1. Linda Hernacki

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too Ed, and Pat, and all the bloggers (Nanette, Bonnie & Prince Charlie, Kevin, Paul P. Carol S.) and everyone else out there that blogs each day, we are like one big happy family now. Mike & I will be on the Freedom for Thanksgiving, am really looking forward to it, although we will miss John & Heidi. Can’t wait for the Bloggers 2009 cruise, since we can’t make the 1st one in January 2008. It would be nice to see other bloggers too on this cruise, so all of you out there, start making plans for 2009! Your friends, Mike & Linda

  2. elaine64

    Happy Thanxgiving to all! Looking forward to meeting all of my new “family” and spending some time with you all!

  3. retirementman

    ” Happy Thanksgiving Big Ed ”

    Even though my Thanksgiving here in Canada was a month ago, because I live a little ways done from Windsor I enjoy the thought of another Thanksgiving and watching my Detroit Lions on Thursday. Enjoy the day Big Ed and don’t eat to much turkey. Ciao.


  4. catmama044

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of my new blogger friends. It is a great time of year to spend with family and friends. Although I am sad I won’t get to meet any of you on the first annual 2008 blogger’s cruise – we are checking our calendars to see if we can join you in 2009. Love to each and everyone of you.

    Lori and Tom

  5. Lauren

    Happy Thanksgiving Ed! Don’t get sick on your stuffing in the bird!


    In my 62 years (as of the 12th of this month) I’ve never got sick from stuffing in the bird.

    BIG ED

  6. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy birthday!!
    A big huggo for you and your wife


    Thank you very much. I pray all goes well with your Dad and you DO have a Very Happy Thanksgiving.

    BIG ED

  7. happy thanksgiving to y’all!! looks like we are staying home and i will be cooking. i need a cabin boy!!! ha ha

    smiles, bee


    Sorry John’s on vacation you got to wait till the Bloggers Cruise. This cabin boy will be doing the turkey. That’s my job that day.
    BIG ED

  8. musicalcruiser


    I love this time of year because it reminds us all of just how much we have to be thankful for.

    One thing is all my new “blog” friends!!!

  9. retirementman

    I was wondering if you could help me with something. Linda Hernacki wanted to check out my weblog but unfortunately I don’t know how to get in touch of her. I know that she emails you so if she checks with you could you give her my weblog.

    Sorry for asking you to do this, but I find you like Mr. Heald a person who I can converse with at ease. Thank you.


  10. retirementman

    Thank you Big Ed. I’m enjoying it very much so. Now I only have to learn how to put photos and pictures in. I’ll learn soon.


  11. Kathie

    Happy Thanksgiving! Looks like Nanette and I are spending today with family. Two turkeys this week! How fortunate is that. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday.


  12. Kevin

    Happy Thanksgiving ED and Mrs. Big ED too. Don’t eat too much turkey or you will fall asleep before the football is over. Have a great holiday and be sure to take photos of your signs

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