Below is post by ROBERTO on John’s thingy.

Hello Bloggers!! Roberto here, again. I just got word that John has been nominated for the Seatrade Insider “Sea-Going Employee of the Year 2007″. I know you guys are huge fans of John; what better way to show your appreciation than to vote for him! Simply click on this link and vote; I know John will appreciate it.

When voting if you click over John name you can read the hole nomination it’s great.



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7 responses to “VOTE FOR JOHN

  1. Carol Schoenberger

    Hi Big Ed,

    I thought I’d answer your blog thingy for a change. I just voted for John and with all of us dedicated bloggers voting, he’s a cinch.

    I looked at your blogger’s album and the more I see your picture, the more familiar you and Mrs. Big Ed look to me. Either we’ve been on the same ship at one time, or we knew each other in a past life.

    Enjoy the evening,


    Carol, Onward and upward for JOHN. Vote using every e-mail address you have. I don’t think I know you, I just went and looked at your picture in the album. We live in Michigan. Where do you live?

    BIG ED

  2. Msqpon - Jo Myerly

    Help, I keep trying to vote and it doesn’t work. I get a box saying it isn’t secure. Then I try to continue and it addresses an email letter. Any ideas?


    Jo Myerly


    I have no idea. Since I’m in OZ for the weekend as usual, Jackson Michigan, I’m in a Wendy’s on their hot spot. I could not vote either but I will Monday using all my different e-mail accounts. For some reason I can’t send e-mail out without doing funny things.

  3. Linda Hernacki

    I am having the same problem as Jo Myerly, I voted for myself and Mike too, but not sure if it even went thru, should it give you a confirmation that it was counted? What do Jo and I need to do to make sure our votes are counted? Since you are John’s right hand man, I figure you were the one to ask!


    See answer to JO above

  4. Kevin

    ok i voted with every email address i have all 9 of them. I will make more tomorrow to vote for john


    I got ours in today.

  5. Carol Schoenberger

    Hi Ed,

    I’m in NYC, but maybe it was on a ship? Valor in 2004, Triumph in 2003, Imagination in 2001 & 2003, Ecstasy in 2000 (Rock n’roll cruise)? Anything ring a bell?


    None of those are matches. I have a lot of people say “Don’t I know you” I just end up saying “All fat men look alike”. LOL

    “BIG” ED

  6. Carol Schoenberger

    Maybe I just feel like I know you because of the blog thingy. I feel like we’re all one big happy (?) family.


    One of the reasons I set up the Bloggers Album so we all could put faces with the names. I’m real bad with names but I remember faces. Now before the bloggers cruise I can bone up on FACES = NAMES.

    BIG ED

  7. Julie Gantt

    Big Ed,

    Will you please e-mail me XXXXXXXXXX with your e-mail address? I have not been able to find an address for you on your bloggy thing and I have some questions I’d like to ask you and Mrs. Ed. Thanks, A fellow John blogger, Julie


    Julie, I removed your e-mail address for you. My e-mail address is just a few post down at this post

    July 24th, 2007

    “BIG” ED

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