John here is the answer you have wanted




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11 responses to “John here is the answer you have wanted

  1. Wendy

    Mr. & Mrs. Big Ed,
    So happy to hear you are going on the Blogger’s Cruise. I only wish we could but because of other commitments we are unable. Will you beable to give us daily updates of the cruise?


    I plan on it. Either I will give it to John to post or IF I get Internet time onboard I will just post on this Blog.

    “BIG” ED

  2. nanetteali

    I knew it! Im very happy for you and John. It wouldnt be the same without you on that cruise.Im sad for me because I can’t make it and I wont you see you all……… 😦 You have to tell me every detail.Dont let me miss anything ok? Pictures and all


    Well I will still be in PR the next week to see you.

    “BIG” ED

  3. nanetteali

    Back to back ?? WepAAAAAA! Im happy ! And John? ????


    We will see he said he was going to be but I think he is only coming back from vacation to be on the Bloggers Cruise.

  4. Kevin

    Big Ed,
    I’m glad our email conservation helped to make the decision final, unless it was already and you were just playing with me. Either way glad your going and I’m sure John is also. To bad the casino won’t be getting to much money from you on these trips though. Maybe John and Heidi can stay on as guests for another week with you and Mrs. Big Ed? Any way glad to see your going.



    Kevin, once upon a time he did say he was going to be on our 1/26/08 cruise.

    BIG ED

  5. Kevin

    “BIG” ED
    Where in Miami is everyone staying if they are coming in the night before, maybe we can have a pre cruise dinner somewhere ?



    Kevin, I don’t know where everyone is staying but we will be staying at the
    Holiday Inn
    MIAMI BEACH, FL 33140

  6. thank you for placing my picture on the bloggers photo slide.
    and thank you for the nice comment about my space site.
    yor blog is also verry nice
    sorry for my bad english
    groetjess marij van dinter


    Well it’s better then my Dutch.

  7. carl harmon

    Big Ed The Holiday Inn that you are staying in is it the old Best Western Beach Resort? We are staying in the Holiday Inn Port of Miami downtown 340 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, Fl. We have stayed their before a like it very good. The Bears Carl & Barb MAYBE WE COULD GET TOGETHER FOR DINNER ON 1/18/08

  8. Big Ed

    Bears, I don’t know what it was before. All I know is I got lost once when we tried to stay at the downtown Holiday. I saw it. I could have touched it. OH NO, a ONEWAY street. Turn here go around the block. WRONG, that was a ramp to the e-way. Now I’m lost. Ended up on the beach got hotel there. Called downtown and cancelled them. I’m getting this Holiday with my PRIORITY POINTS. I sure would not pay $400 a night. What is going on that prices are so high then?

    BIG ED

  9. mehyder

    Glad to see you and Pat are going on the blogger’s cruise.
    Bon Voyage.

  10. the Bears, Barb & Carl

    Hi Big Ed,
    We stayed at the downtown Holiday Inn on Biscayne Ave in December ’07 and now have reservations for next January as Carl told you. But we are only paying $129 a night for a room with a King size bed. Thought that was pretty reasonable and was a comfortable hotel back in December. Also, had a wonderful breakfast there the following morning. Great service and staff was very accomodating. Just an FYI… incase anyone else needs a room, before or after the cruise.
    Hello to the Mrs!

  11. Kathie

    Glad you are going back to back! We are flying in that morning. My vote is for John!


    See you on the cruise, Big Ed

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