Here is a link to the latest Military discounts from Carnival


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  1. big ed, military discounts just opened up on the bloggers cruise. can’t you go b2b now? sure would like to meet you!

    come visit my real blog!

    bonnie and prince charlie (PISSERS)


    Bonnie, it don’t help me I never served. Lucky I was never called up when they had draft. If they did I wouldn’t have passed physical anyway. Always way over weight.

  2. well sure would still like to meet y’all… b

  3. Linda Hernacki

    Big Ed, John told me that you have to be active military NOW, my husband Mike served in Vietnam and was in the Army for 14 years total, before being riffed in the 80’s, wonder if he qualifies for military discount- John didn’t think so! Linda
    Linda, see comment from My CARNIVAL PERSONAL VACATION PLANNER below. Laurie’s contact info is above in my post. I’m sure she would be happy to assist you in any way


    Hi Linda, The military discount is by far our best discount. The criteria for getting this discount is that the individual must have been in the service 2 years or more and have a honorable discharge. Not all sailings offer them all of the time but when my guests book with me I continue to watch for these discounts and when a better deal becomes available I change the code and lower the fare for them. Hope I helped….Laurie


    Laurie, thank you for the quick reply as usual. BIG ED

  5. Linda Hernacki

    This message is for Laurie Pandzik (Big Ed’s cruise planner on Carnival), I contacted my travel agent (Smart Cruiser) and they called Carnival and was told that the military discount does not apply to the category 8D cabin I have booked on the Carnival Freedom, but rather just for indoor cabin bookings (I have a balcony room), so I will not be entitled to a military discount after all. Thanks for writing to me, and calling me too. Linda Hernacki

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