Add your name to the list of those going on the BLOGGERS CRUISE. Just post a comment and I will move you up. Join us in planning for the bloggers cruise. I will contact you and bring you up to date with our plans.  These are plans over and above.  We have many special things planned so you will want to be in on it. Things not mentioned on John’s blog or Carnival website. Secret for bloggers only stuff.

Blog name                                 Real Name                       Cabin # (opt)

“BIG” ED                                      Ed & Pat Konefe                          8268 (BTB)

Msqpon-Jo Myerly                     Jo & Dave Myerly                       2377

southerndreams                       Bonnie & Charlie Cordle                 1354 

Kevin                                             Kevin McVeigh                               TBA  

The Bears                                 Carl & Barb Harmon                        6394

Tom and Jane                        Tom & Jane Rachford                        TBA

Lisa&Elaine                   Lisa Alte & Elaine Scott-Thompson          8357

John from Arkansas                 John & Anna May                            8289

Inez & Dean                              Dean & Inez Vernon                         7326

Rus & Nina Franklin                Rus & Nina Franklin                         7350

The Chads                           Randy & Mary Chadurjian                    7233

Lance & Ilda                          Lance & Ilda Gunberg                         1300

Divetrash                                      LauraTyrrell                                   2216

Kathie                                     Dan & Kathie Bennett                           8445

InMN253                               Pat & Ken Kern                                     8237

Susan B                             Robert & Susan Budds                              8342

Peachy                                 Gil & Helen Kean                                    1301 

Bob Means                         Bob & Emily Means                                 2415

Lois Grebowski                 Hank and Lois Grebowski                         TBA

Melanie & Dave                Dave & Melanie Myers                              7217

Peanuts                              Joan and Jack Fredendall                            7270

Adam                                     Adam Mitchell                                      8386    

javajoba                                  Jack Kennard                                   TBA 

Travis & Mary                   Mary and Travis Hicks                             6324

Lynn & Mike Sagara           Lynn & Mike Sagara                                 6452

Lisa K                             Lisa and George Kilmartin                                TBA

Mary & Moe               Moises Perez & Maria Pons-Perez                        2301

vanislandcruisers        Jim Govan and Deanna Wilson                              TBA

PA Dutchman              Larry Wiest/Jane Gallina                                       TBA

PA Dutchman               Linda Beigh/Pat Stiely                                           TBA

Diane                 Ronna Barnes & Carolyn Wilson                                       7355
Diane                   Linda Scholle & Holly Andrade                                        7367
Diane                Pamela Hodes & Rhonda Poteskey                                    7359
Diane                 Angela Godfrey & Diane Shindler                                     7363
Diane                   Cathy Lawler & Jacquie Gray                                          7365

Scott                         Scott and Linda Wonderly                                          TBA

CanadaJulie       Julie Hebert & Savannah Urquhart                                1282
CanadaJulie          Shawn, Thomas & Angel Hebert                                  1381
CanadaJulie               Barbara & Denis Hebert                                           9294

2B AT C                 Judy and Andre Charbonneau                                     1057

Marlene Dovell             Marlene  and Judy                                                 6402 

Ray McTeague             Ray & Deb McTeague                                            9256

Karen and Jim Watts       Karen and Jim Watts                                        7249 

Mark Twain and a Half         Scott Nickle                                                    TBD

Owen & Shannon Squires  Owen & Shannon Squires                               8240

Sandy                                  Sandy and Dick Bell                                            6455

Farscapeone                       Roy & Terry Miyamoto                                     9255
Farscapeone                       Ed & Barbara Cornwall                                      9208

Dahna                           Mark & Dahna Propst & children              3 cabins                        





  1. Linda Hernacki

    I can’t believe it Big ED you finally convinced your wife to do a btb? So you will definitely be on the bloggers cruise huh? Lucky you! We would have loved it too but have one in November, and can’t squeeze another one in so soon, (work schedules and all). Maybe we will get to meet you 2 someday soon. Hoping for another bloggers cruise on the Splendor, have you heard any more on that? Linda


    Linda, Yes we did it. As for the SPLENDOR I suggested a date, 1/24/09 but nobody has picked one yet. Of course our anniversary would be during that cruise as we always do. So we will be on that cruise one way or another.
    “BIG” ED

  2. Msqpon - Jo Myerly

    Hi Ed & Pat, So glad to hear you have worked it out and are coming. Dave and I are coming too.

    Jo and Dave Myerly
    cabin TBA

  3. yay big ed! we are so happy!!!
    sign us up!

    bonnie and charlie cordle
    cabin number 1354

    see you on the 19th of Jan!

    smiles, bonnie and prince charlie

  4. Kevin

    Ok I’m booked just so i don’t have to sleep in someone’s bathroom deposit only so far in a guaranteed 1a cat cabin probably next to the bow thruster or under the anchor chain but I’m booked so far so good.


    Kevin, BOY OH BOY a booking on the Bloggers cruise just because I’m going, ROFLMAO.

  5. carl harmon

    Big Ed We are also booked on the Bloggers cruise. The Bears Carl & Barb Harmon

  6. Tom and Jane

    Add our name to the people going on the Blogger’s Cruise:

    Blog name: Tom and Jane
    Real Name: Tom and Jane Rachford
    Cabin # : TBA

  7. Lisa and Elaine

    Hi Ed and Pat,
    So happy that we will finally meet!
    Blog Name: Lisa and Elaine
    Real Names: Lisa Alte & Elaine Scott-Thompson

  8. John from Arkansas

    Big Ed,
    Please add our names to the Bloggers Cruise Roll Call. See you in January!!!!
    John from Arkansas
    John and Anna May
    cabin 8289

  9. Inez

    Big Ed
    We are also booked on the Bloggers cruise.
    Please add our names to the list of people going

    Real Name: Dean and Inez Vernon
    Blog name: Inez & Dean
    Cabin # : 7326

  10. Kevin

    Big ED
    Well I am your assistant after all, what if you needed me and I wasn’t there, what ever would we do.

  11. Rus & Nina Franklin

    Big Ed & Pat
    Add our names to the Bloggers’ Cruise Roll Call.

    Still working on m’lady for the 49 days on Splendor in 09.

    Rus & Nina Franklin
    Cabin – TBD

  12. The Chads

    Hi Mr & Mrs Big Ed,

    So glad to hear you will be on the Bloggers Cruise. It wouldn’t be the same without you. We sure picked a great one to be our first cruise ever. It’s going to be a blast. Can’t wait to meet everyone.

    Please add us to the Roll Call. Thanks.

    Real Names: Randy & Mary Chadurjian
    Blog Name: The Chads
    Cabin: 6319


    Hi Chads, the Bloggers cruise and Rookie cruisers boy is going to be fun I promise the rookie initiation will be easy. LOL
    No short sheets that’s for kids we will get you better then that.
    “BIG” ED

  13. The Chads

    Hey Big Ed,

    I can’t wait!! My husband and I will be married for 25 years in Sept 2008 and since we never had a real honeymoon, and we will be empty nesters in about 2 weeks, we thought it was high time for some real fun. What better place than the fun ship! Didn’t occur to me about the “initiation” though (LOL), but what the heck. I’m up for it…..bring it on!! Well, maybe I’ll just send Randy into the cabin first in case anything is booby trapped. He’ll love me for that!!

    Smiles, Mary


    Our first cruise was for our 25th too. Our anniversary is January 29th that’s why we always take our cruise so we will be on the ship for it. Also the reason we are doing the BTB to do the Bloggers Cruise.

    BIG ED

  14. Lance and Ilda

    Hello Mr. & Mrs. “Big Ed”

    We too are booked on the Bloggers Cruise. We are cabin #1300. Looking forward to seeing everyone there. This should be a cruise to remember!

    Blog name: Lance & Ilda

    Full names: Lance Gunberg and Ilda Gunberg

  15. Lance and Ilda

    Dear Ed,

    Could you please change the spelling on our last name from “Gungerg” to “Gunberg”

    Much appreciated!!

    Lance and Ilda


    So sorry. All fixed.

  16. InMN253

    Hi, Big Ed.

    We’re booked! Pat & Ken Kern. Cabin #8237. Our 30th aniversary will be 24 Dec, 2007. We were talking about taking a cruise in January to celebrate, an the Blogger’s Cruise seemed perfect. I’m so glad you and Pat will be there. I really enjoy your comments on John Heald’s blog.
    We’re looking forward to meeting everyone!


    We will be celebrating or 42nd anniversary on the 29th while on the second week of our back to back. Glad you enjoy my comments but it’s all John’s fault. I never blogged before John’s THINGY.
    “BIG” ED

  17. Please add me to the blogger’s cruise list. I’m looking forward to meeting you Big Ed.
    Blogging name: Susan B
    Real name: Robert and Susan Budds
    Cabin: 8342
    Thanks for doing this list!


    Looks like more neighbors on deck 8

  18. Lisa and Elaine

    Big Ed,
    We are in room 8357.
    Thanx for doing all this.


    Looks like we are getting a lot of neighbors on deck 8. Now we need you in the BLOGGERS ALBUM.

  19. Lisa and Elaine

    Big Ed,
    How do I get a picture to you?


    Just go down a couple post to

    July 24th, 2007

    and you will see how and my e-mail address to send it to.

  20. Kathie

    Big Ed,

    Dan and I are in Cabin 7434.

  21. Booked today…Hank and Lois Grebowski!
    Cabin # to be announced….


    Lois GRUMPSKI, LOL to much reading John. Your in the roll call. Now to get your picture in the Bloggers album. BIG ED

  22. Dave and Melanie Myers

    We are booked ! Can’t wait !
    Dave and Melanie Myers Cabin TBA


    Your in the roll and album. See you on the cruise. Will be in contact soon.

    BIG ED


  24. Yes include me too. Looking forward to it.


    Your in. Is that the name you use on John’s BLOG?

  25. Big Ed

    We’re booked! Please add us to the blogger roll call. We are in cabin 6324. We are celebrating our 44th anniverary and my retirement. Looking forward to meeting all the bloggers.

    Mary and Travis Hicks


    Now to get in the BLOGGERS ALBUM.
    BIG ED

  26. SewingNut

    Hi Big Ed:
    I won’t be on the bloggers cruise (regretfully) but have a beverage for me while you are. Don’t forget to toast all the bloggers.


    Your going to miss the best cruise going. With what CARNIVAL and John are planning plus the things the EVIL ONES are planning this is going to be the most memorable cruise for all.

    BIG ED

  27. Lynn and Mike Sagara

    Big Ed –
    Thank you for the reminder to post. Lynn does not like to have her picture taken so it might be awhile before we post our picture. We are looking forward to seeing everyone.
    Real name Lynn and Mike Sagara Cabin number 6452


    Welcome to our group. Look for an e-mail from me. ED

  28. lisa k

    We’re booked!

    Lisa and George Kilmartin


    as you can see your on it. Look for an e-mail from me. BIG ED

  29. Mary & Moe

    BIG ED add our name to the people going on the blogger’s cruise
    Real name: Moises Perez and Maria Pons-Perez
    Alias : Mary and Moe
    Cabin #2301
    See you all in January…..


    Will put you on. Look for an E-mail from me soon.

    BIG ED


  31. vanislandcruisers

    Big Ed
    Please add my wife and I to the roll call. This will be our first cruise together.
    Names: Jim Govan and Deanna Wilson
    Cabin: TBA
    Looking forward to meeting everyone.

    Dee and Jim


    Will put you on. Watch for an e-mail from me to update you on our plans.
    “BIG” ED


  33. robert

    add us to list robert and suzann 2308 we have sailed with john over 25 times great friend


    Welcome to our group look for an e-mail updating you on our evil plans.
    BIG ED

  34. Nancy

    Please add us to your list. Nancy and Ron, stateroom 6458


    Watch for e-mail from me. Big Ed

  35. Diane

    Can’t wait! Please add me to the list, cabin #7363. See you there!


    I got it, BIG ED

  36. PA Dutchman

    Add Larry and Jane and Linda and Pat, can’t forget the sisters.

  37. Please add my mom and dad, Gil & Helen Kean, aka “Peachy” on the blog, cabin TBA.

  38. Scott

    We’ll be on board

    Scott & Linda


    Look for an Email from me.

    BIG ED

  39. Neal

    My family is booked on this cruise. We look forward to meeting everybody there.

    Neal, Kim, and 2 kids

  40. CanadaJulie

    Sign us up !

    Julie Hebert & Savannah Urquhart, cabin 1282
    Shawn, Thomas & Angel Hebert, cabin 1381
    Barbara & Denis Hebert, cabin 9294

    Less than 50 days til sail date ! Yipee

  41. Judy Charbonneau

    Hi, we just confirmed this bloggers cruise.
    Can’t wait to get away from the Canadian winter weather.
    My cruise critic name is 2B AT C
    We were on the Carnival Freedom Oct 16/07 just before the T/A. We had a great time.
    Cabin TBA

    Judy and Andre Charbonneau

  42. Judy Charbonneau

    Cabin number is 1057.
    Really can’t wait to get away now – we are having a doozy of a storm.

    Judy and Andre


    Made the change. You got it too. But it looks so pretty.

    BIG ED

  43. My girlfriend and I will be on this cruise. Lookin forward to it!

  44. Marlene Dovell

    We are booked on the blogger’s cruise: Marlene from GA and Judy from TN.

    Cabin #6402 Getting close so getting excited. Looking forward to meeting y’all.

  45. Rus & Nina Franklin

    Ed, we now have our tickets; Cabin 7350 is the hot spot.

    Rus Franklin

  46. Dave and Melanie Myers

    Ed – we got our cabin assignment- we are in cabin
    7217. Not long now – only 23 days 🙂

    Melanie and Dave

  47. Ray McTeague

    Blog name – Ray McTeague
    Real name – Ray & Deb McTeague
    Cabin – 9256

    Counting the days….

  48. Msqpon - Jo Myerly

    Documents have arrived. Our cabin number is 2377.
    Jo and Dave Myerly

  49. Diane S.

    Ronna Barnes & Carolyn Wilson, cabin 7355
    Linda Scholle & Holly Andrade,. cabin 7367
    Pamela Hodes & Rhonda Poteskey, cabin 7359
    Angela Godfrey & Diane Shindler, cabin 7363
    Cathy Lawler & Jacquie Gray, cabin 7365

    It’s a girls blogger cruise and we’re ready to party!!!!

  50. Susan B

    You can change my mom and dad’s cabin from TBA to 1301..they are right underneath me on this list…Kean, Gil & Helen ….1301

  51. Dahna

    Add us, please! The Propst Family from MD. 10 of us in 3 cabins on the Riviera Deck. See you all soon!

  52. Bob Means

    Big Ed,

    We got our documents today so this is an update on our cabin number — we are in cabin 2415. See you real soon.

    Bob and Emily

  53. Karen & Jim Watts

    Big Ed,
    We can’t wait for the cruise and to meet all of you! We just received our cabin assignment and, oh boy, the upgrade fairy hit! We are in cabin 7249!
    Take care! We will meet on the 19th!

    Karen and Jim Watts

  54. Mark Twain and a Half

    Hi Big Ed,

    Please add me to the list.

    Mark Twain and a Half – Scott Nickle, Cabin TBD


  55. Owen & Shannon Squires

    Hope we’re not too late! Please add us to your bloggers list!

    Owen & Shannon Squires #8240

  56. Sandy and Dick Bell
    Cabin: TBA
    Signed up today!

  57. Farscapeone

    Please add us to the list to be included in all of the planned activities.

    Roy & Terry Miyamoto – Cabin 9255
    Ed & Barbara Cornwall – Cabin 9208

    Thanks so much. See you in a 12 days.

  58. Dahna

    Hi there, Still don’t see us listed. We replied on the 31st. The website is temperamental I think. Please add us in. 3 Cabins on the Riviera Deck, Mark, Dahna Propst and children. Thanks!

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