Read all about it on John’s blog Link here;

Congratulations John you really deserved this award for all you have done for all us bloggers on your thingy.

Thank you to all the bloggers that took the time to vote for John.






  1. I took your advice and change the colors in my blog.I didnt see your comment until now because it was in spam. I dont know why . Everything looking good.Im very happy for our friend!!


    Now it looks more like the real you

  2. Linda Hernacki

    Yes, we ALL knew that John would win the award, he is the greatest! He deserves an Aston Martin for this win! CCL, take notice, this man is a goldmine, look at all those bloggers he has attracted, which will mean more revenue for Carnival, so why not reward him for all his efforts? If you agree, let us start a petition Big Ed, to get John his well deserved reward! Linda


    I would sure like to know the vote count. Once Roberto told us about it I kept reminding the Bloggers to go vote. I even told Roberto to send an e-mail out on the Carnival employee address list which he did. My PVP sent me a copy when she got it. So were is my car. I will settle for a LINCOLN TOWN CAR.

  3. Kathie (Kaperino)

    He does deserve the car! So glad he won! don’t want to comment tohim anymore as this blog thingy is taking so much work.


    When it all started I’m sure he never thought it would get this big or last more then a couple months.

  4. Kevin

    I think it’s great John won the award he sure does deserve it. Thanks for you birthday wishes mate, I really appreciate it. Yeah I just can’t swing the time now, things are in flux at work and well it just won’t work for me to take off in January, but I have spoken with john about this and he’s ok with it. I do request the next cruise maybe sometime in march or April better time probably for most people to take time off from work. best to Mrs. ED


    You will be missed. I was all read to call you the man that wrecked John’s ASTON MARTIN.

  5. big ed, do you have your thong yet? i was wondering if you and john were wearing matching ones or contrasting ones. can hardly wait for that one! best to mrs. big ed…

    smiles, bee


    It will snow on the ship during that cruise first. And even if I did have one on nobbody would see it. It would be hid in the folds of skin.

  6. you are too funny ed! ha ha ha (i have a few of those “folds” myself! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  7. hey ed, how do you reply to your comments in the same box like you do? it is really cool… thanks, bee


    When you are log in and you go and read comments look right under the senders you will see the date and time at the end you will see EDIT. Click on edit it will bring up the comment for editting. You can even edit their comment like remove their e-mail address if they put it in comment for their privacy. ED

  8. thanks ed, this is really cool!!

    smiles, bee


    Glad you like it.

  9. bless1045

    Ed is this yours


    Yes I got it just type a comment like you were writing it to John and I will paste it over

  10. Big Ed,
    I had no doubt John would win!
    And now, let’s discuss your thong…hehe..I think we should film you and John in the thongs and then play it on the big screen….isn’t that a scarey thought! hehe


    Susan, If I remember right aren’t you going on your first cruise ever. A ROOKIE! I almost forgot about that. So you better be nice or you will be joining John on the Lido deck.

  11. Sounds crazy. Are you interested in my firm corridor I have read a good joke in internet 😉 Where do you find a no legged dog? Right where you left him.

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