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33 responses to “A CANDLE FOR A MATE

  1. Alan, John and your family will be there with you. But just remember that behind John are all of us. If he would only move you would see all of us standing there behind him. So we are all there with you to help you to that speedy recovery. See you in January.

    Mr. and Mrs. “BIG” ED Konefe

  2. Dave Myerly

    Alan – We are all pulling and praying for you.

    Get well soon and join us on the bloggers cruise in Jan.

    Dave (Jo and Dave)

  3. Inez

    Alan We are praying for you and your family.

    Inez and Dean

  4. Lynn and Mike Sagara

    Alan and Family,
    We are continuing to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. We are counting the days until we are together on the bloggers cruise. The Sagara’s

  5. Dear Alan,
    We are all behind John (John please move to one side or the other) wishing all the best. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. We are hoping for smooth sailing for you through this surgery.

    I look forward to meeting you on the blogger’s cruise!
    Susan and Mr. Cheap

  6. elaine64

    Alan and Family,
    We continue to have you in our thoughts and prayers and look forward to seeing you in January so you can see John in a thong. If that’s not reason to recover well and quickly, I’m not sure what is.

  7. Julie Gantt


    I pray for a successful surgery and speedy, comfortable recovery.

    God Bless you and your family,


  8. Peanuts

    Alan you are in our thoughts and prayers. May God Bless You and Keep You Safe and guide you to a full and speedy recovery.

    Joan and Jack

  9. catmama044

    Alan, we are praying for your speedy recovery. May God Bless You and hold your family in his loving arms.

    Lori (and Tom)

  10. Alan,

    You and your family are in our daily prayers. We pray that God will bless you, place his healing hands upon you and guide the hands of the surgeons. We wish you a speedy recovery and we hope to see you on the bloggers cruise in January.

    Travis and Mary

  11. Kathie (Kaperino)


    God speed. Feel well and brace yourself, this bunch of blogger’s are relentless…..I can say this because I am standing behind John and Big Ed…..Kathie

  12. divetrash


    You can’t see me because I am standing behind John and Big Ed as well… but that’s me at the back jumping up and down waving a sign that says “Get Well Soon. My thoughts are with you and your family during this time. I hope I get to meet you on the bloggers’ cruise so heal quickly!”


  13. retirementman

    Hi Mr. Big Ed. The candle for a mate is excellent. You really know how to do it properly. Well done. I now have my own web site but I really don’t know how to work it. It may take me some time to do it right. So, I’m not sure you would know who this is.I’ve been writing back to Mr. Heald since March. Continue your excellent work Big Ed. Ciao.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo


    Paul, yes I do know you and your comments to “MR. HEALD”. Are you going on the Bloggers Cruise?
    Big Ed

  14. the Bears, Barb & Carl

    You and your family are in our hearts and prayers through your surgery and your recovery. We look forward to hearing good news from John & Heidi regarding your progress. And we look forward to meeting you on the Bloggers Cruise.
    All the best and some BIG BEAR HUGS to you and your family!
    The Bears – Barb & Carl

  15. Lauren

    Alan – Saying a prayer for you today.

  16. Greg Baldasarri


    Please know that there are literally thousands of folks praying and pulling for you.

    All the best wishes for a successful surgery and a very speedy recovery.

    God bless, my friend.


    Greg Baldasarri

  17. Linda Hernacki

    God Bless you Alan, wishing you a speedy recovery after your surgery again this week. Hope you got the little book I sent you. John should’ve received the package by now. While I won’t be on the 2008 bloggers cruise, I hope and pray we can meet at the 2009 bloggers cruise. So, take care, get well quick and hope the New Year is fantastic for you all! Linda & Mike

  18. Tom & Jane

    Hang in there Alan,

  19. Linda Hernacki

    Hi Big Ed, thanks for the candle for Alan, I just left a comment, great idea!

    Hi Paul Pietrangelo, Let me know your website so I can check it out. You are a very nice man! Maybe someday we will meet on a cruise, hopefully the bloggers cruise of 2009! Linda

    Linda read my post in here for April 29 and 30 and it will bring back you saying OK to 1/24/09 2nd Bloggers Cruise.
    BIG ED

  20. terri910

    I believe God is an anglophile!…and so, with so many prayers focused your way, I’m sure He will answer.

    Seriously, Alan, I pray for your doctors and nurses, for your family and friends, and especially for you.

    Terri & Larry

  21. Longin2cruise

    You & your family are in my prayers. Get well soon!

  22. Alan, We, all of the bloggers, look upon you as a family member! We have all become so close to one another, though most of us have never met! All thanks to your wonderful friends John and Heidi! We all wish you the best of luck during your surgery and recovery! Hope to see you on the blogger’s cruise so that you can prove John wrong with your good looks! John will keep us posted on your well being. Sheryl

  23. Diane

    Alan, I’m standing way in the back of the long line of bloggers, but still sending up regular prayers for your complete and speedy recovery.

    As they say, laughter is the best medicine, a small joke for you:
    “We had a horse, once, that had what you have……… we had to shoot him! Sure hope you get well soon!!”
    Diane from Texas

  24. Wait for me!! Im here also behind John and big Ed.
    Alan, please, please, get well soon!!!! the many friends of your good friend John are praying and thinking of you and your family.With this army of strong friends what can go wrong??
    many blessings.We want to see you soon. I now believe that it is all the way around and that you are really handsome and thats why John keeps telling you are so ugly.Lets see. LOL
    Un grande huggo

  25. Linda Hernacki

    Yes Ed, I did say 1/24/09 would be great for a 2nd bloggers cruise, but as you can see it is not up to us to decide, John and CCL make the FINAL decision, even the date you wanted for 2008 wasn’t the date of the bloggers cruise, and you wound up doing a BTB cruise. I would love to have a bloggers cruise on the Splendor but if they are thinking otherwise, I am all for the Inspiration as I wanted to see that ship since it’s makeover, so I am ready! I just want it to be a Caribbean cruise as I do not fly (like Pat) and would NOT do an Alaskian cruise. So, we will see what happens! Linda


    But at least we tried for those dates. In both cases they were the first dates suggested by anybody. Most of the 5days back up with a 4 day so that would be a nice BTB. But why jump on the first reworked ship it will be a year and a half old by then. Go for one that will be done just before the cruise and almost new.
    BIG ED

  26. retirementman

    Unfortunately Big Ed, I will not be able to attend this exciting bloggers cruise. After seeing Mr. Healds video it looks like its going to be great. My wife and I will be on a cruise on the Freedom February 2nd 2008 a later after the bloggers cruise. It would impossible to do both this year. After my first cruise, after I arrived home the very next day I signed up for the February one. I’ll miss you all but I hope you be able to tell us all about it. Ciao.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo


    That’s the day we will be getting off the Freedom, 2/2 after our BTB. ED

  27. InMN253


    You and your family continue to be in our prayers.

    Pat and Ken

  28. TheChads


    You and your family are in our thoughts during this difficult time. You pray you have an full and speedy recovery.

    Mary & Randy C.

  29. musicalcruiser


    at this specific time on this specific day please know that folks you have never met are joined to wish you the very best and to uplift your friends and family as they support you!!

  30. Maxine

    Mr. Big ED
    You can take your wife to Hawaii and not have to wait for a bridge.
    We do not like to fly either. Princess offers a couple different cruises to Hawaii (14-15 days). We are booked on the Diamond Princess out of Los Angeles and will stop at different ports in the islands each day.
    With the drive across country it will make for a spectacular vacation.


    For sure we could do that but we still have to drive there from Michigan and back. Add 5 or 6 days each way. ED

  31. retirementman

    Hi Big Ed. I’m sorry for not returning your comment on my web. Unfortunately, I’m knew at this web stuff. I thought I would write to other people but there is so much things that you have to do. I’m waiting for a person to help me with this crazy thing. As soon as I get full control with it I’ll be able to do like I’m supposed to do. Once again I apologize for not answeing your comment to retirementman. Ciao.



    Paul, What I posted on your blog was just a HAHA. I saw your post on Kevins blog and was just pulling your chain.

    BIG ED

  32. retirementman

    Thanks goodness. I wouldn’t want you to think that I disrespected you since you are a very good friend to Mr. Heald and I respect all of his friends. Hpoefully, I after to day I’ll clearly understand what my thingly is all about. Man, how fantastic all of are with your webs. It’s going to me some time but I’ll eventually be just like you, I hope.
    have a great day Mr. Big Ed.


  33. cruisinsue

    Although I am a bit delayed, I wish the best to Alan and your family. Remember that you have your wonderful family, John, friends and the million bloggers thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery.

    The best to you and yours

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