Open Letter to Mr. Gerry Cahill, President and CEO of CARNIVAL

Mr. Gerry Cahill, first of all I would like to congratulate you on your appointment to President and CEO of the greatest cruise lines, CARNIVAL. I sure you will fast become “Uncle” Gerry to us bloggers/cruisers. The title we affectionately gave  “Uncle” Bob Dickinson.

John Heald and I and many other cruisers who don’t fit in the “ONE SIZE FITS MOST” robes that are in the cabins would like to see CARNIVAL carry a few  “THESE FIT THE REST” size robes. A sign could be put inside on the closet door saying “For larger robes contact your cabin steward”.

I’m sure with all the major challenges you will face in the future this one will be a snap to resolve. Thank you in advance from all of us “BIG” size cruisers.

Edward Konefe





4 responses to “Open Letter to Mr. Gerry Cahill, President and CEO of CARNIVAL

  1. ditto from me uncle gerry…

    smiles, bonnie and prince charlie

  2. Julie Gantt

    A better late than never reply, but hey, I just discovered Big Ed’s blog place.

    In addition to the robes this big babe would love some deck chairs that would accommodate my super sized body. I can request and receive an armless chair in the formal dining room but have yet to find a comfortable deck chair on any of the three ships I have sailed. Armless and sturdy come to mind. The chaise lounges are nice but so low that once I settle into them I have a very difficult time getting back up. I know I’m not the only super sized sailor Carnival has that would appreciate more size wise accommodations onboard.

    Thank you,

    Julie Gantt


    Julie, you are so right. The dinning rooms have nice armless chairs. That’s the first thing I do when onboard is go and check my table. No BOOTHS and I make sure the table has an armless chair for me. On the Lido your again right. The chairs by the outside tables are ALL armchairs. Inside by the buffet you can side saddle a booth but no armless chairs. What can I say about a chase but HELP ME UP.

    “BIG” ED

  3. Julie Gantt

    Oh Ed, that is so funny (not really) because the first thing I always do is check my dining room chair also. I call the matra dee (or however you spell it) and explain my situation to him and make sure I will be comfortably seated before I go to dinner. The size problem is one of the reasons I have not signed up for the Blogger’s cruise. I didn’t want to spend all that money and not be able to enjoy the cruise to the fullest because of my size. I was only this big on my last cruise in 2006 and it definately took away from my fun. As I have arthritis I can’t stand for long periods of time and sometimes walk with a cane so I need to be able to sit when I need to sit, and when there is no seating that will accommodate me on the Lido deck, it’s a real bummer. Anyway, I am still thinking ablout the bloggers cruise. I looked at your picture album and discovered I won’t be the only person of size there, so that was encouraging. Carnival is going to have to do something to seat us at the buffett. Thanks for listening.

    Julie Gantt


    You know all they got to do is look around the ship to see to see the size of us cruisers. I was going to say look at the album but you did. So it looks like we are the majority. We smoke a little so we had to eat out by the pool. I could wedge my hind end in but was not comfortable at all. Still waiting to add you to the BLOGGERS ALBUM. It’s for all John’s bloggers not just those going on the BLOGGERS CRUISE.

    “BIG” ED

  4. Trust me you’d be able to lose 80-100 pounds before they even think of trying to fix this problem

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