If your going on the BLOGGERS CRUISE you must be registered to be on the official list. If you filled out this form on John’s thingy you should have received an e-mail sending you here . The first link is on John’s thingy on the right “BLOGGERS CRUISE”. You MUST fill out that form to be officially registered by CARNIVAL as a BLOGGER for the cruise. If you did fill it out already you should have received an e-mail inviting you to the second link and your name should be on the second link. If you already filled out the form on the second link your name should be under “MEMBER YES”. If your name in under “NOT YET RESPONDED” and you would like to be in on the planning of SPECIAL things click on “RESPOND TO INVITE”. The second one is optional but the first is a MUST. BUT IF YOUR NAME IS NOT ON THE SECOND LINK IN EITHER SPOT GO BACK AND FILL OUT THE FIRST ONE ON JOHN’S BLOG TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE REGISTERED.

Then if you want to be in on the planning for the real fun get on my ROLL CALL so you can be in on those SPECIAL plans over and above. ROLL CALL HERE:



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  1. ed i am too dumb. i tried and tried to respond. i registered again also. i am still on the not responded list and can’t seem to get moved to the yes list. sigh…

    smiles, bee


    Bonnie, I sent this onto Roberto’s staff to look into. Look for them to contact you or just fix it.

    I hope what I sent you helps will be looking for you there too.

  2. Msqpon - Jo Myerly

    Hi Ed, I am having problems with the sign in. I just filled out the first link for Dave and me again. I will have Dave fill out the second link again. We have both responded before but the computed hasn’t taken Daves name off the hasn’t responded link. It will add one of us on the has responded list and then knock the other one off. Can you ask Reberto to help us. Daves’ email address is XXXXXXXXXXXX. We each have our own email account and our own computers. Please help.

    Jo Myerly


    I sent it on to them hope they can help. BIG ED

  3. well big ed, i managed to get our names in the yes column but we are also still in the not responded as well. don’t know what else to do, but will be there with bells on…

    smiles, bee


    As long as your in the YES your in it. Are you all clear for the cruise yet? I thought you where going for Thankgiving?



    Brain fart here, it was Linda Hernacki that is going on Thanksgiving.

  4. Lisa and Elaine

    Big Ed,
    I too responded, but did not receive an invite and my name is not on the list anywhere. I work on computer software for a living and I’M confused!


    Just found this one in spam, 9/22

  5. Lisa and Elaine

    Big Ed,
    I posted this once before and haven’t heard from you…I registered as well, but I never got an invite. And my name is not on the “YES” a matter of fact, it’s not on any list…am i doing something wrong?


    I sent it on to Roberto and his staff to check it out. BIG ED

  6. sigh… sorry mate, i am still on the no list. i just don’t know how to get us moved to the yes list. at one time we were on both but now only on the no list. we ARE going!!!!!

    bonnie and charlie cordle

    already booked!!!

    thanks! any ideas to get us moved?


    I know I saw you in both places. Will send it on to Roberto again.


  7. Hey Big Ed,
    my mom has posted on the blog as “peachy” plus she has signed up for the cruise, but it seems that she is on two lists…the yes, and the not responded. She is also cru


    As log as she filled out the form on John’s Blog she’s in. The Carnival Connections invite is sent out after they get the form. Since she is on the yes they got her there also. Did she try to comment on the CC chats. Give me Peachy’s real names and I will put them on the ROLL CALL and add them to the Evil Planners list.

  8. she is cruising with my dad, but they haven’t been assigned a cabin yet. Are they registered for the blogger’s cruise?

  9. CanadaJulie

    I registered all 3 of our cabins – twice now – and have not gotten any email invites to anything nor are we on any lists at this point.

    Any suggestions ?



    I sent Email to Roberto. Let me know if he helped you.

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