ALBUM OF JOHN’S BLOGGERS photo album Use this link or the  link on the right under “BLOGROLL”. If you want to add a picture of you so all bloggers can put a face to your name just e-mail it to me at EKONEFE@WIDEOPENWEST.COM  . Be sure to give your names as you want them shown under photo.



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  1. hi big ed.

    sorry we won’t be able to go on the grand ole oprey cruise, we have four booked now! but i sure do wish y’all would change your minds and go on the bloggers cruise, we’d love to meet you!

    smiles, b
    and ed my “real” blog is:

  2. big ed, i had a lovely visit from your daughter on my real blog! tell her thanks for the visit and please come back again.

    smiles, b

  3. Kevin

    ha ha I loved the comment you made on that particular photo ED.

  4. Catmama044

    Hello Mr. Big Ed. I’m trying to figure out how to add my pic to the “Album of John’s Bloggers”. Not having much success. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Just send an e-mail to above address in the post. Send as an attachment.

    Big Ed

  5. Teresa and Paul B.

    Hi Big Ed,

    What great pictures! Paul and I will have to get one on our cruise and add it to your blog. I’ll see if I can find one to attach to my blogs until then.


  6. catmama044

    Thanks for your help, big guy!!!


    Your in the album but the little picture got fuzzy. If you send a bigger photo I will change it for you

    Big Ed

  7. Paul F. Pietrangelo

    Great job Big Ed. I’m very impressed with all the pictures in the photo album. The most amazing thing about the photos are when I see the names on a post, I feel like after seeing their pictures I know who they are. Big Ed, I understand that you live in Michigan, thus we’re neighbors across the Detroit River. I live in Amherstburg, Ontario just down from Windsor. Well, I just wanted to thank you for your tremendous job you’ve been doing and I know that Mr. Heald appreciates all the work that you’ve done.Ciao.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo


    Well Thank You very much. Now all I need is your picture to put a face with your name. I miss BOBLO.

    BIG ED

  8. Dave and Melanie Myers

    Paul – we also are neighbours – We live in Windsor. It appears many of us bloggers come from the Great Lakes region.

    Thanks Ed for all your hard work on this site. We look forward to meeting you on board in January.

    Dave and Melanie


    I still would like to see a Carnival ship on the Great Lakes. Is this a new e-mail address?. The one I have Are you getting my updates. ED

  9. Dave and Melanie Myers

    Yes – this is our new address. We have been missing out on the updates. We also can’t log back in to Carnival Connections. I think we need to be reinvited.


    Look for an e-mail from me. Ed

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