIKE JOHN’S THINGY t-shirt. Roberto said he will try to post our pictures from the ship. I will post all mine when I get back from the BTB. So others may have theirs up first.

    BIG ED

  16. lookingforwardtothenearlysmokefreecarnivalfreedom

    Ed –

    I have to admit to being significantly jealous of the fact that you will be there and I will not. But that is life – I have to work for a living to be able to afford my cruises. 🙂

    Right now, our plans are to be on the inaugural sailing of the Carnival Splendor from Genoa to Dover. And, to make it better, our daughter is planning on going as well.

    Enjoy and blog frequently – I will live the cruise through you vicariously.


  17. mehyder

    Big Ed,
    Hope you and Pat have a wonderful time.
    Bon Voyage.

  18. KirstenL

    Big Ed — I didn’t know about your blog over here. I would have directed my condolences and sympathy to your son and his in laws, here. I’ve said prayers for them and sent good wishes to them in those prayers!

    Now for the Blogger’s Cruise. I too, am one of those Johnny-come-lately bloggers. I didn’t know in enough time to book this trip with my Ecstatsy trip already planned for Mom’s birthday. We leave on 2/4/08 — 22 days from now!!

    Anyway — please get John to start thinking about 2009 and get that out to us!!! I don’t want to miss it next year! I’ve already booked a Conquest cruise for 5/3/08 — so I pray there are no conflicts, yet..

    Have a spectacular time. Report back about all the events and happenings — even any embarrasing ones!!!…

    Best regards,


    Kirsten, thank you for the kind words I will pass them on to my son and his in-laws.

    When this cruise is over there will be plenty to report. There will be much EVIL to tell. To bad you will miss it all. I’m doing a BTB so I will be posting a little later they the others. On John’s blog if a name is underlined at the top of their comment it will take you to their blog or web site, most of the time.

    BIG ED

  19. KirstenL

    Oopps, I mean I’ve booked a cruise for 5/3/09…

  20. The Bears - Barb & Carl

    Hi Ed and Pat,
    Only 6 more days, and I can hardly stand the wait!
    You will know me by my Fruitcake T-shirt, when I arrive. We usually go up to the Lido deck when we arrive and watch all the people coming on board (while we enjoy a cold one!). We will watch for you in the lobby as we come on board!

    See you soon!

  21. Kevin

    Glad to see you made it to Miami, Roberto just updated the blog with a Virtural Blog Link
    So for those of us who can’t be there will be able to harass during Q & A


  22. Kevin & Heidi-Beth

    Hey Big Ed,

    Glad to see you finally made it to Florida. Hope you are enjoying our winter. Have a great trip. Wish we could have made it, but even if we didn’t have our last trip on the Glory planned for last Sept, we still would have had conflicts. Don’t worry about posting pics while you are gone. We can wait until you get home. Just enjoy your time, and make sure John knows about all of us that he has left behind.

    Till next time


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