The Beauty and the Beast see the Queen Victoria



To see all the photos of John and Heidi on Queen Victoria click on this link;




8 responses to “The Beauty and the Beast see the Queen Victoria

  1. ha ha ha, perfect big ed!!!

    smiles, bee

  2. Catmama044

    Beautiful – you did a good job Big Ed!!!!

  3. retirementman

    You were perfect Big Ed with your title though Mr. Heald wasn’t that bad but Heidi was a picture of beauty in motion. Ciao.


  4. BIG ED,
    I agree with Hedi being the beauty, but gee…John does look nice out of the dog house and all cleaned up!

  5. that is great, I love it!

    you did well in puting Heidi first 😉

    oh and after I read you post on that one I had to repost too and agree with you, I know he olny means it in fun but John really need to be paising Heidi not others. A little sugar will go a long way to keep him out of the dog house he seems to live in.

  6. musicalcruiser

    Big Ed:

    You are just WAY to good at this!!!!

    I consider myself gifted if I can get the stupid computer to turn on!!!!

    Merry Christmas and thanks for all the entertainment!!!


    Thank John I knew nothing about blogging before I started commenting on his blog.

    BIG ED

  7. Ed;
    I just read your last comment to John, How much I wish I could be there for your reunion, its going to be memorable! The phone thing is on I want evidence. Remember I want details , so bring a journal with you.LOL
    What does your wife says about all this?
    Merry Christmas


    She plans on going the oppisite way when we get on the ship. She thinks we are all crazy.

    BIG ED

  8. Really ? LOL She is going to have a great time. 🙂

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