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11 responses to “WE GOT OUR T-SHIRTS

  1. Kevin

    Great T-shirts, can’t wait till mine arrivies.



    Thank you, When we first received them my had the same thing as Pat’s. They fixed that real quick. Now Pat also has a night shirt or pool cover-up.

  2. Linda Hernacki

    We got our T shirts today also! They are great, of cause we aren’t going on the bloggers cruise, but I had ours made for our November cruise. Linda


    Tell Mike to go change more light bulbs to pay for it.

  3. Carol Schoenberger

    I love em. I still have to order mine to wear on the Imagination.


    On the back of the t-shirt put;

    ARE YOU?

  4. wooowwwww
    they are verry nice
    groetjes marij van dinter

  5. nanetteali

    Love them!! I wish I could go!!


    You can. Just stow away when the ship is in PR the week before.

  6. nanette

    JA! Good idea but then I will not have a job when I come back!! No, really money is not the biggest problem it should be but it isnt , it would not be the first time that I travel not really having the money(guilty) but my boss ahhh!! he is another thing. He wont give permission and I not going to beg.


    You know people go missing all the time. Only to show up latter claiming amnesia or some-timers. Your not old enough for all-timers. John could get you on the ship when in PR. Then 14 days latter I get you off the ship when back in PR. But now the hard part. You will not be able to tell anybody about all the fun you had on the BLOGGERS CRUISE.


    shirts look great


    Thany You, Son

  8. Gloria

    Fabulous shirts Big Ed. Wish we were going on the bloggers cruise but it just isn’t possible for us. Have a great time and I am SOOOOO happy that you decided to go. I know that everyone really wants to meet you! Gloria


    Gloria, I think this cruise will be a riot. I plan on making it one John will remember too. To bad your going to miss it.

    “BIG” ED

  9. Bob Means

    Big Ed,

    Please add our names to the bloggers cruise list. Blog name: Bob Means
    Real names: Bob and Emily Means
    Cabin: TBA

    Thanks and see you in January.


    Your in, ED

  10. connie konefe

    just came a crossed this by accident and thought i would drop a line i see things are going well with you and aunt pat im glad they are if you dont know im now living in spain would like to know i few things about our family so if its possible send me an email thanks connie

  11. Kevin

    Big ED,
    First of all please post a new blog soon, your starting to slack. Second thank you for your support, and kind comments. Also I don’t think I will buy another Aston, the heartache I’m feeling right now is just to much, and it would feel too much like cheating on her broken body right now. Maybe I can get them to give me the steering wheel for John once they do the final inspections, but my agent is 99.9% positive they will total the car. The valet was going anywhere from 25-35mph the police said from looking at the skid marks he left. Talk to you soon.


    Kevin, I’ve been on vacation but now I’m back so things will change. All my post are John related so I don’t just post to post anyway. But look for e-mails from me soon, yes I said e-mails not blog posts.

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