Open Letter to DR. Ulrich Bez, CEO ASTON MARTIN

Dear Dr Ulrich Bez, the CARNIVAL cruise lines has moved into the BLOG world. On their new ship the CARNIVAL FREEDOM they started a blog site. John Heald the ships cruise director started this blog “thingy” as he calls it just two months ago. The site his had over 225,000 hits already. He reports on the ships present port of call, happenings onboard, and the cruise industry in gereral. He posts pictures of the ports and has even posted a picture of an ASTON MARTIN. Takes comments from fellow bloggers and does a Q& A. You can view his site at

 Since John’s start he has voiced 3 wishes over and over again. 1. That Angelina Jolie be named Godmother of the next CARNIVAL ship, the CARNIVAL SPLENDOR. 2. To take a trans-atlantic cruise on the QUEEN MARY 2.  3. That Bob Dickison, CEO of CARNIVAL present him with an ASTON MARTIN for all his good work. Well one wish his come true CUNARD has offered him a trans-alantic cruise.

For all the times he has mentioned ASTON MARTIN in his blog thingy which has received recongnition by MSNBC, newspapers and travel organazations. I think you and Bob Dickinson should do something to make his other wishes come true.

I will do my part by adding a link to your web siite on my blog.

Thank you





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2 responses to “Open Letter to DR. Ulrich Bez, CEO ASTON MARTIN

  1. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  2. We are flattered that Mr Heald shares our passion for Power, Beauty and Soul and wishes to express this as the proud owner of an Aston Martin.

    Whilst we would love to make every prospective customer’s dream come true, we unfortunately cannot do this for free, we are, after-all, an operational business, not just the creator However, should Mr Heald be so kind as to visit any one of our worldwide dealers, then he shall have the opportunity to experience any of our road-going vehicles and to discuss the pleasures of ownership with our representatives. We can also arrange personal demonstrations to suit Mr Heald’s needs, please enquire with your local dealer.

    Many thanks for your interest in our company. We’re very proud of it.

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