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10 responses to “AND THAT’S THE REAL STORY

  1. Ed:
    Just wondering how many ships have you been on and when is your next cruise scheduled???


    Vikki, we have only been on 10 cruises. The last 7 on Carnival. We are always on a cruise for our anniversary on the 29th of January. Our next cruise is right after the bloggers cruise on the CARNIVAL FREEDOM January 26, 2008. Then on the CARNIVAL SPLENDOR January 24, 2009.
    BIG ED

  2. Just wondered; you know alot about Carnival and it seems good friends with John.
    thanks for the info


    Have never meet John personaly. He has been the CD on a couple of cruises though. I just started blogging after John started his blog thingy when the CARNIVAL FREEDOM sailed on it’s first cruise. We just kicked off this banter between us and it went from there.

  3. Essexman

    Please e-mail me agin as I have a photo now.

    Photo received and posted in Bloggers Album

  4. ssquires

    Big Ed — On John’s blog (some time ago) you posted the following: “LINDA HERNACKI, ——-check the cabin number on the tickets. If it is different check to see if it is an UPGRADE. You maybe are one of the lucky UPGRADERS. Happened to me but I caught it when I was looking on line to see how the ship was filling up and I saw my cabin number listed as available after I had my tickets and tags for the origanal booked room in hand. New cabin was a suite. Hope your lucky.” Where would I go online to check the available cabins? I’ve never seen that before. Thanks for your help!
    PS — I’ve really enjoyed reading your comments on John’s blog, and your blog is great, too!
    SSQUIRES, When you are in CARNIVAL.COM and searching for a cruise and you get to the point of selecting a category. You then hit select and up comes cabins available in the category and you can select the cabin you want to book or you can exit without going farther. I use this to see how the ship is filling up and what cabin I want. You can also see the deck plans and where the cabins are located. And if you look close you can see if one cabin might be a little bigger then another in the same category. I hope this helps you. Glad you like the blogs thank you
    BIG ED

  5. ssquires

    This helped a lot — thanks!
    Your welcome, glad to help when I can. If you need to book a cruise my CARNIVAL PVP will be more then willing to help you. Just go to top of page and click on “MY CARNIVAL PERSONAL VACATION PLANNER to get her info..

  6. so okay big ed. i posted on john’s comments and on my blog that i will hand wash your undies for the entire week if you book the bloggers cruise before june 30th. after that you are on your own mate! i also sweetened the pot by offering to pay half your meal in the pay restaurant and to join you there. now what more can i do?
    smiles, bonnie and prince charlie


    Bonnie, I saw the offers but that’s not the problem. You will see my answer to John soon on his todays post as soon as he post more comments latter today. But he won’t like it. We can only do one or the other and we are booked on the other already for our anniversary. But and that’s a BIG BUT things may change.

    “BIG” ED

  7. i would love to meet y’all, that’s all…

    smiles, b

  8. nanetteali

    I have a new photo with John and the old one from 1992 that I want to give you but I cant find your email. Please contact me

  9. Linda Hernacki

    Hi Big Ed, just reading some comments on your website and saw someone named ssquires wrote in about something referring to me, that you supposedly had on John’s blog about cabin numbers on tickets and upgrades, what was that all about, did I miss something, I don’t remember ever reading anything on his blog site about that, and especially to do with me??? As I said I have my cruise for Thanksgiving week booked and have my cabin already (Lido deck balcony room) I don’t know anything aout an additional upgrade? That is the cabin I booked on the Freedom! Please explain? Linda Hernacki
    Linda, I think that was when you said in John’s blog that you got the wrong luggage tags. And that was my answer to you Within the “…..”. He read it latter and asked about it.

  10. Linda Hernacki

    Big Ed, Are you definitely going to be on the 1/24/09 Splendor cruise? Do you think it will be a bloggers cruise? John keeps talking about maybe leaving Carnival (and I know Heidi is leaving after this year), do you think he will still be here then for the Splendor? I hope so! Keep pushing him for a 2nd bloggers cruise on the Splendor 1/24/09! Linda Hernacki (Mike and I will DEFINITELY be there too)!


    YES! for our anniversary again. That’s why I picked that date for the second bloggers cruise. Same reason i picked the 26th for the first bloggers cruise and you see what happened. John said he would be there at that time. It is not a bloggers cruise YET.

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