OH NO! Is John doing RERUNS of the runs? Ok it’s the weekend but the comments aren’t even getting updated. Or did he bend to far over and push the lid into the flusher button. Opening the trap door releasing the WHOOOOOSH of the sucking giant in the bottom of the ship. Is John now swimming in the crew pool? Did Heidi catch his feet in time? We will just have to wait and see. Stay tuned.



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6 responses to “RERUNS

  1. Kevin

    ok man it will be alright just relax maybe Roberto is off doing some personal things I’m sure it will be ok.


    Just found this comment in spam, 9/22

  2. i believe he ate ONE too many jelly bean and blew himself up, yup, that’s my take on it…

    smiles, bee


    John and I can’t blow up to much we would never get in those cabin bathrooms.

    “BIG” ED

  3. We cant live without him LOL Do you know how many times I have gone to the page to check? At least I like to check on new comments but we are not getting any.Last time I checked we got a new blog but no comments yet. Im having fun posting I cant help it. I laughed sooo much just writing to him. ED did you see? he is going to be on the ship the week before the bloogers maybe I can see him then.


    I would like to now how many of those 650,000 hits are mine,LOL. Comments are on but is that all? I thought I’d be reading the rest of the night but there was just a few and they were on the new posts. I was hoping he would be there the week after for our dinner and Mazda ride.

    BIG ED

    “BIG” ED

  4. Or mine LOL Who nows if he is going to be on that one too.Lets wait and see.

  5. Friday 8:30 pm Im bored!!! Why ? No blog today.Definitely addicted. John is runnning out of batteries. He needs a vacation. We have to let him go oh noooooooo LOL. Sorry Ed really im bored….


    Sorry, I would love to help with the boredom but your just to far away. Some new comments just popped up.


  6. thanks for stopping by my “blog thingy” and yes the personal touch does make a difference, WeeJimmy is great, he may be new at this but he will be one of the great CD some day, like John 😉


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