John Heald Fatima says spread them




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4 responses to “John Heald Fatima says spread them

  1. Lauren

    Love the pumpkin Ed! We just went to the pumpkin patch last week – I think I’ll try carving one of mine like that. I’ll send you a pic if it turns out!


    That picture came from an e-mail I got that had a bunch of different pumpkins carved that way. I looked to see if I had it to forward to you but it’s already deleted. Sorry.

    BIG ED

  2. Lisa and Elaine

    Oh Ed…that’s just warped!! LOL


    Me or the pumpkin, LOL

  3. Kevin

    Does your thong fit on that pumpkin ? LOL


    What do you mean? That is my a–.
    BIG ED

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