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  1. alan, if i can get well so can you!! now stop being sick! i mean it! get well honey, please??? we want to meet you. k??? really i am just being silly, but we really do want you to get your behind well and come on the bloggers cruise!

    smiles, bonnie and prince charlie

  2. Lisa and Elaine

    Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    One of the reasons we are so looking forward to the Blogger’s Cruise is that we will finally get to see what you look like! So please, get well soon so you can prove to us that John is wrong…you’re not ugly, just facially challenged!
    Be well, mate.
    Elaine and Lisa

  3. Alan–

    Sure do hope your surgery goes well and you get well very very soon!

    My family is praying for you buddy, any friend of John’s is a friend of ours!


  4. Lance and Ilda


    Hey there mate! Any friend of John Heald’s is a friend of ours. My wife and I are sending you our get well wishes for a speedy recovery. We would all love to see you on the “Blogger’s Cruise” so you can be a total pain in the arse to John!

    Lance & Ilda

  5. the Bears, Barb & Carl

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family now and in the coming days. We wish you all the best and a very speedy recovery.
    We are looking forward to meeting you in person on the bloggers cruise. Until then, tell John to be nice to you and share his jelly beans with you!
    Carl & Barb

  6. Divetrash

    Hi Alan,

    My thoughts are with you and your family and so are my wishes for a speedy recovery. I am hoping to meet you on the Bloggers’ Cruise. John has gone through so much trouble to make us believe you are ugly, so you must be really hot and he’s just jealous. You’re wife is really lucky! I think I’m looking forward to seeing you in a thong most of all (I vote for bright orange). How do you let John get you into these things?

    Seriously though, all good thoughts and wishes are speeding your way!

    Cheers mate,


  7. Peanuts


    You will be in my thoughts and prayers in the coming months for a speedy and successful recovery.

    Bless you


  8. Kathie

    Alan, gotta get your groove back, fight like hell.Looks like the drinks will be on us for the Blogger’s cruise. However I am hiding the luggage…. Grateful that John introduced us to you thru the daily news. Can’t tell you how you can affect a person you have never met. But it is a phenomenon that is catching on since the INTERNET and blogs like these. You have people on all sides of the sea on your side, guy! Our family will keep your family in our hearts, prayers. …and humor??? Remember that it is the best medicine! Good luck mate!

  9. Rochelle


    My thoughts and prayers are for you and your family for a quick and speedy recovery.

    I would love to hear your version of the stories from your teen years with John, I’m sure they are somewhat different from John’s version….And to prove the two of you can still get into trouble, the Turkish bath was something that would only happen to you two.

    Stay out of trouble while you are recovering and try to keep John in line.

  10. Canuck Cruiser

    Hi Alan,
    Keep a stiff British upper lip and I’m sure that all will turn out well.
    You are in our thoughts and prayers and with John and Heidi on their way…………’ll be begging him to stop when he makes you laugh.

    Smooth sailing mate and all the best.

    B&D from Canada

  11. Inez

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We are so looking forward to meeting you on the bloggers cruise, so please hurry and get well!
    Inez & Dean

  12. Myra Bushnell


    Scott and I wish you a successful surgery and a rapid recovery. You and your family are in our prayers each day and we eagerly await a good report from John when it’s all over and you are good as new again!

    The Bushnells

  13. Hola Alan!!!
    Im John’s puertorrican friends who talks (writes) much and goes around giving big huggos.
    First let me tell you that I never believe John when he says that you are really ugly, how can I believe him if he says that Todd is also ugly? LOL Now really, you must be a very special man like your best friend and you are also lucky because now because of him you have an army of bloggers praying for you and we are strong and we are going to win! Power of prayer is incredible!
    Please get well soon so I may read your adventures on the Bloggers cruise OK?????
    Many blessings to you and your family
    ahhh and a big huggo for you!!!

  14. Alan,
    You will be in our thought and prayers for the next several months! You MUST get well quickly and come on the bloggers cruise. If you don’t, just imagine all the stories John will be able to tell about you without you there to defend yourself. We all know you are a terrific guy if John thinks so highly about you, and I really would be honored to meet you. I just know you will have a rapid recovery!
    Waiting to hear good news about you,

  15. Leasa

    Hi Alan,

    I just wanted to add my prayers to all the other bloggers. We love John and because of his stories about, we love you too. I won’t be joining you for the bloggers cruise but I hope to get the chance to meet you someday. I will also keep your wife and children in my prayers. Take care.


  16. Lauren


    You and yours are in my prayers.


  17. Dear Alan, We wish you an easy as possable and full recovery. With all the prayers sent your way you can’t miss!

    Marilyn and Joe Vischio

  18. jimni


    I am not real good with words, so found the words I wanted to say on I may not have written them, but they are heart felt.

    Give yourself whatever gifts of time and rest you need to feel better – and know that you’re surrounded by caring thoughts and prayers and heartfelt wishes. Rest easy. Get well.
    — Author Unknown

    Alison, our thoughts are with you, too.

    Jim and Ann

  19. Risa

    Dear Alan,

    I’m just one of John’s loyal bloggers, usually just quietly enjoying John’s antics without any posting. But I am moved to add my prayers and heartfelt wishes for your speedy recovery. The internet is truly a wondrous thing since it can bring together strangers from all over the world, united in the common goal to wish you well.

    Keep your spirits up and know that someone here in the Philippines is praying for you.


  20. Linda Hernacki

    Alan: Please know that you and your family are in our prayers and thoughts, and with all us bloggers holding a prayer chain you will come thru surgery in excellent health, so that in January when you are on the bloggers cruise you can get back at John for all the mean things he has ever said and/or done to you! HA! HA! Maybe you can get him and Fatima back together again, HA! Payback time, huh? Seriously though, you are a lucky guy to have such great friends at John and Heidi, and I know John treasures your friendship too, “That’s what friends are for” Helping eachother, so while I will miss NOT seeing John on the Nov. 17th cruise (week of Thanksgiving) I know he will be with you helping you mend. God Bless, Your NEW friends too! Linda & Mike (my handyman)

  21. Catmama044

    Alan, just wanted you to know you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. You are truly blessed to have friends like John and Heidi. I am confident that with their support, as well as your family’s support, and the support of your new-found family of bloggers, you will come through your surgery and recovery beautifully. Take care.

    Tom and Lori

  22. Paul F. Pietrangelo

    Alan, my thoughts are always with you. I’ve been through two brain operations and with the prayers of so many people, I’m still here. With John as your strength and the prayers of all the bloggers you have will have no problem with your operation. Speedy recovery mate. We’re all with you.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  23. Carol Schoenberger


    You and your family have my prayers and thoughts along with everyone else’s. You and John are so lucky to have each other. Friendship is a truly beautiful thing. I feel as if I know you after John’s comments (even though I don’t believe that you’re ugly like he says). I’ll have to wait until the 2nd Blogger’s cruise to meet you – so you will definitely have to be well.

    All my best to you and Alison and your family,

  24. InMN253


    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. You and your family are in my prayers!


  25. Well Alan, I, like many other bloggers, feel that I know you sooooo well, thanks to John and all his antics as far as you are concerned. The worst was the picture of you that he posted on the blog! It is only fair that you have a chance to get even, so while you are healing post surgery you should have lots of time to start a blog of your own. You can start by sharing your side of some of the stories John has told. I totally understand your friendship with John–he is without a fault one of the most loyal people on earth, and just knowing that he calls you his best friend and is going to be by your side through out your ordeal, is a great sign that all will be well with you! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and am sure that we will see you on the bloggers cruise! My best, and if Big Ed doesn’t want to help with a “blanket bath” as John called it, I am a nurse and will be happy to help! Sheryl

  26. kiciaski

    Hello Alan,

    We’ve been reading John’s blog from the beginning and also got to “meet” you through him. Good luck on your surgery and our prayers are with you. Please let us know how everything turns out. You’re lucky to have such a loyal friend as John to be there for you and your family.

    We’re thinking of you and praying for you too.

    George and Linda

  27. Mary & Moe

    Hello Alan: My thoughts are with you and your family. Wishing you a speedy recovery. You are very lucky to have such a wonderful friend……
    Get well soon.
    You are in our prayers.
    Mart & Moe

  28. Dear Alan and family:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time … but you need to get well soon, it seems like you are the only sane one with John on your right and Big Ed on your left .. yikes!!!!

    Get well soon!
    Vikki and Mat

  29. TheChads


    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this tough time. Make sure you follow what the doctors and nurses say so you will get well soon. We can’t wait to meet you all on the blogger’s cruise.

    Mary & Randy

  30. Anne E.

    Dear Alan,

    My best wishes for a speedy and full recovery. Laughter being the best medicine – John will have you up and about in no time at all.

    Anne E.

  31. Alan,
    Just wanted to leave you another note to let you know we haven’t forgotten you…we are still praying for you. You must get well soon because John is coming to visit you soon, and well, the site of him might make you sick again, so try to get strong….LOL

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