As you walk down that gangway leaving the FREEDOM

You don’t have to look over your shoulder You Both did a  job well done.

As you walk down that gangway to your vacation at home

You don’t have to look over your shoulder you both earned a trip home.

When your at home and you miss being on deck for a beautiful sunset

Just come back here and we all will watch together the beautiful sunsets.

Just click below and we all will watch the beautiful sunsets with our friends.


Your friends forever Ed and Pat Konefe




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  1. John and Hedi,
    Big Ed has made you this beautiful card and there’s nothing more to say except I totally agree with everything he said.

    Have a wonderful time and enjoy yourselfs, you have earned it.

    Friends Forever,
    Susan and Mr. Cheap

  2. Peanuts

    John and Heidi,

    Have a wonderful and relaxing vacation. See you soon and we ard looking forward to meeting you and of course cruisin!

    Joan and Jack

  3. Sheryl Pelton

    Big Ed,
    You did a GREAT JOB on the poem for John and Heidi–I’m sure they will really appreciate it! Isn’t it amazing how this blog has brought us all so close together as family and friends, all because of 2 very special people who enhance our lives in more ways than they will ever know! I’m hoping to go on the bloggers cruise in Jan. Will be sure to sign on once I book space. Thanks, Sheryl


    If you do book be sure to get on my ROLL CALL down below. The bloggers on it are planning things to make this the best cruise ever. BIG ED

  4. TheChads

    John & Heidi,

    Have a wonderful vacation. Be sure to spend lots of well earned time together, just the two of you. We’re counting the days till we meet you both on the bloggers cruise.

    TheChads (Mary & Randy)

  5. Paul F. Pietrangelo

    Great job Big Ed. The photo, thoughts and words are so meaningful. I feel like crying. It’s amazing how one person, Mr. Heald, cruise director has seemingly put together a thing called the blog and joined so many people who have never met and yet we seem to be so close. That is the power of Mr. John Heald. Thanks for this tribute Big Ed.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  6. Lisa and Elaine

    John & Heidi,
    I believe Big Ed has said it well for all of us.
    Best to you both.
    See you in 85 days!

  7. Lynn and Mike Sagara

    Heidi and John,

    You deserve a vacation…you two are the best of the best!! Enjoy yourselves and John, do Heidi a favor and don’t consume too many jelly beans!!

    See you both in January,

    Lynn and Mike Sagara

  8. Big Ed;
    This is great.Muy bonito !! 😉
    John and Heidi;
    Enjoy your vacation your blogger family will be here,when you want to talk.

  9. robert

    great poem ed great job with it

    Thank you Heidi and John for giving us so much since March. I didn’t post much on blog because if I had anything to said I said it direct to my dear friends with emails and a few phone calls I type this with tears in my eyes knowing it will not be the same day in and day out without this blog daily, but I will be counting the days until we meet again in January. I love you guys, you are the best husband and wife cruise director and asst cd team in the world. Todd has big footsteps to follow on the freedom but we wish him well. Thanks a million times and always remember you will never walk along. Robert Aka: Willy Banger/Dick Wooden. Have a Great Vacation John

  10. Leasa

    Thanks Big Ed. You are so sweet. I can’t see the picture but I’m sure it’s beautiful.
    John and Heidi, have a wonderful vacation. I love you 2 and all my fellow bloggers. I know we’ve never met but it really does feel like a family. John, I hope to be able to visit with you in Feb. Now go and have some fun with your lovely wife!


  11. Kathie

    Special days ahead. Alone time that you so richly deserve.


  12. Canuck Cruiser

    Bravo Big Ed,

    All the best John and Heidi…………….remember…….nice big breaths and relax………..we’ll all still be here when you return.
    Recharge those batteries and come back full of p— and vinegar.
    Until then……….smooth sailing and all the best.

    B&D from Canada.

  13. Linda Hernacki

    Good Job Big Ed, very nice poem, and you said it all! We are all ONE BIG FAMILY now, thanks to John Heald, he is a great guy, as I said I have met him 3 times already, but when you two get together in January, it will be a blast, I won’t be on the bloggers cruise, but look forward to reading all about it, and seeing pictures once you’re back home Ed, ok? Thanks! Linda & Mike

  14. the Bears, Barb & Carl

    John and Heidi,
    Take advantage of this vacation and enjoy some real quality time alone together. Enjoy the time you get with your families and with Alan and his family. You have worked hard and have more than earned this vacation.
    See you in January!!!
    Bear Hugs to you!
    Barb & Carl

  15. Inez

    Thanks Big Ed-Great Job!

    John & Heidi,
    Have a wonderful vacation, your blogger family will be here waiting when you get back.
    Please be sure to spend lots of time together. Counting the days till we meet you both on the bloggers cruise!!

  16. Mary and Moe

    John and Heidi:
    Have a wonderful vacation. The blogger family will be waiting for you…
    See you in January.
    Mary & Mo

  17. catmama044

    Great job, Ed. Nice poem – I think you covered just about everything.

    Heidi and John, please enjoy your much needed time off.

    Lori (and Tom)
    aka Catmama044

  18. Lauren

    Ed – You truly are an official assistant to the cruise director!

  19. mehyder

    Big Ed,
    Great Job. I guess we can visit your site with musing from the Great Lakes.

  20. John from Arkansas

    John and Heidi,
    Enjoy your vacation and time to enjoy each other. Those times are special. But get your rest as on January 19, 2008 the fun will start. Meeting new friends, laughing, thong race with Big Ed….it will be fantastic! Enjoy your vacation!!!!

    John from Arkansas

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